Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, October 16 - Alamo Springs (Kerrville, TX)



We had a service guy out again this time for the dryer and water line for ice maker on refrigerator.

The water line sprung a leak. He repaired that, but today another leak appeared.

The dryer didn’t buzz when it completed it’s cycle. Well he found that it was never connected and an open wire was just sitting in there. We are very lucky we were not electrocuted.

While trying to repair open wire he blew a breaker which also took out the timer on the dryer. So he ordered parts and will return next Tuesday to make the repairs.

After he left we took Bella to the vet to get started on heartworm meds. She now weighs 4.8 pounds.

On the way back we stopped at Walmart for a few grocery items.



We mostly just hung out. Marian made dinner for the 6 of us. She made a delicious Southwestern Chicken Pasta Salad that was fantastic! For dessert she made a Mandarin Orange Cake.

It was a good day!



We were outside around 8am to say goodbye to Tom and Trudy. They were moving on to their daughters. We sat outside on our patio with the pups until after they departed.

10-16 017

10-16 005

10-16 012

10-16 020

Then we all went back to our rig so we could get showers and be ready to leave at 11:30am. We were going to Alamo Springs for Lunch.

Alamo Springs 004

Alamo Springs 006

Alamo Springs 008

As before it was delicious!

Alamo Springs 001Alamo Springs 002Alamo Springs 003me

The drive was really nice and on the way back we stopped at Lowes to get a new water line.

We all relaxed for a few hours in our rigs then met on our patio to play Sequence. Well the guys won 3 to 2. It was still lots of fun and many laughs.

evening 001evening 005evening 006

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