Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, December 28 - Having too much fun


I met with Crystal, Carolee and Camren at Camren's daycare to see Santa and take a wagon ride. Vey cute





We had a very nice Christmas Eve with our friends, their children and grandchildren. It was so much fun sharing the holiday with them. We had a nice meal then the grandkids opened some presents. We played a game that was much fun to open a present with oven mittens on. 



Afterward we played board games and had FUN, FUN, Fun..


On Christmas day we went to dinner with Jim and Joanne and had a nice meal and great company.

Xmas 2010 4 some

On Sunday we met Jim and Joanne down town Las Vegas and walked around and today we all went to Hover Dam. The traffic was unbelievably slow getting there. The security check guy told us this was the busiest week of the year..

Who knew. It was okay because we had a good time laughing and talking.


The new bridge



We stopped at a brewpub in Boulder City for lunch on the way back…



I beat myself up because I have not been writing regularly…Well I am not going to feel bad any more.. I will write when I feel the urge. Hope you keep reading and enjoy our travels.

Friday, December 24 - Merry Christmas


I have been very lazy about writing.

We had three days of rain and I had plenty of time to write, but just plain lazy.

On Monday we went to a party at Candace and Mike’s (Carolee’s twin), It was really nice for them to include us in their celebration.

I have spent time with Carolee and loving it.

We will be going to their home for the family gathering tonight and celebrate the holiday.

Tomorrow we are going out with Jim and Joanne for dinner.

So we are staying busy since the rain stopped on Wednesday.

Here are a few pictures.

Carolee, her Mom and her sisters


Crystal and family





Monday, December 20 - Happy Birthday Kelsey!!


A very special person


Happy Birthday5

Sweet, kind, considerate. 

happy birthday 2

Beautiful and loving



happy birthday

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Friday, December 17 - Snug as two Bugs in a 5’er


The weather was damp outside today, therefore I never got out of my PJ’s today. It rained off and on most of the day.

We worked on putting in the other two drawers in the pantry. Now I have 4 pull out drawers so it makes it easier to find things.

Jesse walked the boys several times.

We both watched movies and snuggled in for the rest of the day with the fireplace going.

For dinner I called in for a pizza and Jesse picked it up.

Thursday, December 16 - Day After Day


Sunday we went over to Carolee and Chick’s for dinner and spending time with their children and Grandchildren.

Carolee, Caleb, Callie and Camren (the grandchildren).


Carolee’s tree – Victorian theme.

Crystal and Carmen


Monday we had Jim and Joanne over for lunch. I made potato salad, salmon cakes, deviled eggs, rolls, corned beef, turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato. I also made kugel which is a sweet noodle casserole and brownies.

We had a good time showing off our home then we walked over to the Casino where Jim played craps and won!!!

Our tree


Tuesday we hung out at home most of the day. We went out shopping for something to wear to the ugly Christmas sweater party we are invited to. We went to Goodwill but didn’t find anything. We ended up at Walmart buying regular sweaters that I will decorate.

We ate leftovers and just got into our jammies for the rest of the evening.


Wednesday the plan was for Jesse to go skeet shooting with Jim. I had planned to visit with Joanne, but plans changed.

Carolee had fallen the week before we arrived and hurt her shoulder. They had gone to the emergency room where they told her she just sprained her shoulder.

Problem was the pain was getting worse not better. So she went to a specialist and they found that she broke her shoulder, and can’t do anything. So Jesse dropped me at her house and I helped her out for the day while he went to Jim’s. Here are some pictures he took.



Their site which is really nice.


Today, Thursday, we went over to the Casino for the breakfast buffet. Then we went in search of new recliners. We went to several furniture stores, but didn’t find just what we were looking for.

I had to go potty so we stopped at “In n Out Burger” and Jesse got us a vanilla milkshake. It was soooo thick and very, very good.

We stopped and saw Judy, Jesse’s sister for a little while before going home to walk and feed the boy’s.


Then we went to Sam’s Town Casino. We played slot poker and I played for several hours spending only one dollar and we had fun.

Saturday, December 11 - Staying Busy


Thursday I spent the day with Carolee again. It is so much fun spending time with her, just like old times. We went back out to Crystal’s, her daughters, house and she cut my hair.

Then we went to lunch. Afterward we dropped off Crystal and Camern and Carolee and I went in search of an ornament for Bunko tonight.

I was going to her monthly Bunko with her and they were doing and ornament exchange. When we had selected just the right one she dropped me home.

After retuning home I wasn’t feeling well, so I called and cancelled with Carolee and just stayed home and relaxed.

Friday Carolee and her sisters, her Mom and I met for lunch then went back out to her Mom’s to visit. Her Mom is a very special lady and decorates her place for Christmas really cute.

When we left we did a little shopping. We made plans for a date night with our guys to meet for dinner. We met at Macayo’s a Mexican Restaurant. It was good but not as good as I remember.

We went out to their house to visit for awhile. 

Saturday Jesse and I just relaxed at home and then met Judy, Jesse’s sister, for an early dinner at Olive Garden. It was really fun getting caught up with her. We had a really good waitress that was very interested in our life style and wanted info. I gave her a contact card and RV-Dreams web site.

On the way home we decided to stop at Boulder Station and played a little slots. We played for about an hour then went home a little lighter then we came.

Wednesday, December 9 – 2 Days in Vegas


Today was GREAT FUN! The day started with Jesse and I decorating for Christmas. We had Christmas music playing while putting up our few decorations and tree.

Then I got showered and dressed. Carolee, my friend of 20 plus years picked me up and we went out to her daughters home. Crystal, her daughter, is a hair dresser and we were going to keep an eye on Crystal daughter who is 2 years old. She is such a delight and full of energy.  I would have a picture, but she didn’t want me to take her picture. I will get some soon.

It was much fun visiting with Crystal and Carolee and getting caught up with the latest news.

After Carolee dropped me back home Jesse and I walked over to the Casino for some dinner, then came home to relax and unwind for the evening.


Tuesday we drove around the area to see what changes had been made since we lived here 25 years ago. We drove by our house which look pretty much the same, but nothing else does. It is really hard to believe how big this place has grown. There were about 400,000 residents when we arrived in 1979; 600,000 residents when we left in 1986; now there are 2 million. 

We met up with Joanne and Jim, who we worked with the past 2 years at Lake George, at their rig at the Clark County Shooting Range where they are working camping. It was great to see them again and enjoyed spending time with them.

It was late afternoon by the time we returned home after stopping at Walmart for a few grocery items.

I purchase a rotisserie chicken and made baked potato and veggies to go with it for dinner.

Monday, December 6 – Travel to Las Vegas


We left Arizona at 8:30am. I was very tired because I didn’t sleep well last night. Those of you that are not travelers will not understand how tiring it is to just sit and be a passenger for 3 days of driving, I was thrilled that this was our last day of travel for awhile.

We stopped in Kingman, AZ for breakfast at Crackle Barrel and it was very good as usual. We proceed onward and traveled 216 miles and arrived in Vegas at 12:30 Pacific time.

Another new state for us


We traveled the new bridge avoiding the Dam Road into Nevada, but was disappointed that we could not see the Dam from the bridge.

We had planned to stay at Road Runner RV Park, but when we arrived they would only allow 2 dogs no exceptions, so we moved 1/2 mile down the road to Arizona Charlie's RV Park. The cost with tax for 1 month for a back-in site is $694.40, which includes electric, 50 amp, water, sewer, Cable TV, Wi-Fi and telephone.

The sites are very narrow concrete and gravel, but there is a small grassy park area behind us that will be good for the boys.

We got set-up and chatted with our neighbors who are from Montana.

Then we both got showers and walked over to the Casino. We joined the ACE Players Club which gives us 25% off the buffet and that is where we headed. We both ate too much, but everything was tasty.

We played the slots for about 30 minutes before returning home for the night. We just sat in our chairs watching TV before going to bed.

Sunday, December 5 - 2nd Travel Day


Yesterday we traveled 357 miles leaving Colorado at 8:40am and arrived at 3:30pm. We stopped several times to have lunch and for potty breaks, we were in no hurry. We stayed at Enchanted Trails in Albuquerque, NM located on Historic Route 66. Passbook America price for 50 amp pull thru of $18.00. Originally a Trading Post built in the late 1940’s, it had a lot of antique stuff.




We didn’t unhook last night so packing up to move this morning was a breeze. We left at 8:10am, traveling I-40 west. We stopped at McDonalds for some breakfast in Grants NM.

We continued on to Arizona a new state for us!



We arrived at Canyon Gateway RV Park at 3:00pm after traveling 348 miles. This is a Passport America park and we paid $24.13. I am sure glad we had passport because I wouldn’t want to pay $50.

Jesse had a very hard time setting up the dish and his nasty temperament appeared, he was very frustrated. If this continues to be hard to set up we may have it installed on the rig.

I made us turkey burgers for dinner and we just relaxed for the rest of the evening watching TV.

Go Ravens !!!!  ravens

Saturday, December 4 – Busy week


I was surprised I had not posted since last Sunday. I really don’t know where the week went.

We are traveling right now to Albuquerque, NM for one night, on our way to Las Vegas, NV.

Some of the things we got done this week was to go through the 3 totes we had stored at Adam’s house. It was mostly pictures and a few books and some personal papers. We got rid of about 60% of the pictures. We kept some and we gave the children all they wanted. Really how many pictures does one need of naked babies in tubs and Christmas trees with presents under it? I have always been a picture taker and had many many albums of pictures.

I found some pictures of really old times when I was young that I want to scan and put on discs. I may even share some with our readers.

We also did the last of our organizing of our belongings for now. Jesse installed the hitch for the bike rack. We are very pleased with what we have accomplished getting things stowed away with room to spare.

We had our 2 year anniversary of full-timing on December 1st, it sure has gone by fast. We have been a lot of places and met so many wonderful people.

In our non-RV lifestyle we met people that we would call acquaintances, now most of those people we call friends and never say good-bye, just see ya down the road.

On Friday we took the Kram-a-lot back to Camping World to install the new bedroom TV and the lading gear parts. We also had them fix the new leak under the kitchen sink and repair the drawers under the refrigerators that would not open property.

Last night we met the kids and grandkids for dinner and to say see ya in April. It’s hard to leave family, but we are glad to be back on the road.