Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, December 16 - Day After Day


Sunday we went over to Carolee and Chick’s for dinner and spending time with their children and Grandchildren.

Carolee, Caleb, Callie and Camren (the grandchildren).


Carolee’s tree – Victorian theme.

Crystal and Carmen


Monday we had Jim and Joanne over for lunch. I made potato salad, salmon cakes, deviled eggs, rolls, corned beef, turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato. I also made kugel which is a sweet noodle casserole and brownies.

We had a good time showing off our home then we walked over to the Casino where Jim played craps and won!!!

Our tree


Tuesday we hung out at home most of the day. We went out shopping for something to wear to the ugly Christmas sweater party we are invited to. We went to Goodwill but didn’t find anything. We ended up at Walmart buying regular sweaters that I will decorate.

We ate leftovers and just got into our jammies for the rest of the evening.


Wednesday the plan was for Jesse to go skeet shooting with Jim. I had planned to visit with Joanne, but plans changed.

Carolee had fallen the week before we arrived and hurt her shoulder. They had gone to the emergency room where they told her she just sprained her shoulder.

Problem was the pain was getting worse not better. So she went to a specialist and they found that she broke her shoulder, and can’t do anything. So Jesse dropped me at her house and I helped her out for the day while he went to Jim’s. Here are some pictures he took.



Their site which is really nice.


Today, Thursday, we went over to the Casino for the breakfast buffet. Then we went in search of new recliners. We went to several furniture stores, but didn’t find just what we were looking for.

I had to go potty so we stopped at “In n Out Burger” and Jesse got us a vanilla milkshake. It was soooo thick and very, very good.

We stopped and saw Judy, Jesse’s sister for a little while before going home to walk and feed the boy’s.


Then we went to Sam’s Town Casino. We played slot poker and I played for several hours spending only one dollar and we had fun.

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