Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, May 30 – We are still here

Memorial Day Weekend…Remembering !!!


I don’t go in until 2pm today, I will be closing the lodge at 11pm tonight. I am doing laundry and just straightening up our home.

We have just been working since we got back from the wedding on Sunday night. It was very good to see the children and grandchildren and we miss them very much.

With the holiday weekend we are full at LGE with 115 check-ins on Thursday, 345 check-ins on Friday, and we only had 38 yesterday.

Everything went very smoothly and all our new associates did a great job! I don’t have any pictures to share with you as I was way too busy to stop and take pictures.

Jesse and Ethan have been working really hard getting Schroon Valley ready for the holiday. They are about 75% full, having only tent sites available. They are having pool problems as there is a hole in the liner and it needs to be replaced. They keep having to refill the water that is being lost because of the hole, and the pool heater is broke and parts cant' be gotten till next week.

We both had a day off on Thursday, but spent most of it doing errands and grocery shopping.

The boys are doing good, they all need a haircut very badly. I am going to see about getting them done this Wed or Thurs while we are off by the lady who did them last year while we were here.

I am going to make myself something to eat now, so everyone stay well and safe…HUGS from NY!!


Monday, May 24 – Alyssa Birthday

happy birthday

Happy Birthday Alyssa



Sunday, May 23 – Travel back to the Kram-a-Lot


The travel and wedding 4 days are now behind us. It was a very nice two days with two long days of travel.

The happy couple are now husband and wife and will depart for their 13 days honeymoon to Mexico tomorrow.

Here are pictures:

Rehearsal Dinner


IMG_2861-1 IMG_2863 IMG_2864-1

IMG_2857 IMG_2862-1 IMG_2865-1

Wedding Day

IMG_2885 IMG_2886 IMG_2889

                     Adam, Jesse, and Gage                Wayne and Sherry                                  Adam and Beth

IMG_2891 IMG_2892 IMG_2897-1

                    Jenn, Arian and Regan                    Adam Evan and Gage                   Wayne and Kim

IMG_2906 IMG_2907 IMG_2908

IMG_2911 IMG_2916 IMG_2919

IMG_2929 Get-away IMG_2934

                          Our Children

IMG_2937 IMG_2948 IMG_2950

            Our Children and Grandchildren                                                              Sherry and Wayne

IMG_2960 IMG_2964 IMG_2963

IMG_2979 IMG_2974 Cake

It was very nice to welcome Kim to our family. We are very happy for Adam.

Friday, May 20 – Travel day


Today we were up at 6am. I made the bed and Jesse brought me the new duffel bag to pack. Not use to packing to go somewhere anymore as we take everything we own with us wherever we go.

Bayer was staying very close to either Jesse or myself, he knew something was up, the other two were not phased.

We left the campground about 8:30 to take the boys to The Pooch Palace. We got them settled in their home for the next few days. This barn has 8x8 sections partitioned off for each dog family. The yards to the left of the barn are all fenced and they are let out at least 4 times a day to run and play. (I miss them already)


We drove the hour to Albany airport and arrived with plenty of time until our flight. Got all checked in and then went to have a bite to eat.

We flew into Detroit and had ample time to make our connection to Denver. We arrived on time got our luggage and made our way via bus to the budget car rental.

We are renting Chevy Cobalt that is brand new and very small and cute. We drove without incident to Pueblo passing Pikes Peak in the distance.


We got all checked in to Econo Lodge and then went to Crackle Barrel for some dinner.

Adam and Kim stopped by to visit for a short while and we made plans for tomorrow. Adam is picking Jesse up at 9:50am for a tuxedo fitting. Beth and I will meet up and we will see what happens with the rest of the story tomorrow.

We have been traveling for 14 hours and we were very tired. So we are off to dreamland.

Hugs to everyone!

Monday, May 17 – Busy Weekend


Saturday started out sleeping in until 7:30am. Then we relaxing in front of our computers with coffee.  It felt nice to be able to do this again.

It didn’t last long though. We have things to do, so we got dressed and headed for Warrensburg for breakfast at Luck E Star. Then we were off to the Aviation Mall in Queensbury.

We needed to find a suitcase to travel with. We wanted to find something that would fold-up to store when not using. After going to 4 or 5 stores we found what we wanted at Target. It's a wheeled Duffel bag. I thinks it will be just what we wanted. I will let you know after our trip.

We then went to get the boys food, only the Tractor Supply where we got it last year didn’t have our brand.  We went to a local pet store and purchased a different brand Nutro Max mini chunks. They seem to like it and time will tell as to how it their digestive systems handle the new brand.

Then we went to the food store..Price new favorite grocery store, it is a really nice store.

After returning home I made a pan of macaroni and cheese for the pot luck we were attending at the rec center for work campers. It was a good time visiting with everyone. We had some new arrivals since last week so we went around the room introducing ourselves again.

After returning home again we relaxed for awhile before going to bed.

Sunday we were up about 6:30am and after drinking coffee we got all the laundry together and went into Warrensburg to get it all done. I had rugs to wash and two sets of sheets so we ended up with 7 loads. When we were finished and back home I made us a Panini sandwich with my new Panini maker. It worked very well.

Then I mopped the floors while Jesse walked the boys. I dusted and cleaned the dishes and rearranged some cabinet space so I had room for my new sandwich maker.

Jesse kept busy organizing some of the basement space. Then he came in to help me make the bed. Afterwards I gave him a hair cut.

We both got cleaned up and met Joanne and Jim at Outback at 4:30 for dinner. It was a very nice evening spending some quiet time with friends.

After retuning home again we just relaxed and watched the finale of Survivor before going to bed.

I will work 1-9 on Monday and Tuesday closing the lodge up for the nights, should be interesting.

May 17, 2010 – Kim’s Birthday


Kim is our future daughter-in-law. We are looking forward to the wedding and welcoming her to our family.

happy birthday 2

Tulip Festival 057 Flowers 


Kim, we hope you have a GREAT DAY!!

Friday, May 14 – Opening Day/Training Class Completed


Well I made it through the week of training our new associates, and more importantly they are still here!

I think all of them made real guest reservations today and have found it to be not as complicated as they thought.

We had 102 check-in today so I think all of them were also able to be out front checking guest in. All things considered it was a very productive week.

Jesse and I have been just working and very tired when we get home. I make us something to eat then I collapse in my recliner until bed time.

I am so far behind in reading blogs, I have no idea what any of you are up to. I have been on facebook most days, but just to tend my farm.

We are looking forward to this week, because Thursday we will fly to Colorado for Adam and Kim’s wedding.

Adam & Kim 3

Hugs to everyone!

May 13th – Three Birthday’s



We send our love to all !!!

Happy birthday1



Casey 2

happy birthday




happy birthday 2




Sunday, May 10 – Getting caught up


We  are still here so if you thought we might have fallen of the face of the earth we have not.  Work has been grueling.  It takes a lot to get a campground out of hibernation and ready for customers.  We started 3 weeks earlier this year than last year, so we missed much of what we have been doing.

Ginger is finished writing the training manuals and now is actually training some of the new employees.  She also has the joy of doing the scheduling for reservations.

Jesse has decided to remain working at Schroon Valley (that is the campground the work campers stay in).  After working there his first 2 weeks he got kind of comfortable and thought it a good fit for the summer so he talked to his boss and got the OK.  It is only him and a local Ethan doing the maintenance. 

We will still have the same days off so that is good.  After this week we will be on our regular schedule of Wednesday/Thursday off.  We like those days since it gets really busy in this area on weekends.

Other than an occasional dinner out we have mostly just hung around the house.  We have been getting ready for our trip to Colorado next week for Adam and Kim’s wedding.   We found a dog boarding place not too far from here that will be satisfactory. 

We leave next Thursday, May 20 and return on Sunday the 23 so we will only miss 3 work days.  If we had known our schedule back when we made the airline reservations we would have left on Wednesday but no matter cause we will be there for a longer visit in the fall.

We have had some strange weather.  It has been windy and cool the last few days. Tonight it is supposed to go down to 24 degrees.  Hopefully it will start warming up again.  We did have some 70 and 80 degree days last week.  At least we are not getting all the rain like last year although it has rained quite a bit since we got here.

We had a get acquainted gathering of work campers last night. It was very nice and great to get to know some of our fellow campers. Here are a few pictures.