Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, May 30 – We are still here

Memorial Day Weekend…Remembering !!!


I don’t go in until 2pm today, I will be closing the lodge at 11pm tonight. I am doing laundry and just straightening up our home.

We have just been working since we got back from the wedding on Sunday night. It was very good to see the children and grandchildren and we miss them very much.

With the holiday weekend we are full at LGE with 115 check-ins on Thursday, 345 check-ins on Friday, and we only had 38 yesterday.

Everything went very smoothly and all our new associates did a great job! I don’t have any pictures to share with you as I was way too busy to stop and take pictures.

Jesse and Ethan have been working really hard getting Schroon Valley ready for the holiday. They are about 75% full, having only tent sites available. They are having pool problems as there is a hole in the liner and it needs to be replaced. They keep having to refill the water that is being lost because of the hole, and the pool heater is broke and parts cant' be gotten till next week.

We both had a day off on Thursday, but spent most of it doing errands and grocery shopping.

The boys are doing good, they all need a haircut very badly. I am going to see about getting them done this Wed or Thurs while we are off by the lady who did them last year while we were here.

I am going to make myself something to eat now, so everyone stay well and safe…HUGS from NY!!


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Unknown said...

Sounds like you guys had a really busy holiday weekend.

How is your weather? We are getting excited about heading that way in a couple of weeks. We will be at the Newburgh KOA until after July 4. Not sure just what direction is next.