Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, January 29 – A Surprise Party

Well yesterday was Marilyn’s birthday and Pat and I had organized a surprise party for her, only the weather was not cooperating. We made the decision to postpone it until today.

Well the weather was still not coopering and it was cloudy and on the cool side most of the day. At 4:00 the start time, the weather was better yesterday. Oh well we still surprised her


Marilyn is such a sweet person, she always has something nice to say about everyone. Her personality reflects so many wonderful qualities, our friendship has grown closer with each passing day and she is such a blessing in my life.

The weather was not so good, but the company was fun. We all ate all the good food everyone had made.

We had sloppy joes, chips, fruit, shrimp macaroni salad, cucumber/tomato salad, cheese and crackers and deviled eggs.

Since we postponed until today Gordon and Juanita were not able to join us because they has plans to join other friends for dinner, but Juanita made the eggs for us anyway. Thanks so much that was very sweet.




Pat made the cake and it was delicious!


We all had cake then everything broke up and we went to their homes.

Heinz and Irene picked us up to go to the Rec center for a park talent show. This is something they do each year. Some told jokes while other sang and played instruments. It was a fun time.

Back at the Kram-a-Lot we relaxed until bed time. I am getting Marilyn’s cold, but I don’t feel bad. looking forward to a better weather day tomorrow, we shall see.

Wednesday, January 28 – Lazy, cool day

Today started in the low 40’s. Jesse was feeling tired so he didn’t get up to walk with the guys. The boys got in bed with us this morning and we all snuggled and took a few more winks.

Once we were up and going we didn’t do much today. We walked over to visit Dan and Pat. Pat was getting ready to take some homemade scones out of the oven and offered us one. They were delicious and Jesse ate two. Ed stopped by on his way to Wal*Mart to see if we needed anything and he also had a scone.

Thank you Pat, what’s for breakfast this morning? :~)

We went home and just relaxed not doing much of anything.

Later we walked down to take Marilyn a birthday hug and a card. While there Ed offered us some homemade beef vegetable soup. He thought it wasn’t quite done, but I thought it was very good, and enjoyed my cup very much.

Let’s see breakfast at the Sullivan’s, lunch at the Dray’s, who should we visit today????

The rest of the day was uneventful, but, WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE!!!

Wednesday, January 28 – Happy Birthday Marilyn !!


Today is Marilyn’s Birthday.

I hope she has a wonderful relaxing day!




Marilyn 2

Marilyn 5

We love you!!

Tuesday January 27 – Chores and Music in the Park


Today we cleaned. I had gotten all the laundry done on Sunday and Monday, so today I cleaned the RV, while Jesse cleaned the truck.

With all our chores done we got cleaned up and went over to the park to listen to Steve and his keyboard along with CC on the trumpet and Bill on base strings.

They did a really good job, although they have only just found each other and only jammed a few times.

We went to Wal*Mart after that for a few items and got diesel for $2.029!! :~)

Once home we just watched TV until bed time.

Monday January 26 – Multi Purpose Dinner


We just hung out today until time to go to dinner at Little Italy’s. This is a very nice restaurant in Weslco.

Ed had made reservations for the 16 of us to have a farewell dinner for Cathy & Steve.

Cathy & Steve

We also toasted Heinz and Irene who had just had their anniversary.


And an early birthday wish for Marilyn.


It was a very nice evening with friend sharing fun, laughter and food.



Sunday, January 25 – Bit of confusion

I am starting this by copying from someone's blog entry. I sure hope he doesn’t mind but I have found this to be so very true -

Nick Russell writes several blogs and I read this from his journal the other day:

“I think the fulltime RV lifestyle attracts vibrant, active people who have a love of adventure and a zest for life that mere years on a calendar can never slow down. Hang around an RV park in snowbird country and you’ll see people in their late 60s and 70s out riding bicycles, kayaking, swimming, playing tennis, and involved in tons of other activities.

Sit and visit with them at happy hour and their conversations are full of interesting opinions and information, and plenty of laughs. You’ll hear them talking about their RV trips to Alaska, fishing the Gulf Coast, or building houses for Habitat for Humanity. But you’d have to work hard to hear anyone complaining about their aches and pains, or sharing all of the details of their latest surgical procedure.

There may be a few lines on the faces and gray in the hair, but these people are young at heart! Much too young to relegate themselves to a retirement community and a life of staring at the boob tube.

I think as long as someone has the physical ability to handle the tasks of hooking up and unhooking their utilities at a campground and the other hands-on aspects of the RV lifestyle; as long as they are mentally sharp, and their vision and hearing make them safe behind the wheel, there is no reason to hang up the keys based upon a chronological date.

As long as you’re capable, and it’s still fun, keep those wheels rolling. Because if you slow down, old age might just creep up and grab you!”

Well today started like any other Sunday. While we were doing our routine the wild Parrots came by our place. You can’t see them too good, but that’s what they are and they are very noisy.



The new plan for today was to meet the gang at Cheddars. It’s a new place in McAllen. They were very busy and when we got there Ed already had our name on the list. They have this very interesting fan, here take a look:


Then come to find out part of our group already had a table and the management was telling them they could only hold it for 10 more minutes. Thanks to Dan looking for us we all met up and all was good again.




We had a very good well priced meal, with good friends and lots of laughter.

Here is a picture of our toes from the other day - white shoe is Marilyn (left)– Dark brown is Cathy (right)– and the other is me. (center)


Afterward Jesse and I went to the bank, Petco and Camping World before returning home.

I continued the laundry I started before we left, while Jesse walked the boys. I went down to Irene’s to see how her farm tour went on Friday. She enjoyed it, but said it was too long of a day.

We relaxed for the rest of the day watching TV and movies. We grilled a hot dog for dinner and ice cream for dessert.

Hugs to all until we see ya down the road.

Saturday, January 24 – A feet day

Today we were going to Mexico again. We started the day at the Rec center with breakfast at 8am. after breakfast our director allowed us to go home and tend to the boys, then we were off to Progreso, Mexico.

Our 1st stop after paying our $2.00 parking and 25 cent entrance fee was Dania’s Beauty Salon. We were all getting pedicures. (By the way on our return from Mexico on Thursday we received our passports in the mail !!!)

Marilyn and I were 1st.

DSC04067 Then the guys joined in. Jesse was being a party pooper

DSC04070 Then he saw how much we were enjoying ourselves, he decided to try it.

You can see how much he enjoyed it. He was being such a baby.

DSC04082 Haman feet complete with designs on the big toe


Marilyn’s feet


We all had such a good time talking and laughing, my side hurt from so much laughing.

Once all the pampering was done we met the rest of the gang at Red Snapper for lunch.


After lunch we walked the streets and shopped. It was very crowded with all the “Winter Texan’s” down here. Here in RGV we are known as “Winter Texan’s” not snowbirds.

Once everyone made all their purchases we made our way back to the USA paying our 30 cents to enter and showing our passports. Back at Llano I walked the boys and we had about one and a half hours before we were to meet at E & M’s at 4pm for cocktails.

During that time the weather turned very cool and windy. Jesse and I didn’t want to sit outside so I tried to call Ed to make an alternative plan.

I could not get him on the phone, so we rode down there. He had not turned his phone back on from the Mexico trip. We turn our phones off, so we are not tempted to use them while over there because it is so expensive.

They invited us in and we waited for Cathy and Steve. The agreed upon alternative plan was to go to Ci-Ci's Pizza buffet then to the card room to play Sequence.

The pizza was good, the restaurant was in need of some cleaning. They only had one bus boys and many, many dirty tables. Ed insisted on picking up the tab, thank you very, very much.

We played 5 games and the guys won 3 to 2, but we had a good time. Look how many cards Ed has, now you know why they won. You are only suppose to have 5 cards.



At about 8:00 we said goodnight and went home for the night. Jesse and I flipped channels until we came upon “The Deer Hunter”. We hadn’t seen this in a very long time, but we just couldn’t stay awake to finish watching it.

Today we are to meet the gang for lunch at Cheddars in McAllen.

Until then be safe and hugs to all.

Friday, January 23 – The Beach


Ed wants me to post my journal everyday, but as our social director, Ed keeps me too busy to post. So this is Sunday morning and I will attempt to catch up.

We left at 10am for South Padre Island. We Jesse, Bayer, Buddy, Mr. B and I followed Ed, Marilyn, Steve and Cathy. Marilyn was still not feeling very well, but she was a real trooper.

Our first stop was the shell store. It is a huge store full of all kinds of shells. Here are the hermit crabs in shells.

DSC04016After about 40 minutes we all loaded back into the trucks and headed to Dirty Al’s. We were meeting Ted, Sue, Dan and Pat there for lunch at noon.

Ted, Sue and Cathy

DSC04028  Ed and MarilynDSC04026 Us

DSC04027 Steve, Pat and Dan

DSC04029Everyone enjoyed their lunch and we especially enjoyed the company, there was much laughter, eating and drinking.

We got the boys out of the truck and walked around the marina, then on to the beach. We paid our $3 put the truck in 4 wheel drive, and followed Ed on the beach. 


There were many cars and some RV on the beach. Some RV’s looked like they had been there quite awhile.

We were able to let the boys run free on the beach and they loved it, although they all avoided the water.


All of us also enjoyed the beach, we waded in the water, and picked up shells. Cathy wanted to take some home to her grandchildren.



After a bit of time we decided to dust the sand off and drive down the beach more and guess who we saw sunning on the beach?


We stopped to say hello and visit, then we were back on our way again.

On the way home we stopped at the seafood market and got some shrimp and scallops to take home. Ed got some oysters some he could make stew.

Here are a few more pictures and one of the lighthouse.

DSC04063 DSC04062 DSC04064

Once we got home Jesse and I got showers, had some more taco soup for dinner, and just watched movies until bed.

It was a GREAT day and lots of FUN !!!

Thursday, January 22 - Fiesta

It’s very hard to believe that it is winter. We have had weather in the mid to upper 70’s, sunny, low humidity with a light breeze for days now. I could get use to this for sure.

After Jesse’s walk we had our coffee, then Jesse washed windows. He did a GREAT job, they look wonderful.

I messed around inside, then I rode my bike down to Pat’s. I wanted to see the quilt he has been working on. She was hard at quilting when I got there and I sat and visited awhile.

Ed stopped by while I was there, he said Marilyn was still feeling bad and was running a slight fever. He said she still wanted to go to the Fiesta tonight at Garcia’s in Mexico.

When I got home it was time for lunch. I heated the chicken taco soup I had made the other day. It was very, very good. It’s the 1st time I had made it with chicken and I like it much better that way. We watched a show we had recorded earlier in the week while eating.

After everything was cleaned up I got myself cleaned up for the evening. Ted and Sue were picking us up at 3:15 to go to Mexico.

As soon as they open the doors and you are seated the drinks start to flow and they never stop. There were Margaritas, Mai Tai’s, Pina Coloda’s, and Greyhounds and more. Here are some of the photos which will show we had a good time.

The gang



What kind of fashion statement was he making????



Cathy and the Godfather



Even Marilyn who was not well was on the dance floor.

You go girl!!!!!


After we danced with the band then the entertainment came out. There were guys and girls all dressed in their colorful Mexican clothes and performed for us. They were quite enjoyable.



We had all this fun with drinks for $11.00 per couple.

Once we were home and changed into our lounging clothes we watched Grey’s Anatomy and ER, then off to bed.

Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the beach with the boys.

Until then stay safe and hugs to everyone.