Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, January 28 – Lazy, cool day

Today started in the low 40’s. Jesse was feeling tired so he didn’t get up to walk with the guys. The boys got in bed with us this morning and we all snuggled and took a few more winks.

Once we were up and going we didn’t do much today. We walked over to visit Dan and Pat. Pat was getting ready to take some homemade scones out of the oven and offered us one. They were delicious and Jesse ate two. Ed stopped by on his way to Wal*Mart to see if we needed anything and he also had a scone.

Thank you Pat, what’s for breakfast this morning? :~)

We went home and just relaxed not doing much of anything.

Later we walked down to take Marilyn a birthday hug and a card. While there Ed offered us some homemade beef vegetable soup. He thought it wasn’t quite done, but I thought it was very good, and enjoyed my cup very much.

Let’s see breakfast at the Sullivan’s, lunch at the Dray’s, who should we visit today????

The rest of the day was uneventful, but, WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE!!!

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Speedy said...

Hey you two are making out like a bandit. I need to know Your secrete.

Joe and Sherrri