Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, January 22 - Fiesta

It’s very hard to believe that it is winter. We have had weather in the mid to upper 70’s, sunny, low humidity with a light breeze for days now. I could get use to this for sure.

After Jesse’s walk we had our coffee, then Jesse washed windows. He did a GREAT job, they look wonderful.

I messed around inside, then I rode my bike down to Pat’s. I wanted to see the quilt he has been working on. She was hard at quilting when I got there and I sat and visited awhile.

Ed stopped by while I was there, he said Marilyn was still feeling bad and was running a slight fever. He said she still wanted to go to the Fiesta tonight at Garcia’s in Mexico.

When I got home it was time for lunch. I heated the chicken taco soup I had made the other day. It was very, very good. It’s the 1st time I had made it with chicken and I like it much better that way. We watched a show we had recorded earlier in the week while eating.

After everything was cleaned up I got myself cleaned up for the evening. Ted and Sue were picking us up at 3:15 to go to Mexico.

As soon as they open the doors and you are seated the drinks start to flow and they never stop. There were Margaritas, Mai Tai’s, Pina Coloda’s, and Greyhounds and more. Here are some of the photos which will show we had a good time.

The gang



What kind of fashion statement was he making????



Cathy and the Godfather



Even Marilyn who was not well was on the dance floor.

You go girl!!!!!


After we danced with the band then the entertainment came out. There were guys and girls all dressed in their colorful Mexican clothes and performed for us. They were quite enjoyable.



We had all this fun with drinks for $11.00 per couple.

Once we were home and changed into our lounging clothes we watched Grey’s Anatomy and ER, then off to bed.

Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the beach with the boys.

Until then stay safe and hugs to everyone.

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Leno said...

You are all having way too much fun.. I want some of it.... Keep it up.