Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, January 16 – Shopping Day

When Jesse went on his walk I started laundry. By the time Marilyn was to pick me up for our walk it was raining. We waited a short while for it to stop.

Before we were finished our walk it started to rain again only this time harder, so we called it quits for today.

Jesse was computering and I finished up the laundry. Then I got dressed to go shopping. While Jesse was getting dressed I made chicken salad with the left over chicken and we had a sandwich.

We wanted to find a coffee shop, so Jesse looked up some coffee places and off we went. We didn’t find either of them, so we proceeded to and RV store where Jesse purchased some kind of lifts (a blue thing).

Next stop was Bed Bath and Beyond in McAllen. I wanted to find some plastic wine and everyday glasses. I had no luck finding what I wanted.

We then went to Target. I had received a gift card for my birthday and I wanted a set of queen sheets. I found just what I wanted :~) Thank you Sondra!!!

Then we went to a few furniture stores. We are looking for a dual recliner set. We saw some very nice ones, but are not ready to buy.

We stopped at the H.E.B. store to pick up a few things then headed back home.

We grilled burgers for dinner with curly fries. Then we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I enjoyed it, Jesse napped through much of it.

I am signing off until tomorrow. See ya down the road.

Jesse here

Don't foget to watch the RAVENS beat Pittsburg tomorrow.

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