Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, January 12 – Busy Day-Sorry Boys


We were up at 6:30 and Jesse walked the boys, then went to meet Ed, & Heinz for their walk.

When he returned we each had a cup of coffee before my walk with Marilyn.

After I got back I took a shower and dressed for our return to Mexico.

We were meeting Jim and Linda for lunch. We met them last summer while E&M were at Mountaindale.

Jim had a dentist appointment so we walked up one end and down the other of the main street looking in each office to see if we could spot one of them. Finally we met them at the agreed time at Arturo’s.

It was a nice place with table clothes and very attentive waiters.



The men and Linda drank cerveza (beer), while Marilyn and I had a Margarita.

We all ordered different items from their extensive menu. Our meals were enjoyable, but pricey. The conversation was much better then the food. We all ordered dessert. The four of them had Flan while Jesse and I tried the Baked Alaska.

The presentation was much better then the taste.


After our lunch we walked around a few of the stores, before returning to the USA.

Jesse and I were concerned, about going to Mexico today, because when we applied for our passports last week they kept our original birth certificates. I only had copies, but we had no problems at all.

Once back at Llano Grande we walked the boys, then went down to E&M for happy hour.

Jim and Linda came by, before returning to Mission where they are parked. We were also joined by all of our group. The men sat at one end while the women sat at the other and many conversations were going on.

Once the sun went down we all went to our own homes on wheels for the evening.

I always feel bad for the boys on the days we are out most of the day. They really like being with us, and of course we enjoy them.

Tomorrow we will spend most the day the with them.

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Speedy said...

Sherri and I will have to get our Passports sometime before we leave. Why do they keep your original B/C? I guess you need a
P/P to get to Canada and Mexico. Next year we will be meeting Dee and Jim to go see Sandra and Gordon. Then Sherri will have to go to Mexico to get her drugs.