Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, January 7 – Entertaining


Back in our old life, in our stationary houses, I really enjoyed having people over the house.

We would host most of the celebrations, and if there were no holiday I would make up a theme and have a party.

We would make the entree and invited guest would bring appetizer, side dishes and desserts. We always had plenty of food.

These gatherings were mostly family. Last night we had our extended family, Ed and Marilyn, for dinner.

I made bruschetta to have with our cocktails, while sitting outside. It was quite cool last evening so we moved to the inside.

I served salad, bread, spaghetti and meat balls for dinner.

After sitting awhile at the completion of dinner, talking and laughing we played Sequence.

Marilyn I and decided to let the men win the games tonight. You see Ed was not feeling well earlier in the day so we thought it would make him feel better, we think it worked.

For dessert I made a banana parfait. For some reason we did not take any pictures, but speaking for myself I enjoyed the evening very much.

See ya down the road.

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Speedy said...

We will be doing most of our cooking and meal prep due to our failing budget. We really enjoy doing pot lucks better than eating out anyway! We hope to have a big porch and some good eats...hope to have you over sometime.

Joe and Sherri