Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, January 1 – New Year, New Life Style

Warning! This is a long journal as I am playing catch up.

Tuesday,  December 30

We wanted to get a bank account opened at Bank of America, so we went to Mission earlier then the time we were to meet Jo and Fred at their place.

Went we got to the bank the wait time was at least 20 minutes as there were 2 people ahead of us. We were afraid that it would make us late so we said we would come back.

We finally found Bentsen Palms RV Resort and had a very nice visit. We got to know them better and found we have a lot in common.

We drove over to a small place they had heard of called Delia’s that serves  tamales, only tamales. You could buy them by the dozen or 1/2 dozen. you could not buy just one.

We each bought a 1/2 dozen of the kind we wanted, then shared them. This was my 1st time having tamales and I thought they were OK. Not something I would go out of my way to purchase again.

After we ate we went back to their place and visited more. They had 2 euro chairs that they wanted to sell and Jesse has been wanting one. They made us a very nice deal and we took both.

With Fred’s advise we put our rocker recliners out by the road with a sign on them for sale. We have had several people looking, but no takers as yet.

Once we said our good-byes we went back to the bank. This time there were 10 people ahead of us, so we said no thanks.

Wednesday, December 31

We were up and ready to go when Ed & Marilyn came by to pick us up. We along with Kit, Jerry, Gordon and Juanita were spending the day in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico, now that I have my drivers license.

Today was Ed’s birthday and he wanted to take the trip to Mexico. We walked across the bridge over to the Mexico side and paid our 25 cents as entrance fee.

It was the typical Mexican border town, although not as bad a Tijuana from what I can remember from 24 years ago. 


Here’s a picture of the wall they are installing to help keep the illegal's from coming over to the USA.



A scene of the street


And another


The street is full of Pharmacys and Dentists.


We had “lunch” at 11:00am. Ed was very disappointed when I ordered an iced tea instead of a Margarita. I hadn’t had anything to eat and would have been sick if I drank before eating.

Once I had food in my stomach Ed was very pleaded to share a Margarita with me. (2 for 1)


The group


Gordon and Juanita


Kit and Jerry




And the love birds (get a room)


The food was good, the company was outstanding and the prices were very reasonable.

We all walked in and out of the shops. Some of us had purchases while others did not.

We enjoyed the day with friends and it doesn’t get better then that! Thanks Ed for taking us and showing us the ropes.

Going back to USA cost 30 cents and you must show your passport or picture ID and birth certificate.  We also had to pay the state of Texas $2.50 tax for our liquor purchase.

We had a very laid back evening watching TV. We didn’t make it awake for the new year arrival, as we were in la-la land.

Wednesday, January 1, 2009

This day started with me giving the boys their 1st walk of the day, giving Jesse a break.

Then I stripped the bed and started doing the laundry. Last week when I washed the linens, it took a very long time to dry the sheets. So I decided to take them to the laundry mat. I figured I might as well take everything. So I did 3 loads at  home  and then went off to the dryers.

During the second wash cycle Jesse and I walked the levy, we walked about 35 minutes, not bad for the first day.

While completing the 3rd wash load I made us some breakfast-scrambled eggs and toast.

We took the boys with us because the dog park is right across the street. I filled two dryers then we walked the boys two times around the park.

Back home I took a shower and just relaxed. Around 4 Ed and Marilyn came by to have a cocktail and we sat outside. It was very nice with a slight breeze.

We spent the rest of the evening just kicking back. Ate left over's for dinner and watched TV.

We are going to try the bank again tomorrow, then having breakfast at Mingo’s with Ed and Marilyn and whoever else shows up.

Hope to see ya down the road.

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