Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, January 29 – A Surprise Party

Well yesterday was Marilyn’s birthday and Pat and I had organized a surprise party for her, only the weather was not cooperating. We made the decision to postpone it until today.

Well the weather was still not coopering and it was cloudy and on the cool side most of the day. At 4:00 the start time, the weather was better yesterday. Oh well we still surprised her


Marilyn is such a sweet person, she always has something nice to say about everyone. Her personality reflects so many wonderful qualities, our friendship has grown closer with each passing day and she is such a blessing in my life.

The weather was not so good, but the company was fun. We all ate all the good food everyone had made.

We had sloppy joes, chips, fruit, shrimp macaroni salad, cucumber/tomato salad, cheese and crackers and deviled eggs.

Since we postponed until today Gordon and Juanita were not able to join us because they has plans to join other friends for dinner, but Juanita made the eggs for us anyway. Thanks so much that was very sweet.




Pat made the cake and it was delicious!


We all had cake then everything broke up and we went to their homes.

Heinz and Irene picked us up to go to the Rec center for a park talent show. This is something they do each year. Some told jokes while other sang and played instruments. It was a fun time.

Back at the Kram-a-Lot we relaxed until bed time. I am getting Marilyn’s cold, but I don’t feel bad. looking forward to a better weather day tomorrow, we shall see.

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