Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, January 31 Santa Ana

I am writing the blog today as Ginger has a head cold and I thought I would give her a break.

We had an organized bike ride today at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge along the banks of the Rio Grande in Donna Texas. For those of you that follow, this is where Linda and Howard worked the tram 2 winters ago.


It was the usual suspects less Ginger and Linda Roberts. That left 10 of us in 3 trucks. Fortunately someone in each vehicle had a Golden Age Pass so no one had to pay an entrance fee. Ginger and I are way to young for the the Golden Age Pass so we depend on our older friends to help us out. (lol)DSC04177

The 7+ miles are an easy ride in the park and all but about 1 mile is paved asphalt. At one point we took a trail to the river and could easily see where the illegals had made there way over from Mexico.

We did not see a lot of wildlife but I managed to get some pictures of a green jay. I have seen this bird at some of our other nature outings but was never able to get a photo till today.DSC04192DSC04197

We finished our ride at the visitors center and ate our lunch in the picnic area. After lunch a few of us walked a short nature trail. The trees are covered with spanish moss and gives you quite an eerie feeling.DSC04203DSC04166

That was pretty much our day. We returned to Llano Grande and unloaded the bikes. Ginger was still feeling bad so I fixed her a bowl of ice cream to make her feel better. It helped a little. We just stayed at the Inn for the rest of the day. Leftovers for dinner and lots of rest for “G”.

Hope your day was good, Jesse

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Speedy said...

Hey girl get well soon. I don't have near as much fun when you are sick...