Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, February 8th – Windy in RGV

I started the day by giving the boys a bath. Buddy 1st then Bayer and finally Mr. B. That took most of the morning. It was very windy all day..I am tired of the wind!!!!!!!!

After that task was completed I proceed to do the laundry with all the linen and towels. I also still had the towels and blankets from when we went to the beach with the boys in the back of the truck to wash.

We loaded up the laundry and boys and off we went. Once I got all the laundry in the washers, we took the boys to the dog park. They love going there, being off leash and free. Especially Buddy who loves to run.

Jesse stayed with the boys while I went over to put in softener for the rinse cycle and saw that Ed called. He wanted to know if Jesse wanted to play pool with him and Dan. Of course Jesse said yes, so he walked the boys home and took his bike to the pool hall.

That left me to complete the laundry by myself, that’s okay he needed some guy time.

After I got home I took shrimp and scallops out of the freezer for dinner. I made macaroni salad to have with our meal, and then put the TV on.

We were watching “The Deer Hunter” a few weeks back, but was not able to finish the show. Once Jesse returned we picked up where we left off and it was still a good movie.

I boiled the shrimp in vinegar and old bay, fried the scallops in butter and garlic. I made some sweet potatoes and we had a delicious dinner.

We finished watching the movie “Australia” then watched our regular Sunday night shows on TV until going to bed.


Unknown said...

Yes, that wind in TX is one of the things that keeps us away. :-) We're about ready to leave the snow in the UK though. Flying out Wed. Keep things tied down. Lynda

Speedy said...

I have heard a lot about the wind in South Texas. I guess because there is nothing to stop must blow all the time? I think we will take a look at the Hill Country for a possible winter stay? Arizona is still on the radar as well...sure would like to try some of that Boondocking thing.

Joe and Sherri

Debbie and Rod said...

Shrimp boiled in vinegar??? Splain it please.....