Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, February 7th - Shopping


Jesse walked with the guys again today, while I dressed so I would be ready for Marilyn to pick me up at 9am. We were walking to the Rec center to browse the craft show.

I thought the show was for people within the park to show off their crafts, but it was open to all types of vendors.

They had just about anything you could want. Some things were very nice, while others were the usual craft market items. There were a lot of people milling around. Being claustrophobic it was very difficult for me because of the crowds.

I didn’t purchase anything, and Marilyn purchased one item for Colby, her grandson.

They also served coffee and donuts, which we did not sample. My reason was I didn’t want instant indigestion and Marilyn was just being good. :~)

When I returned to the Inn, Jesse and I decided to go shopping for chairs. I know, I know, we just purchased two chairs. While they are nice Euro chairs they are not as comfortable as a recliner would be, to just relax while watching TV in the evenings.

We went down the road to Craig's furniture and purchase two leather recliners. They will be delivered on Monday.

We also looked in another Wal*Mart for doggie poop bags. It seems there is a shortage in the area and the warehouse is not sending any to the stores.

We returned home and talked to Margaret and Mitch on Skype. It is always good to talk to our loved ones. We miss them and can hardly wait until April when we will see them again.

I have no pictures again today, but I thought I would share some Bayer, Buddy and Mr. B’s cousins.

Lisel and Angel

DSC01666 Bailey and Toby

DSC01641 Hunter


Our great nieces -  Jennifer, Alyssa and Madison

DSC01591Our nephew Rob and his fiancé Sara, who’s wedding we are attending while we are home in May.


Another nephew David and is fiancé Katie


Until we see ya down the road……

Hugs to all


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Dollar Tree has small bags used for diaper disposal that I used to use when we had our dog. They are 100 for $1 and smell nice. I thought they did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Our town supplies them however when we're rving I always buy a box for $1.00 at the dollar store. Great blog. Kelly - Whistler Canada

Anonymous said...

The pint freezer bags from the dollar store also work. You know, the kind that goes inside the white freezer boxes. I found them once with 40 in the box, lately just 20 per box.

Any of the bags I've seen at pet stores are just too big. Using the internet I also purchase the Dogipot bags (described at They show 4 online retailers and I use the KV Vet Supply site. $9.49 for a box of 200. I order 2 boxes at a time. There isn't a shipping charge but if your order is under $50.00 they do hit you with a $5.00 surcharge. Still, $23.98 isn't too bad for 400 right-sized bags. Just under $0.06 per bag.

Grocery store fresh vegetable bags also work.