Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, February 16 –Trip to Mexico


Today we took another trip to Mexico with Ed and Marilyn and six of their friends, four of which graduated with Ed from high school.

The five graduates-Sherry, Dorie, Larry, Sherry and Ed

DSC00010After crossing the border we headed to the salon to have pedicures.

DSC00015 DSC00014We all enjoyed our time in the salon, but not quite as much fun as last time with Jesse there. We had no one to give us one-liners because the guys (except Rick who also got a pedicure) all went to the Red Snapper for a drink and awaited us to join them.

Once we joined them the 10 of us were seated outside for lunch on the balcony.


After lunch we did some shopping. We purchased some movies and meds.

Back at the Resort Jesse and I watched some movies and relaxed while I did some laundry.

We enjoyed the day and getting to know their friend better.

Until tomorrow Hugs to everyone.

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Speedy said...

Ginger...Sherri always says "Now we are not going to get each other Vanlentine cards this year" and then she goes out and does it and makes me look like the bad guy. I know all about this kind of deal LOL.