Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, February 11-Fun Girls Day Out


I enjoyed today very, very much. 

Marilyn and I didn’t walk this morning. We planned a shopping day out and we figured we would walk a lot so that would be enough.

I picked her up at 10am and we took off for the Outlet Stores. We walked around all the stores and looked in some, but found the prices to be much higher then we thought they should be.

We did shop in the Bath and Body Works, then decided to go to the mall in Harlingen.

I was proud of us we were able to find the mall without any trouble. We started in Sears. Marilyn wanted to find some tops and black capri pants. Our next stop was JC Penney. She found a top she liked in there. I tried on some things but left the store with nothing.

By this time we were hungry and went to the food court. We had a Chick-fil-A sandwich and talked and watched people.

I have been complaining about my hair, so Marilyn suggested I get it cut TODAY. She egged me on so we walked into a shop and looked at the hairstyle books until we came up with something I thought I would like.

And, I DID IT – I got my hair cut short. The shortest I have ever gotten it. I am not sure yet if I like it. Time will tell. No pictures yet-Not until I learn how to fix it.

We didn’t get home until after 3:00 and Jesse was very shocked, but said he liked it – He likes short hair.

I made grilled cheese for myself and Jesse said he was not too hungry, because he and ED went out to a hamburger place and got a 1 pound hamburger., so he had a frozen pizza and ate the whole thing. Not hungry ..:~)

We relaxed for the rest of the evening and watched TV.


CowgirlCreations said...

I can't wait to see pics of your new hairdo! I love my short hair... it's EASY!!

Debbie Goode said...

I had loooonnng hair my whole life until about 5 yrs ago. My husband had never seen me in short hair, he just laughed when I walked in the door. Not the response I had hoped for, but I think he was in shock! I do love it now and can't imagine going back to dealing with all that hair. I'm just a "wash and wear" girl now! I'm sure you will like yours once the "shock" wears off--looking forward to some pics

Anonymous said...

Come on Ginger! Show Us!!!!!!