Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday February 5th – A Routine Day


To quote someone near and dear to me “This is the kind of a journal entry I write when we have had a routine day with no real adventures to write about.”

Jesse didn’t walk again today, just not feeling at his usual 100%. Marilyn and I we not suppose to walk because she was going to do laundry in the early morning. But she changed her mind and came knocking on the door at 8:30am. I had to put my shoes and socks on and we were off. We walked 2.25 miles and it feels good to get the exercise.

When I got back I had some coffee and sat awhile.  The morning coolness had made way for warm sunshine and warmer temps. Jesse decided he wanted to go out and walk by himself.

While he was gone I prepared a pot of vegetable soup. I cut up beef, onions, carrots, celery, green pepper, potatoes, garlic, and cabbage. When it was almost done I put in some frozen peas, green beans and corn. This will be dinner tonight.

I got cleaned up and we took a drive to the “RED BARN” flea market. It was a really bust, just a junk store. We then proceeded to the liquor store to purchase wine.

Back at Llano we stopped by Sue and Ted’s, so I could pay her for my ticket to a Style Show we are going to on the 17th.

I inquired about Pat because she has been sick with some intestinal virus. Sue said that she wasn’t much better.

We then went home got a drink and walked up to Ed and Marilyn’s to share a drink with them on their patio. Gordon and Juniata joined us and we all talked and laughed until my sides hurt.

The breeze was getting cool, so we decided to break things up. Just us we were doing that Dan rode up on his bike to inquire if anyone had a heating pad. Pat wanted to use it for her cramping stomach.

I did, so Dan followed us home so I could retrieve it and off he went. I sure hope it helps Pat feel better.

Jesse walked the boys while I set the table and warmed the soup for dinner. We watched TV and had a very routine evening.

I quote again “I do know, however, that this is a great way to live, even when the day is routine!”

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