Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, April 29 – Plans Change

We woke to rain today so the plan to sightsee in Bucks County, PA was out.

I decided to go to the White Marsh Mall. Jesse also decided to go with me. We left about 10:45, as soon as we entered the mall Jesse went one way and I the other.

I was looking for pants to wear while working at Lake George Escape this summer. We have to wear khaki bottoms. I was only able to find one pair.

I also looked in the pet store at all the cute puppies, (I didn’t buy any of them). I moved on to a Thomas Kinkade Gallery store. I have always like his paintings and enjoyed just walking through (not buying).

After about an hour Jesse and I met up again in the food court. We both indulged ourselves and got a Cinnabon.

Afterwards we went to Walmart for a few grocery items then home.

Jesse grilled himself some hamburgers for dinner and I made a big salad for us both.

We watched TV and computered for the rest of the evening.

Tuesday, April 28 - Acupuncture


Today I was able to walk a little more than a mile. My foot felt a little better.

After getting our walks done we sat outside and had coffee until the bees chased us in.

We were showered and dressed to meet Sondra for lunch. We went to Olive Garden and we all had soup, salad and bread sticks.

After we were finished we had some time before my podiatrist appointment, so we sat a talked awhile longer.

We went out to the autos to say our goodbye’s and collected our door for the Splendide 2100XC washer/dryer.

I went to the doctors and he did acupuncture on the foot. He said that “it will take the pain away”. I asked why didn’t he do this treatment the 1st day I came in. His answer was”most people do not believe in it”.

He stuck me with three needles after finding the pressure points with some sort of pointer thingy. He told me to relaxed for 20 minutes. So far it’s been 4 1/5 hours since he stuck me and the pain is still there.

Jesse asked “how any of this treatment will help the bone spur”. The doctor explained that the bone spur is caused by the tendon being damaged/bruised in someway.

This caused bleeding which left calcium deposits to form the bone spur. If the pressure is relieved on the tendon the pain goes away.

Once we got home Jesse opened the box, took off the existing door, put on the new door, just two screws. He did this all in about 5 minutes and the Splendide is working just fine.

Afterwards we computered for awhile then watched some shows we had recorded earlier, then American Idol and Biggest Loser.

We each were a little hungry Jesse ate 2 bowls of cereal and I had a tuna sandwich.

That was our day, hope yours was a good one!

Monday, April 27 – Struck out again


After the boys had their morning walk, I decided to try and walk with Jesse today.

We took off out of the park and up the road. I have not been walking because of my heel. I was not able to walk very fast and I could tell Jesse was getting very frustrated with our speed, so I told him to go ahead at his own pace.

I proceeded at my pace and he quickly went up the road without me. I headed back shortly after that. I probably only went a 1/2 mile total.

When I came back my foot was burning, so I sat with ice for about 15 minutes.

When he came back I had coffee ready, he put out the awning and we sat outside with our coffee. We haven’t done that since being in the Valley this past winter.

After the pot was gone we came in to get showers so we could go and visit with Pop. He was in the dinning room with Sondra when we got there.

We sat with him while he ate a few bites of food and then afterwards we took him back to his room.

We said good bye to Sondra and we went to Towson Town Mall. We wanted to go into the Williams Sonoma store because Jesse thought they carried Soda Club syrups.

We were hungry and decided to go to P. F. Changs for lunch first. We had never been there before, the food was very tasty but on the expensive side for Chinese food.

We struck out again, because the store doesn’t carry the syrups only the machine. Oh well!!

We headed home from there and just relaxed and got caught up on the blogs of ours friends.

Sondra called to say the replacement door for the washer/dryer came today. We will meet up with her tomorrow to get it from her. Until then stay safe!

Monday, April 27 – Ryan’s Day


Happy Birthday Ryan!!


Ryan is our oldest maternal grandson. He is 15 today. He loves video games, playing paintball and just hanging out with his friends.

He also likes to help out with his little brother and cousin. I really love this picture of Ryan and Gage.


He plays football for his high school team. #61

DSC03143DSC01908 Ryan2 GiGi and Gramps send lots of good wishes your way!

We love you!

Sunday, April 26 - Jesse's home again

Today was the second day with the temps in the 90’s. We went from wet spring weather to hot summer in one day.

I was up and out the door by 8:30am. I went down to where Kelsey’s, Debbie and I went to breakfast at a local breakfast place.

It was very crowded, but the food was worth the wait. Kelsey had Reese's peanut butter pancakes and she loved them.

When we got back to Kelsey house Gene and Jesse were there. After listening to some of the stories from their weekend down the ocean we left to come home to the boys.

Once home Jesse unpacked we walked the boys and then Jesse took a nap. I actually napped for awhile myself.

We made a trip to the grocery store for a few items. We had a light dinner of tuna salad.

Jesse brought me some Fisher’s caramel popcorn and I had that for dessert.

We sat down to watch Amazing Race and during the task where they had to get a foot massage I received a phone call from Ed and Marilyn. They were also watching the show and were imagining Jesse having to have that done and laughing.

Jesse thought having a pedicure was torture, they wanted to share their amusement with me on their thoughts. We only talked to a few minutes, but is was sure good to hear his voice I could hear Marilyn laughing in the back ground. We miss them very much.

We continued to watch our shows until bed time.

It was great to spend time with Kelsey and to hear from good friends and having Jesse back home was icing on the cake.

It was a good day!

Saturday, April 25 – More time with the girls

Today I was up and walked the boys. Now Jesse normally does most of the walking the boys, but I enjoyed the morning with them.

I straighten up the house and put down my new rugs. I really like the way they look.

Sondra and Barbara came over around noon with gifts. They brought me a plant and candy. Barbara is a friend I met through Sondra. She is one of Sondra’s traveling companion. Sondra has done many trips in the last several years. Scotland, Spain Alaska, and China to name a few. Thank you ladies very much!!!

I showed Barbara around, it was her first visit to a 5th wheel. She was surprised at how much it was like a home and how much room we have.

We were all hungry so we took off in search of lunch. We went to a micro brewery in our area. We had a very relaxing lunch then went shopping.

We went to The Kitchen Company store first, then to a clothes store. I found something to wear to the wedding and was very pleased.

Our next stop was a kind of dollar store and then to Kohl’s. After all that we went back to the Kram-a-lot, and had cookies for dessert. We sat for quite awhile and visited. Barbara had lots of questions to better understand our life style.

DSC01010You can see the valances on the windows that I have made so far. I will get better pictures when I have completed the project.

They helped me walk the boys before they left to go home.

We had such a relaxing day, I enjoyed it very much. After they left the boys and I just relaxed in front of the TV.

I had cornbread and heated a can of soup for a late dinner. I walked the boys again just after 11pm and then went to bed.

It was a warm day, no rain and mostly sunny. I spent it with good friends, what more could a person want?

Have a wonderful day and hugs to all!

Friday, April 24 – Jesse left and girls played

I had to take Jesse to meet his ride at 10am. Once the boys and I dropped him off we were on our way to Sondra’s house.

She was still getting dressed when we arrived and I got the boys inside with all their stuff. I had brought their mats, and I also brought the gate we use to block them in a room, their food and bowls. It seemed like a lot of stuff for dogs.

Once Sondra was ready we had a muffin, then I got the boys all gated in her kitchen and we left.

Our 1st stop was the Kosher bakery. We got a Challah for dinner tonight and and apricot danish for dessert. We were going to Marilyn and Charles for dinner.

Our next stop was for gas then on the the nursing home to visit with Pop. He was just so,so today. He knew us and he ate a few bites of his lunch, but never got out of bed.

Once we left we went back to Sondra’s walked the boys then left to go to Timonium for Sugarloaf. It is an upscale arts and craft show that comes here every year.

The first thing we did was have lunch from one of the vendors. Then on to walking around all the different crafters. I should have taken some pictures, but left the camera at home.

Before I became a fulltime RV’er, I really loved going to these kind of events. Not so much now, but I enjoyed spending the time with Sondra and seeing all the different crafts.

I still managed to purchase a magnetic clasp bracelet from one of the crafters there. Sisters Mercantile

You can go to the site above, the kind I purchased was the double clasp style, they are very pretty.

After we walked until my foot just burned, we left to go back to her house. We stopped at the bank on the way to get money.

Once back at Sondra’s we walked the boys, then just relaxed for awhile.

About 5:00 we loaded the boys in the truck and I drove over to Charles and Marilyn’s house. They have a really nice ranch style home that is quite large in a wooded neighborhood.

We let my boys get reacquainted with their dog Sundae. Bayer for some reason didn’t get along with Sundae and still doesn’t so I put my boys back in the truck.

We sat and visited outside awhile while Charles was grilling chicken.

Here are a few pictures of the Miller family

back-Charles and Marilyn who are wonderful parents.

front-Jennifer and Alyssa who are really cool young ladies.

millers Millers1We had a very nice dinner and I enjoyed being with the family again. I really miss family gatherings.

We sat and lingered after dinner and talked about all kinds of things.

I got home around 9:45 and was very tired. I watched a show I had recorded earlier walked the boys and was off to bed.

Thursday, April 23 – Lunch and Doctors

Yesterday we went shopping at Kohl’s. I have been looking for rugs and today was the day I found them.

We went to Panera’s afterwards for a sandwich and soup. Yum we love eating there.

We came home an just hung out.

Toady I got up showered and dressed and out the door by 8:30am. I had a doctor’s appointment to get the results of my blood work.

My blood pressure is still not good enough so she is increasing my dosage.

Then I went to MAMI, where I use to work and visited awhile and went to lunch with the girls.

We went to Longhorn Steak House and had a very relaxing lunch and enjoyed the conversation. We all got caught up on what's been happening in our lives.

After that I went back to the podiatrist and he did the therapy again, I think this is helping.

While I was gone Jesse called the manufacture of our washer/dryer. Yesterday when I was doing laundry the door would not stay closed. It is still under warrant, so they are shipped us a new door. Sure hope that does the trick.

He also went to the laundry mat to finish the laundry.

When I got home he had his clothes all laid out for the weekend, so I helped him fold and pack them.

I wasn’t hungry, he had leftovers and cornbread for dinner. We watched TV until bed.

Hugs to everyone!

Tuesday, April 21 – Errand Day


Today we had our coffee while reading the journals of our friends all around the United States.

The sun came out today and it reached 70 degrees. It was a beautiful.

After Jesse finished his reading he left to run some errands. He went to pick up the CO2 container that we had dropped off a week ago. They were not able to refill it, so we are going to have to send it back to the Soda Company.

Then he went to the auto store to purchase mud flaps.

After that he went to Petsmart to get the boys some dog food. Then on to a local RV dealer to purchase some Maxx Air Vents. He was thrilled to find them on sale for $31.95 each, the lowest price he has seen - he bought two.

When he returned it was time to go to my podiatrist appointment. Last week he gave me a shot of cortisone which had no effect on the bone spur. So this time he did some electro therapy and gave me some Naprelan (ibuprofen) to take for the inflammation.

He also showed Jesse how to do some therapy to stretch and massage the ligament in my foot and was asked to do it twice a day.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get some fresh vegetables which included 1015 onions.

While I was making dinner of chicken stroganoff and broccoli Jesse installed the air vents. I also put some cornbread in the combo oven to bake, only when I took it out, it was the same as when I put it in.

I guess the convection, 1/2 time part of my oven is not working, only the microwave part is working. When I asked Jesse what we were going to do about the over his answer was “I don’t know”.

After dinner Jesse walked the boys before it started to RAIN AGAIN – Thunderstorms. While they were gone I got the dishes cleaned up then sat down to write this entry.

We had some wicked thunder with lightening and pour down rain. The thunder rumbled the whole trailer it was very strange and scary.

If Bayer could of he would have crawled inside of me.

We watched “Biggest Loser” and “American Idol”, Jesse walked the boys and we were off to bed.

On another subject, I wanted to take a minute to congratulate Carl and Linda Roberts. They have sold their house and are now starting their lives as fulltimers. We are very happy for them and send them hugs and safe travels!!

 Carl & Linda

Monday, April 20 – Rain again


It started raining during the night and it rained again all day.

The wind picked up so it was windy most of the day also. Jesse kept having to go out and adjust the satellite dish because we would lose our signal.

Here is a picture from out our computer area window. You can see how the wind has left a blanket of pollen that has fallen off the tree.

DSC01008 Taking the boys for a walk is just a trip in all this rain. They are completely soaked when they return.

We stayed home watched some shows we had recorded earlier and computered.

Around 7pm Jesse left to meet my brother Gene at the bar where he plays in a pool league. Some of these guys are  the ones Jesse will going away with this weekend.

I will home alone for the weekend. I will have to get a lesson on the blue jobs before he goes.

Tomorrow promises to be better weather, so until then stay safe.

April 19 – Birthday wishes

Adam 1

Happy Birthday Adam !!

Sunday, April 19 - The Original Six

Today we were to heading to PA. The weather was cooler, and partly cloudy.

We were up by 7am and after his morning walk I gave Buddy a bath. The other two were still looking good.

After we were showered and dressed we picked up Sondra and Marcia and the four of us along with the three boys were on our way to PA.

We started playing double domino’s once a month when we lived in MD. The six was Mitch, Margaret, Sondra, Marcia Jesse and I had been doing this for several years before we left. After we left they continued, going through a few subs for us, but have been joined by David and Katie recently which is working out for them.

We always enjoyed our days together. We would met at each others house, go out to eat then return for a fun day of domino’s, snacks and then dessert. Today we went to a deli called Isaac’s. The food was okay the soup was very good.

I forgot to take pictures of the domino play, but we always play for money. We each start with $3.00 and pay the winner of each round a penny for the value of the domino’s remaining. At the end we count our money to see who was the “Big” winner. Jesse and I each lost 65 cents, so we did well. I think Mitch was the winner today.

After playing we had dessert, then sat visiting for a while before the long drive home.

Back at the Inn we watched TV until bed. Here are some pictures of our fun day.

DSC00990DSC00994DSC00995 DSC01000 DSC01005 DSC01004We will miss the monthly gatherings when we are on the road, but David and Katie are wonderful subs for us.

Saturday, April 18 – He ate the whole thing


We did our normal routine over coffee this morning. We had a full day planned.

First we drove to visit Jesse’s Dad. He was having a good day. Mitch and Sondra were there and they said he ate some lunch. He knew who we were and asked us a few questions.

He wanted to know how old Jesse was and how old he was. He didn’t care about anyone else. We wanted to know what year he was born and Sondra asked him what year this was, he didn’t know.

We visited for a while. On Saturday they serve ice cream to the residents. Sondra helped dish out and serve. They also serve the visitors. Afterwards we walked him, back to his room. and said our goodbyes.

We then said goodbye to Sondra, Mitch had already left and we drove to Rob and Sara’s rental. It is a nice house and much more room then they had in their apartment.

Then we drove over to my younger brothers to have dinner with them.

We had a very nice dinner, you would have thought she was feeding the whole family. They served steak, chicken, spinach and strawberry salad, cooked spinach, baked potatoes, pasta salad, and rolls.

Take a look at these steaks. They were about 3 inches thick.

DSC00978Jesse was very proud that he ate the whole thing


Nice grill


   DSC00983 We enjoyed our meal and the company very much. This was the first time we had been to their home. They purchased the home that Kathy was raised in. They have done some updating, and they seem to be very comfortable there.

I can’t image living in my childhood house. Jesse and I have moved around quite a bit and of course now we are always moving.

Thanks Kathy and Bobby for a very nice evening.

Christine (Bobby’s daughter) Kathy and Bobby

DSC00988 Their dogs, both girls Angel and Jasmine out in the grass.

DSC00987After saying goodnight we got home, walked the boys and fed them. I started to do some laundry and sat down to write this entry.

We are just going to relax, computer and watch TV for the rest of the evening.

Until tomorrow stay safe!

Friday, April 17 – Busy day


The sun was out again this morning! We were out early, for us, around 9am.

Our 1st stop was Chic-Fil-A for breakfast. We then went to Walmart to see if we could get another dog bed, no luck. We still managed to find a few items we couldn’t do without.

Our next stop was Target to see what they had in dog beds. Again no luck.

After returned home we relaxed from our shopping.

Before I knew it, it was time to go to the seafood store to purchase crab meat for tonight's dinner. I had quite a shock went the girl told me the price of $27.00 for 1 lb of lump crab meat.

I must say that it was the cleanest I have ever purchased, but way over priced.

Back at the Inn Jesse washed the rig. He did a great job and it looks really nice. I cleaned the inside. It’s nice to know everything is clean.

Then I started preparing dinner for tonight. I made garden salad, roasted sweet and red skin potatoes, Maryland crab cakes and steamed shrimp.

I forgot to take pictures so here is one I took last year on Rob and Sara.

Goose and Sara Once they arrived we sat outside for a short time with a cocktail for Jesse and I, the kids had iced tea. It’s hard to find young people today that do not drink, but neither of then do even though they are over 21.

Sara was not feeling to well as she has been battling a cold all week, but she was a real trooper.

We had dinner and I put all the dirty dishes in the sink for cleaning after our company left.

After dinner we played Sequence and the girls beat the guys 2 to 3 and was crowned the winners.

We had chocolate pie for dessert and then sat and visited before we called it a night.

They are such good young people and we are very proud to call them family. They just moved to a rented house from an apartment and we are going to stop by tomorrow and see their new place.

As I have mentioned before they are the main reason we are here at this time, because they are getting married on May 9th.

Jesse and I watched a little TV before going off to dream land.

Hugs to everyone!

Thursday, April 16 – No Rain! Yea!


Today we woke to no rain and the sun was out! It was 60 degrees by 11am.

I got up and into the shower right away. I was going shopping after Jesse got back from taking the truck to have it washed. They do not allow washing vehicles here at the park. They do allow washing your rigs though..Go figure?

While he was gone I straighten up, vacuumed and made potato salad for dinner tonight.

He got a shower and made me a turkey sandwich and one for himself and then we were off to the store.

We shopped my list, but they didn’t have the kind of dog beds I wanted, so I will go to a different Walmart tomorrow.  They also didn’t have the kind of rolls I wanted, so we put all the groceries away and then I went back out to a local supermarket.

I also went to the the fish market and purchased some shrimp. They are on sale on Thursday for $9.00 per pound which is $5 off per pound.

Once I returned we sat outside and had a cocktail, then grilled burgers for dinner. I served baked beans to go with the burgers.

After dinner we just chilled in front of the TV until bed time.

Tues-Wed, April 14 & 15 – Rain Rain Rain


It has done nothing but rain since Monday. It is also cold, it’s only 43 degrees.

We have been just hanging out at home, nothing to report.

Hope our readers are having better weather.

Hugs to all

Sun-Mon. April 12 & 13 – Family and Vet Visit


Sunday we met Mitch and Margaret for lunch at noon. We were having a discussion about when Elizabeth and Adam visited us when we lived here in Maryland.

Jesse insisted that they were not here to celebrate his parents 50th wedding anniversary. They renewed their vows and we had a big party for them. I insisted they were here and even remembered what Elizabeth wore. 

Since all our pictures are being stored at Adam’s I asked Margaret to look at hers and send me the proof. This was taken in 1992. Beth is the 3rd from the left and Adam is the far right. I of course was right……. Don’t mess with me honey!

ann. partyAfter we left M&M we went over to my sisters house. I took some pictures of the newest member of our family my Great niece Payton.

DSC00963 DSC00968

After visiting with everyone for awhile Jesse and I went home and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Monday we had an appointment for Mr. B to go to see Dr. Tom the vet. We had always taken our boys to this vet when we lived here, we really like him. Mr. B has been wheezing a lot and we wanted to make sure it wasn’t something serious.

Dr. Tom thinks it is allergies and gave us some pills for him to take. We also had Bayer update his rabies vaccine and they all got their test for heart worms.

Once at home Debbie arrived with Kelsey. She was spending the afternoon with us. We went out for pizza and then just got caught up on things happening in our lives.

Kelsey from yesterday, she is such a sweet person. We are very proud of her.

At EasterAfter taking her home and visiting with my brother for a little we stopped at the store to buy ice cream.

At home I made brownies and did two loads of laundry while just hanging out.

Until tomorrow hugs to all.

Saturday, April 11 – Lunch at Sondra’s


Happy Easter !!

We woke to rain this morning. We were trying to wait for it to stop so we could walk the boys, but it didn’t. At lease with their hair shorter it is easier to clean them up after walking in the rain.

I had thrown out some bread and crackers to the ducks.

DSC00896 One of the birds only had one leg

DSC00893We had our coffee, got dressed and were out the door by 11:00am in the pouring rain.

I wanted to get there a little early to give Sondra a hand. She of course had everything ready and the food was delicious.

DSC00906 She served fried matzo, latkes, matzo, roasted potatoes, broccoli, salmon casserole, zucchini casserole, tuna, egg, and green salads and one of my favorites gefilte fish.

We all enjoyed our food and the company.

I asked Jesse to take the tripod with us so we could get a group photo.

Here’s the Haman family

group close

Here are more pictures from our family day (l-r)Jennifer, Alyssa, Madison and Katie.

DSC00918 Katie will marry into the family in Oct 2010, but we love her already she is a sweetheart.

(l-r) David, Ginger, Margaret, Marilyn and Jennifer

DSC00911 Charles and Sondra

DSC00912We took Mr. B with us, because he can’t hold himself for as long as Bayer and Buddy. So the three of us drove home.

After the boys were fed and walked we relaxed in our recliners until bed time.

Being with family is always a good day and we look forward to another tomorrow.

Friday, April 10 – VA and MAMI


Today Jesse dropped me off at the place I was employed for 13 years.


 Mid-Atlantic Materials, Inc

I was the accounting manager and left my position so we could relocate to Colorado in Jan 2006. I went to say hello to the friends I left behind. It is really odd that not much has changed since I left. It felt as if I could just sit at my desk and continue where I left off.

While I was there Jesse went to the VA to see if he could get health benefits. Jesse was in the Air Force for almost 7 years, being honorably discharged in 1976.

Unfortunately, he was denied health benefits because we have too much assets and he didn’t meet the threshold.

After he was finished at the VA he picked me up and we went to visit his father for awhile.

Back at home we just relaxed for the evening, had leftover pasta for dinner and ice cream for dessert.

Until tomorrow we wish you a nice weekend.

Thursday, April 9 – Visit Pennsylvania


We were out the door by 9:30am to spend another day with M&M in PA.

By the time we got there it was a little after 11:00am. We visited for awhile then left the boys at their house and drove to York, PA.

We went to Longhorn Steak House to have lunch. The food and company was very good.

DSC00875After lunch the guys dropped us at a store and they went over to Best Buy.

We shopped at “The Christmas Tree store”. They sold everything and the prices were inexpensive. My purchases came to less then $4.00 for a small area rug and a mat for a picture frame.

In my old life, in a house with a foundation I would have purchased much more.

After we finished our shopping we met the guys and we all went to an RV dealer and looked at Big Horn 5th wheels by Heartland. We didn’t see anything we liked better then ours.

Afterward we went back to their house for a while. We watched the boys play and had a good time just hanging out.

Bayer and Toby dancing together.

DSC00878 Bailey on Mommy’s lap

DSC00882 Mr. B getting some attention from Aunt Margaret

DSC00880 Margaret had baked a cake which she served with ice cream for dessert. YUM!

By the time we got home we had just enough time to walk the boys and then watch Survivor.

Hugs to all

Wednesday, April 8 – Appointments and dinner


It was suppose to be cold this morning, so Jesse unhooked the water hose last night. When we woke this morning the temperature was 37 degrees, so he hooked it back up so I could get a shower.

Today I went to have my semi-annual blood draw taken. This is the kind that has to be done on an empty stomach. Therefore I was out the door by 8:15am.

I had made a cup of coffee for myself to have when I was finished and it really tasted good.

I then went to have X-rays taken of my foot. The podiatrist thought it was a heel spur, but wanted x-rays.

He also taped up my foot yesterday and gave me some stretching exercises to do with my foot.

After I was finished with my appointment I went in search of a place to have my hair cut. The lady said she could take me at 11:15 which was 1 and 1/2 hours from now.

I told her I would come back and went to Target in search of a basket storage table for the boys’ things, ie leashes, poop bags and towels for dirty and wet feet.

I found the perfect unit and called Jesse to give him the measurements to see if it would fit. He told me to buy it and we would take it back if it didn’t fit.

Well we found and even better place for it at the end of the kitchen cabinet. I had wanted Jesse to build me a shelf there for the dog treat containers, now I have storage and a shelf.

DSC00870Here’s a picture of the shelf unit that we bought from Pier one the other day, I am very pleased with the way it looks.

DSC00858 We called Sondra to find out how Pop was today because we were going to go over and visit him. She said he was not having a good day and advised us to not come.

We drove by our old house and the neighbors were outside, so we stopped and visited with them for a while.

We came home and just relaxed until time to meet BJ and Sara for dinner. BJ (Bobby Junior) is my younger brothers son, and he and Sara are getting married on May 9th.

We met them at a local restaurant for dinner. They are such a cute couple and we are glad they like spending time with us old folks.

DSC00872 Neither of them were feeling to good, coming down with sore throats. I think Jesse and I will take extra zinc tonight.

They came back to the Kram-a-lot with us to see the boys. BJ would house sit for us and take care of the boys when Jesse and I were out of town on vacation.

After they left we just sat in our chairs and watched TV

Safe travels and we will see ya down the road.

Tuesday, April 7 – M&M visit

We had arranged for Mitch and Margaret to come and visit with us today and take a tour of the Kram-a-Lot. This was their first time seeing the Inn.

I made brunch we had, bagels, cream cheese, munster cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber slices, macaroni salad, tuna salad, deviled eggs, salmon cakes, crackers and rolls.

DSC00859 I set it up as a buffet on the counter, Mitch had to be careful not to bang his head. That didn't stop him though, the Haman’s are known for liking to eat. It’s was really nice spending time with M&M again. We have such a good time with each other.

After we ate Mitch decided to take a nap, and the boys sat with him.

DSC00863 This is a picture that was taken about two years ago. See any similarities? Brothers! LOL

Boys & DadI had an appointment to see the podiatrist and Margaret rode along with me. We left the guys with the boys to computer while we were gone.

When I came out from seeing the doctor Margaret was engaged in a conversation with a man that she said gave her his life story. She said he was very nice and I was glad she had someone to past the time with.

By the time we were back to the Inn, I got dessert ready.


DSC00864I was disappointed and surprised that they didn’t bring their boys, Toby and Bailey with them today.

My boys were also very sad, see how bummed Buddy is.

DSC00852 Soon it was time for them to make their journey home, so they could take care of their fur kids.

We are glad they are on vacation this week because we are going to see them again on Thursday.

Jesse and I just relaxed for the rest of the evening watching TV and computering.

Monday, April 6 – Shopping, and Lunch


We sat around this morning having coffee and computering, while listening to it rain outside.

We talked with Kelsey who is on spring break this week. We wanted to make plans for her to come over and visit with us. Hopefully will be able to spend some time with her later in the week. She is such a social butterfly and is always doing something.

She is such a sweet beautiful young girl and her parents are very proud of her and so are we.

We got dressed and met Sondra for lunch. We all had a nice visit and we enjoyed our meal at Chili’s. The sun came out for a short time while we were having lunch.

After we said our goodbye’s to Sondra who was going home to prepare food for Passover, Jesse and I went to Walmart.

Mitch and Margaret are coming over tomorrow for brunch and I needed a few groceries.

After we were home and the groceries were all put away I began preparing lunch for tomorrow.

We watched our usual shows on TV before heading off to bed.

Hopefully it wont rain tomorrow, but it is suppose to be cold.

Sunday, April 5 – Lazy Day


I don’t remember the last day we just hung out at home, but that is what we did today. It felt good!

We computered and watched TV.

I did do our 2008 taxes using Turbo Tax, which was quite easy.

I emailed some friends and talked to family on the phone.

I made breakfast and dinner and Jesse did the dishes.

That was about it for the day, maybe boring to some, but we like days like this.

Hope everyone had a good day and look forward to what tomorrow has in store.

Saturday, April 4 – Day in PA


Today we were up showered and dressed and out the door by 10am. We were going to spend the day with Mitchell and Margaret.

They live in Hanover, PA which is about 1 hour and 1/2 from us. The drive was uneventful but very pretty as things are green here.

Once we got here it was a reunion for Bayer, Toby and Buddy. They use to love the time they spent together, especially Toby and Bayer. They are just 2 months apart in age and had grown up together.

Here is a pictures with Margaret and I and all our boys- Bayer, Ginger, Buddy, Mr B, Margaret, Bailey, and Toby.

DSC00841 After we got them all settled and used to each other we went to have some lunch. We decided to go to a local place called Bay City

DSC00844 It is a seafood place with the decor to match.

DSC00848DSC00849 We enjoyed our meal the company was the best and made even better because they treated us. Thank you both very much!!

After our late lunch we went to a few stores to look around and then to Walmart.

Jesse bought an external hard drive, so we could backup our data. It’s something we have been talking about doing for some time now.

Then we went back to M&M’s house. The guys went downstairs to the computer/family room. They were working on getting our old laptop charged enough so we could get data off that.

We also had a hard drive from our old desktop that we wanted some data off, so Mitch worked on backing that info onto some discs. Mitchell is very knowledgeable with computers, a self taught guru.

Margaret and I sat upstairs and watched some HGTV and visited. She asked me lots of questions about our lifestyle. They have thought about living in an RV on a part time basis when they both can collect SS. They are fairly sure they do not want it as a full time lifestyle. (It’s not for everyone for sure)

The guys stayed downstairs the whole time we were there except for dessert of red velvet cake, ice cream and strawberries. Yum thanks Margaret.

We all five enjoyed our day, but around 8:15  we left to go home. The boys were very tired and went right to sleep, while Jesse drove I rested my eyes.

After we were home we watched Fargo, we had seen it before but it was worth watching again you betcha.

We were off to bed at 11:00. Not sure what tomorrow we bring, but we are looking forward to it.