Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sun-Mon. April 12 & 13 – Family and Vet Visit


Sunday we met Mitch and Margaret for lunch at noon. We were having a discussion about when Elizabeth and Adam visited us when we lived here in Maryland.

Jesse insisted that they were not here to celebrate his parents 50th wedding anniversary. They renewed their vows and we had a big party for them. I insisted they were here and even remembered what Elizabeth wore. 

Since all our pictures are being stored at Adam’s I asked Margaret to look at hers and send me the proof. This was taken in 1992. Beth is the 3rd from the left and Adam is the far right. I of course was right……. Don’t mess with me honey!

ann. partyAfter we left M&M we went over to my sisters house. I took some pictures of the newest member of our family my Great niece Payton.

DSC00963 DSC00968

After visiting with everyone for awhile Jesse and I went home and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Monday we had an appointment for Mr. B to go to see Dr. Tom the vet. We had always taken our boys to this vet when we lived here, we really like him. Mr. B has been wheezing a lot and we wanted to make sure it wasn’t something serious.

Dr. Tom thinks it is allergies and gave us some pills for him to take. We also had Bayer update his rabies vaccine and they all got their test for heart worms.

Once at home Debbie arrived with Kelsey. She was spending the afternoon with us. We went out for pizza and then just got caught up on things happening in our lives.

Kelsey from yesterday, she is such a sweet person. We are very proud of her.

At EasterAfter taking her home and visiting with my brother for a little we stopped at the store to buy ice cream.

At home I made brownies and did two loads of laundry while just hanging out.

Until tomorrow hugs to all.

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Speedy said...

Hello...I see you are still visiting family...I know you are enjoying that. Sherri is off in East Texas making me a living. I am at the office pretending to work...Come see us on chat some night if you have the chance

Joe and Sherri