Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, April 3 – Dog Grooming & more rain


We woke this morning to more rain. We have been here a week now and I think we have seen the sun two days and the rest have been rain, rain and more rain.

I like the rain, but living in a RV with this much rain is not fun. It wouldn’t be as bad if we didn’t have dogs to walk. Buddy the white dog seems to find every muddy puddle out there.

After their morning walk, Buddy went right to the tub for a bath. After him was Bayer and Mr. B’s bath happen in the kitchen sick. Being as small as he is it is much easier in the sink.

Once they were somewhat dry I got out the blow dryer to dry them before grooming.

After we were finished with them, I gave Jesse a haircut and then got ourselves and everything cleaned up (we groomed them in the house, still raining outside) it was 2:30 and then sun came out. It warmed up to 69 degrees, it was 55 when we got up this morning.

I warmed the chicken BBQ and beans for us to eat. Then we got dressed to go to Ikea. We found a 3 tier shelf and a duvet cover that we liked.

We stopped at Chick-fil-A to get a sandwich and Jesse got an ice cream cone.

Once home we watched some TV shows we had recorded earlier this week.

With all the rain this is what our area looks like out our front door.

DSC00834 The water level is not usually this high, there is a pier that you can not see because it’s under water.

DSC00837 DSC00836  Have a good day, until tomorrow hugs to all.


Anonymous said...

Jesse and Ginger, I like the new look of your blog. It's been fun watching your adventure unfold.

Donna, FL

Speedy said...

I guess you brought all the rain up there from was you that brought it there??? LOL Had fun reading your adventures can't wait for the next one.

Joe and Sherri