Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, April 24 – Jesse left and girls played

I had to take Jesse to meet his ride at 10am. Once the boys and I dropped him off we were on our way to Sondra’s house.

She was still getting dressed when we arrived and I got the boys inside with all their stuff. I had brought their mats, and I also brought the gate we use to block them in a room, their food and bowls. It seemed like a lot of stuff for dogs.

Once Sondra was ready we had a muffin, then I got the boys all gated in her kitchen and we left.

Our 1st stop was the Kosher bakery. We got a Challah for dinner tonight and and apricot danish for dessert. We were going to Marilyn and Charles for dinner.

Our next stop was for gas then on the the nursing home to visit with Pop. He was just so,so today. He knew us and he ate a few bites of his lunch, but never got out of bed.

Once we left we went back to Sondra’s walked the boys then left to go to Timonium for Sugarloaf. It is an upscale arts and craft show that comes here every year.

The first thing we did was have lunch from one of the vendors. Then on to walking around all the different crafters. I should have taken some pictures, but left the camera at home.

Before I became a fulltime RV’er, I really loved going to these kind of events. Not so much now, but I enjoyed spending the time with Sondra and seeing all the different crafts.

I still managed to purchase a magnetic clasp bracelet from one of the crafters there. Sisters Mercantile

You can go to the site above, the kind I purchased was the double clasp style, they are very pretty.

After we walked until my foot just burned, we left to go back to her house. We stopped at the bank on the way to get money.

Once back at Sondra’s we walked the boys, then just relaxed for awhile.

About 5:00 we loaded the boys in the truck and I drove over to Charles and Marilyn’s house. They have a really nice ranch style home that is quite large in a wooded neighborhood.

We let my boys get reacquainted with their dog Sundae. Bayer for some reason didn’t get along with Sundae and still doesn’t so I put my boys back in the truck.

We sat and visited outside awhile while Charles was grilling chicken.

Here are a few pictures of the Miller family

back-Charles and Marilyn who are wonderful parents.

front-Jennifer and Alyssa who are really cool young ladies.

millers Millers1We had a very nice dinner and I enjoyed being with the family again. I really miss family gatherings.

We sat and lingered after dinner and talked about all kinds of things.

I got home around 9:45 and was very tired. I watched a show I had recorded earlier walked the boys and was off to bed.


Leno said...

Charles is our kind of guy, he's wearing a Red Sox sweatshirt..

Speedy said...

It is so good to see you both having good time. I know it wont be too long and it will be back to work.

Joe and Sherri

Randy and Terry said...

It's so much fun reading your blog - hearing about all "home." Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Sugerloaf!!! My favorite craft show in the world! I would go to Gaithersburg every time they were there when I was single and lived in Alexandria, VA for 22 years. Yes, I miss buying stuff too - but where do you put it? I probably bought too much here in Bend though. Haven't shopped in a loooong time. Lynda

Unknown said...

I was so excited about Sugarloaf I spelled it wrong. :-) Lynda