Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, December 26, - Since last post (Mission, TX)


What have we been up to since the last post?

Well our bikes were in bad shape so I had to make a couple of trips to the bike shop at the DonWes flea market. I needed to replace my front rim that I crunched between the truck and 5th wheel and Ginger’s bike needed some spokes and a rear brake cable. All are in decent working order now.

On Friday the 20th, Ed and Marilyn came over. We had a drink together then went to dinner at Cheddar’s.


Then drove to Hidalgo to see the 3 miles of Christmas lights the town puts on display every December. A very nice display especially for such a small community.Here’s a sample of what we saw:





On Christmas day Ed and Marilyn came over for a shared dinner. Not sure who did what but between Marilyn and Ginger we had quite a feast.








Boys and their gifts


Joyce and Roger were also originally included in our day, but Roger is in the hospital recovering from some extensive surgery. He has a long road ahead of him and we wish him well and ask for your prayers.

In between we managed to get the Boys groomed. Now they look presentable again.

Also I washed and waxed the truck aka the “Red Flyer”.

The weather has been really nice. Warm days in the 70’s or above and cool nights but on Christmas night the rains moved in and it has not stopped raining since.

Mike and Marion return today from their month long visit to their family in the Dallas area and Bob and Janet will be here in 7 or 8 days from their work camping stint at and a short visit to family in Monroe City MO.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone.

New Years Eve day Ed and Marilyn, Mike and Marion, Chuck and Coletta, and Ginger and I will be going to South Padre Island for some seafood, cocktails, and driving on the beach.

And in 2 weeks all 10 of us, known as the Misfits, will be heading to Houston for a 7 day cruise to the Western Caribbean.

December 24, 2013 - Merry Christmas (Mission, TX)


I wish everyone a blessed holiday season.

Merry Christmas !!!!

xmas texas

Christmas hugs3



Merry Christmas

Friday, December 13 - Mexico Today (Mission, TX)


We have had an easy week. Most of the week was cold and cloudy today is the only day we saw the sun.

Last Friday Jesse rented some movies and we stayed in.

Saturday I decided to go to the mall. Oh my goodness it was busy. I had to park really far from the entrance and then inside wall to wall people. I got what I needed and got out.

Jesse rented more movies and we spent the night at home.

Sunday morning we drove to: IMG_0492


They were hot and fresh and delicious! After we drove on to the Don-Wes flee market so Jesse could get a rim for his bike.

Monday we went back to the mall to exchange what I had purchased. Then we went on to Walmart to shop.

All these days have been cold and cloudy so we have not been outside except to walk the boys.

I had taken some pictures of the park earlier:                               Our site


Bob’s site is behind our bedroom slide.


Dog park and some of the rental cottages.


Playas and butterflies

P1000672 P1000680P1000670P1000671

On Wednesday our friend Roger was having some surgery, so we went and got their dogs and kept them most of the day. Hersey is the brown/black dachshund and Lily is the poodle. It was really fun and our boys liked having company.

P1000683 P1000687P1000688

I spent most of the day baking cookies and making nut brittle


Thursday we went to Kohl’s to get Jesse some clothes, stopped at H-E-B for a few things and Chick-fil-a for lunch.

Today we drove to E&M’s then on to Mexico. We had lunch at Arturo’s and walked around. I still find it very depressing over there, but it was nice spending time with our friends.

Once we were back in the US we sat with E&M at their place for a short while then I brought Jesse home to take care of our boys while I went to Joyce and Roger’s to feed their dogs. I spent some time with them outside then back home again.

Thursday, December 5th - Sound of Music (Mission, TX)


Tuesday was a fun day.

We met Roger and Joyce at Cheddars for lunch on Tuesday. Ed and Marilyn were also supposed to join us, but Ed was still not feeling well, so they stayed home.

Roger was waving to us when we walked in as they were already there when we arrived. The waiter took our drink orders and came back with our drinks. He wanted to take our order. We were talking so much that Jesse and I hadn’t looked at the menu. We asked him to give us more time.

He did and then came back and I still wasn’t ready and asked for more time. He said no problem. Then the next thing we knew another waiter came to take our order. I was surprised and hope I didn’t offend our original waiter.

We finally placed our order and everything was good and the company was great.

We asked R&J to come back to our place for a visit. They stopped at their place to pick up the fur kids, Lily and Hersey, and came over.

Our fur kids got along very well. Buddy kept cleaning Hersey ears and Hersey liked it.  Sorry I forgot to take pictures.

We spent a wonderful day with friends.

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment. I have been having some discomfort with one of my teeth. Well there is an infection, so he gave me some penicillin and I have an appointment in 2 weeks to have it removed.

We went to Walmart to fill the meds and to pick up a few things we needed.

At home we just relaxed for the evening and of course we watched Survivor.

Tonight is the BIG TV night for me.



This is one of my most favorite movies and when my children were small we used to dance and sing to it all the time. It was one of my most precious memories!


Monday, December 2 - 5 Years (Mission, TX)


December 1st  we have been full timing for 5 years!     My how time flies.   We are still enjoying this life style.

We are on our 3rd RV and our 3rd truck which may sound excessive for 5 years, but we now have the RV we wanted from the beginning..


We have not been doing much since Thanksgiving. Just trying to get some stuff done on the rig and vehicles. We had Mr. Clean Balde wash and wax the Kram-a-lot on Friday and for only $10 more (rig was $90) he did the car. Both look nice and shiny again. Should have had him do the truck but I didn’t so I will get that done in the next week or so.

Saturday we wanted to get dog food at Petco in Mission. On the way we drove thru Retama Village to see if anyone we knew was out and about. We quickly saw Mark Hall so we stopped to say hello to him and Dortha. They were doing chores so we did not stay long but we will see them again soon.

The strip center with Petco also had some other stores we wanted to take a look at and an H-E-B Plus. Should not have gone to H-E-B because I saw a 40” Samsung LED that would fit in the same space as our 32” LCD and  I just had to have it….and so I do.

It really has good a picture and sound but it would not fit on the TV mount from the 32” so I removed the mount and just set it up on the table stand. I have 3 months to figure out how to secure it.

We have been having AC problems in the little Mazda for a couple of months and it has progressively gotten worse. There was a refrigerant leak somewhere so this morning I took it to a local repair shop. Remy’s Auto & Truck Service and had them take care of the problem which was a leaking line. All fixed now and hopefully no more leaks.

Ginger put out the Christmas decorations today so we are ready for Santa.

Tomorrow we are having lunch at Cheddar’s with the Drays and Steinmillers and then coming back here to discuss Christmas brunch plans.