Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, December 26, - Since last post (Mission, TX)


What have we been up to since the last post?

Well our bikes were in bad shape so I had to make a couple of trips to the bike shop at the DonWes flea market. I needed to replace my front rim that I crunched between the truck and 5th wheel and Ginger’s bike needed some spokes and a rear brake cable. All are in decent working order now.

On Friday the 20th, Ed and Marilyn came over. We had a drink together then went to dinner at Cheddar’s.


Then drove to Hidalgo to see the 3 miles of Christmas lights the town puts on display every December. A very nice display especially for such a small community.Here’s a sample of what we saw:





On Christmas day Ed and Marilyn came over for a shared dinner. Not sure who did what but between Marilyn and Ginger we had quite a feast.








Boys and their gifts


Joyce and Roger were also originally included in our day, but Roger is in the hospital recovering from some extensive surgery. He has a long road ahead of him and we wish him well and ask for your prayers.

In between we managed to get the Boys groomed. Now they look presentable again.

Also I washed and waxed the truck aka the “Red Flyer”.

The weather has been really nice. Warm days in the 70’s or above and cool nights but on Christmas night the rains moved in and it has not stopped raining since.

Mike and Marion return today from their month long visit to their family in the Dallas area and Bob and Janet will be here in 7 or 8 days from their work camping stint at and a short visit to family in Monroe City MO.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone.

New Years Eve day Ed and Marilyn, Mike and Marion, Chuck and Coletta, and Ginger and I will be going to South Padre Island for some seafood, cocktails, and driving on the beach.

And in 2 weeks all 10 of us, known as the Misfits, will be heading to Houston for a 7 day cruise to the Western Caribbean.

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Tom and Marci said...

Sounds like a great winter so far, and some wonderful plans ahead! We're keeping Roger in our prayers!