Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, October 29 – Trip to Town




It was cold and still snowing when we got out of bed this morning. We had our coffee while watching the white stuff come down.

We wished we could just pack up and move to warmer climate, but we have committed to watching the children and looking after the house and animals for Beth and DJ while they are away hunting for a week.

We are splitting the time with Colt, who is going to be with DJ’s Mom for the weekend and Ryan and Kacie are with their father this weekend. Then they will be with us for the week.

Anyway we got dressed and headed into town. We had lunch at Red Lobster from their lunch menu.

We stopped by to talk to the guys I worked with, as Jesse wanted to talk to them about welding a hitch on to the Kram-a-lot to receive a bike rack, but they we not in today.

We just went to Walmart to get prescriptions filled and a few items we needed, before going back to Boone.

By this time DJ was home from having his stitches out and getting their camper packed up for the trip. That is their 5th wheel you see in the picture above. They are going to be in Rifle, CO hunting.

After dinner we went over to visit with them for a short while and get our last minute instructions. I got all the phone numbers and we said goodbye, stay safe and good luck to Beth and DJ. They are leaving early in the morning.

We came home and relaxed for awhile before going to bed.

Tuesday, October 27 – Nothing Special


We stay home most of the morning.

I made a meatloaf for dinner for all of us.

In the afternoon we drove to town to exchange to a king size comforter that will fit the bed better.

We also went to Lowes, so Jesse could get the supplies he needed to add a shelf to our pantry.

Then to the grocery store to pick up produce.

After everyone was home We took the meatloaf, scalloped potatoes and salad over to Beth’s to eat dinner with them.

After dinner left them and went home. We watched Biggest Loser and relaxed until bed time.

Not having exciting days here so not much to write about. The weather is not good, although it was a pleasant afternoon.

Snow is on the way tomorrow. Until then stay safe family and friends, Hugs to all!

Monday, October 26 – Relaxing


Today’s plan was to do nothing. That is what we did today. We relaxed around the rig all day. We computered, watched TV, Jesse took lots of naps.

The only chores we did- make the bed, cook breakfast and clean –up, dumped galley tank, make dinner for family and clean-up and walked the dogs.

So with that not much else to say…Have a wonderful day and hugs to everyone.

Sunday, October 25 – Meet and Eat


Today started as usual with coffee and computering.

After having some cereal for breakfast, Kacie came over to visit.

She told us about the dance and that she was disappointed, as she thought there would be more to the dance. She expected more decorations, mostly it was groups of students standing around talking.

After she left a gave Jesse a hair cut and we took our showers. Then the four of us Beth, Kacie Jesse and I drove into town to get a few groceries we needed for tonight.

We were all going to meet Kim’s family and have spaghetti Sunday with them. This is something they do each Sunday as a family, which I think is special.

Anyway, this was a way for our family’s to meet. Kim has one sister who is married. They have 2 girls and another baby due January 1st. They have a beautiful home and made everyone feel welcome.

Kim’s Mom was also there and her Dad came later after he got off from work.

For appetizer Adam made some stuffed mushrooms and Beth made mozzarella and tomatoes covered in a basil, oil and vinegar sauce. Adam and Kim made the spaghetti sauce with meatballs and sausage. I brought garlic bread, butter and dipping sauce, while Jen (Kim’s sister) made the salad and there were many different kinds of desserts.

It was a very enjoyable evening. Although no definite plans have been made other then the wedding will be held at their home. It was raining and snowing last night so we really didn’t get to see there farm.

After dinner we sat around visiting and watching the children play. They were wrestling, when we heard Colt start to cry. They hurt his arm and for awhile we thought that he made need to go to the ER, but thankfully after a short rest time he was fine.

This was a school night for all the children, so we said thank you, and headed home.

Jesse and I watched TV, then off to dream land.  

Saturday, October 24 – Homecoming and catch up



Started early for me, I left the house at 6:45 to drive into town to have blood drawn for routine blood work. After returning home I had coffee with Jesse and visited with Kacie.

The grandchildren are off school today and Beth and DJ had gone to town because DJ was having some minor surgery to remove a cyst on his head.

Around 11am Ryan, Kacie, Colt, Jesse and I went back into town. I was in touch with Beth and DJ did great with his surgery and everything came back from the lab A-Okay.

Our first stop was for some lunch then on to Best Buy were I purchased a new laptop. It’s a Gateway with windows 7 and a 17.3” screen. It is very nice and I am trying to get use to it. I liked my desktop very much, but it has begun to have many problems, after all it is 6 years old. Now with the new Gateway we both have internet service using the new air card/modem and Cradlepoint router.

Our next stop was for some propane then we dropped the children off to Beth and DJ, who had some errands to do with the children.

We went home to feed the Boys and let them out, then back into town for the third time to watch Gage at his hockey practice. He is a really good skater and Adam thinks he will do super good when he gets old enough to really play. The best thing is Gage really enjoys playing. He is # 12.

IMG_0470 IMG_0476

IMG_0501 After the game Gage was returning with us to spend the night. Adam and Kim were going out for a special six month anniversary evening that Adam had arranged, he is such a romantic, Not sure where it came from certainly not his father.

The three of us went out for pizza and then home. We had ice cream with Beth and family for dessert. It has been a fun filled day!


The Weber family left the house early to drive to Woodland Park for Ryan’s football game. They won 16 to 6 Yahoo!

Adam came to get Gage around 9:30 am, as he had something to do with his Mother. We stayed home and did chores. I cleaned out file cabinets and overhead cabinets. I got rid of things that we have not used and just did some organizing.

I did three loads of laundry which meant Jesse had to dump twice and each dump he needs to make several trips. Jesse also dug out our down comforter out of the basement storage for me.

It was a busy morning and afternoon, but we are very pleased with our progress.

Beth asked us to pick up Ryan from school when he returned on the bus because they were going to do a little shopping in the Springs while in the area. We also helped him get dressed for Homecoming dance. This was is first dance with a date. He really looked sharp!DSC01597 IMG_0513 IMG_0512 After Beth and DJ left to take him I helped Kacie get ready. I curled her hair, while we waited for Mom to return. Mom helped with her makeup and this is the results. She look beautiful!!!!!




We took her to school, she was meeting some friends there. Afterwards we met Adam, Kim and Gage at a pumpkin patch not too far from the school. The 7 of us decided to make our way through the corn maze. It was a 1/2 mile maze that we never got through the whole things but the two kids had a blast walking around with flashlights in the dark corn fields.

IMG_0536 We came out in the pumpkin patch, so the boys picked their pumpkins while DJ pulled them in the wagon.

IMG_0538 It was another day filled with fun and chores and I was exhausted by the time we went to bed.

The weather has been just okay the last two days, but bad weather is suppose to be on it’s way.

Wednesday, October 21 – Cold and Wet

This morning we awoke after it had rained all night to cold, wet and mud.

Remember I had told you that DJ had cleared a place for us to park the day we arrived. Well it was all loose dirt and when you mix wet with it, it makes mud.

You can image what the dogs looked like when they came in from their walk. They were sent to the tub to have their feet cleaned. What a mess!!!

After our coffee we got cleaned up and went to town. Because it was so muddy Jesse had to put the truck in 4 wheel drive to get out of the driveway. By this time there was even some ice mixed with the steady rain fall.

Our 1st stop was to pick up orders from the doctor for me to have some blood work done.

Then on to the Verizon store. It just happened to be the time to allow us to get new phones. We both got new phones and a new USB760 modem.

It really wasn’t a bad deal, because the phones and the modem cost $50 each with a $50 rebate each (FREE). So in the end we only paid for the car charger, a photo memory card and a phone case all for $60.

We also went back to Home Depot to return some stuff we bought on Monday and to get wire nuts.

We were home by lunch time, so we each tried a Ramen Noodle packet. They cost us $.16 each, and Jesse thought it was a great price to pay for lunch. We use to buy these for our children when they were young, they loved them. We found them to be pretty good, I had chicken and he had beef and soup was a good thing to have on this wet and cold day.

After lunch Jesse started to install the new modem. Having problems he called the Verizon help line and after about a 40 minute time frame, got connected. YEA!

Then he started to try to connect with the laptop via the Cradlepoint router. He couldn’t do it so he called the 3-G store. Another 40 minutes on the phone, but I am still not connected.

We can’t get the Belkin our network adapter to work. We have tried to uninstall it, but it will not do it.

So the outcome is until I buy my new laptop, we have to share. SHARING a computer is not some we do well.

Hopefully it will stop raining/snowing and dry up, because this mud the boys keep bringing in with them after their walks is really getting frustrating to me!

It is supposed to get down to 22 degrees tonight so Jesse filled our tank with water and unhooked the hose and filter just in case they are correct which meant he had to go out in all the mud.

Beth rented the movie Transformers II, so we watched that. When we got done watching and went to regular TV programming we had no signal. Jesse had to go outside and sweep the SNOW off the dish so we could watch TV.

Hugs to everyone.

Tuesday, October 20 - Frustration

Tuesday we stayed home and worked most of the day.

Other RV’ers write that this is a relaxed way of life, and it is for the most part, but there are days when the frustration is very high, just like non RV’ers.

Well today was one of those days for Jesse. He started by replacing the new pulls throughout the RV, that went well until he opened one of the cabinets and things fell on him. He put it back and other things fell on him and the frustration started.

I gave him a hug and told him to take a deep breath.

Then he removed one of the wall sconces from the bedroom so I could paint it.

We set up an area right outside and I spray painted the scone. We then decided to paint the screws and nut that shows. Well the nut fell to the ground, which is soft loose dirt, and he started to look for it.

He got a magnet and tried to locate it, nothing, then he got his metal detector and still, nothing. More frustration.

He removed the light fixture above the dinette table and that was even more frustration. When he went to put it back after painting, while doing so the fan in the living area stopped. Frustration *&%$ He thought a breaker popped. Not the case, he checked for fuses, there was one burned out but not the one connected to the light fixture. Frustration.

He had no reserve fuses, because he never took my advise in purchasing some along with light bulbs to have just in case.

When putting the fixtures back he didn’t have new wire nuts to use, (the ones that were there could only be used once).

What am I doing all this time, you ask - other then giving him a hand when needed and cleaning all the lights in the RV I was keeping my mouth shut and staying away from him.

Still with the light fixture not working, he was getting very frustrated with all the things he was doing he decided we needed a break.

We went to our computers for break time. When I went to mine I could not get connected.

To back up some, earlier when things were falling on Jesse, one the things in that cabinet was the antenna for the Cradlepoint router we have. I have been having problems staying connected so he decide to hook that up hopping it might help.

He came over to see if he could help me get connected, and realized when he plugged the antenna into the air card/modem he didn’t use the adapter and he broke the internal antenna in the modem. FRUSTRATION!!!!!

He messed around with it trying to repair it, but couldn’t. He said we needed to go buy a new air card.

It was late in the day and I convinced him we could do without the internet for tonight and go into town tomorrow and he agreed.

He was very quiet for the rest of the evening and when we went to bed, I could tell he was glad this day was over. I hope tomorrows is better.

Of course I am writing this, but will have to wait to post it until we get internet back.

Monday, October 19 – Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping


We were up and having coffee and reading blogs this morning. Our plan for the day was to get some shopping done.

I think I had mentioned that we wanted to update the RV some. One of the things we are doing is to get rid of the antique brass fixtures and replace with brushed nickel.

Did you ever count the number of handle pulls you have in your RV? We did and there are 58 handles and 2 pulls. We also need to replace the faucet in the bathroom and the towel fixtures. We are going to try and paint the lights rather then replacing them. (We will let you know how that works).

Our 1st stop was K-Mart, then Bed Bath and Beyond, and Petco.

Then we stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch. On to Home Depot and finally Walmart. We spent way too much money but we are happy with our purchases.

When we came home the sun was just setting and I took this:

IMG_0461Once we got everything put away we were tired.

I walked over to see what was going on in the Weber house, I shared a glass of wine with her, while she was making dinner for her family. I left them to their evening and went back home.

I heated some leftover for dinner and we just relaxed for the night.

Sunday, October 18 – A Day at home


We stayed home all day today just getting some chores done and hanging out with the family.

We were supposed to go to the movies with Adam and Kim, but begged off, we just didn’t feel like going out.

Jesse washed the windows, while I cleaned out our closet. I gave Beth about 10 pairs of shoes I don’t wear. We have been going through our things finding items we have not use and getting rid of them.

I cleaned the bedroom and vacuumed. Jesse vacuumed the rest of the house while I got dressed.

The guys were playing with 4 wheelers outside having a fine time.

I made some potato salad, baked beans, and a cucumber salad, while Beth made some peppers and onions for the brats DJ grilled for dinner.  She also made some pepper poppers .. they were made with chili peppers, cream cheese and bacon.

For dessert we had ice cream cones. It was a good meal and we enjoyed the company.

Afterwards Jesse and I came home to watch our shows before going off to dream land.

Saturday, October 17 – Football & Cards


As I mentioned yesterday we were going to see Ryan play football. I know almost nothing about football and because of that I didn’t follow the game. I mostly sat there bored and hot.

The seats sit so that you face the sun, and there is no shade where they were sitting. I moved down some and found a tree to give me a little shade.

I was happy that they won the game 30 to 14. This was the first game that Ryan was able to play this year because he had a bone broken in his foot. He played special teams, he is number 70 in the yellow.

DSC01579 DSC01585 DSC01588 After the game Jesse and I went to subway for some lunch then on the a local furniture store still in search of a round drop leaf table. We saw one, but not good quality so we passed.

From there we went to Home Depot to get some screws Jesse needed for the deck, and to just look around.

Back at the Kram-a-lot we just relaxed. I was trying to figure out what we were doing for dinner. I took some shrimp and salmon out of the freezer and I served vegetables with them.

Adam called and invited us to come over to play cards. We had a good time having a few drinks and beating them at hearts. We played 4 games – Jesse won two and I won two. This was Kim’s 1st time playing and she did very well.

This post is late because we got home late last night and then watched part of a movie, so I got up late this morning. Better late then never “they” say.

Friday, October 16 – A Girls Day

This will be a short journal, its Saturday morning and I need to go get ready for Ryan's football game.

Anyway we had our girls day out – Beth, Kacie and myself. We made a stop at the mall. From there we went to Chili’s for lunch then on to Kohl’s and Famous footwear.

Both Kacie and Ryan are going to the homecoming dance next week and Beth needed to get them outfits to wear.

Our last shopping stop was Walmart, before stopping at the meat market to pick up something for DJ, then to pick up Colt from the sitters.

The day sure did go fast so we may need to plan another.

Jesse and Ryan had most of the day to themselves. They had the truck washed and filled with fuel. They went to Best Buy and Chipotle for lunch and to DQ for dessert.

After I got home Jesse and I had some leftovers for dinner and just relaxed for the evening.

Thursday, October 15 – A day with Colt and Kacie


Today we were up at 6:30 and it was 42 degrees outside.

I made coffee and the bed while Jesse walked the boys. Just about 7:30 Beth brought Colt over. He was all wrapped in a blanket and we put him in one of the loungers.

He didn’t stay asleep so I put cartoons on the TV while he laid there and watched. I went to get my shower and he was very content just relaxing.

Grampy made Colt and himself a bowl of rice crispies and bananas for breakfast.

Kacie had spent the night with a friend, but came home early because she wanted to spend the day with us. Ryan went to a friends house for the day.

We left the house and headed for the Library in downtown Pueblo, it is a very nice 4 story building.

On the way we encountered this accident that just happened, there didn’t appear to be anyone hurt.

IMG_0451 In front of the Library

IMG_0452 Kacie is reading to Colt

IMG_0453 Colt wanted a dinosaur book, but was fascinated with a pop-up book on ships.

IMG_0454 Once we had our books it was time for lunch and Colt wanted to go to “Mac at Donald”. We tried to have him say it correctly, but it didn’t work.

By the afternoon it was 76 degrees and sunny, now this is more like it.

From there we went back to the Kram-a-lot and just relaxed. Colt is a terror when around his parents, but was very good for us today. Even in the Library, we explained that we needed to whisper and use our quiet voices and he did so good.

Look at this face - sooo cute


Jesse and I had leftover chicken noodle soup for dinner and watch TV for the evening.

Wednesday, October 14 – A day of chores


With an empty tank I started laundry. Just in case you don’t remember our washer empties into the black tank. I can do two loads then it has to be emptied.

Just around 10:15 Kacie came over to spend some time with us. She said Ryan was up having a bagel, but we didn’t see him. I was making French toast, so she had a piece with us.

Afterwards we just hung out for a while. The boys with Kacie and there new do’s.

IMG_0439 IMG_0443 IMG_0442We are parked to the side of their house which is all dirt. It is loose dirt because DJ just cleaned it and leveled it off for us to park here. The dirt was really getting on my nerves. You couldn’t keep it out of the house. So we decided that we should build a deck.

At noon Jesse and Ryan went to Lowes. They took back the heater we purchased the other day and purchased wood so that Jesse could build the deck. By 3:00pm Jesse only had a few deck boards left to finish, but Ryan needed to be taken to school for football practice, so I drove him there.

When I got back the deck was all built.

IMG_0449 Then it was time for Jesse to dump the tanks again. This time I wanted to see how it is done. 1st step is to put on the rubber gloves just be be sure he doesn’t touch anything.

IMG_0445 Then he hooks it to the exit value. IMG_0446 Then he hooks the toter to the 4 wheeler and pulls it to the sewer tank to dump.

IMG_0447 I will see that part another day, I had to get indoors so I could take out the apple dump cake I had made for dessert to use up the apples before they went bad. It got very warm today the high was 75 degrees. Having the oven on made it very warm indoors.

I made chicken quesadilla for dinner and Jesse and I ate by ourselves at home.

I invited the the kids to come over for dessert.

Jesse and I just relaxed the rest of the evening. Tomorrow we are keeping Colt. If we survive the day I will let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, October 13 – Busy days


Monday was our day to take the boys to their groomers Kristie. They needed it so badly. We had them there at the scheduled time of 9am.

Then we went around the corner and stopped by One Ton Sheet Metal where I use to work. We sat with the guys for about 1 hour getting caught up on everything.

Then it was on to our house. We expected to see a big difference in the landscaping, because the man that bought it was a landscaper, but the only difference was a few bushes that he had planted.

Then we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, then Lowes. Jesse wanted to see what kind of heaters they had and check on the PVC pipe. He is talking about making a pipe to hook up to DJ’s sewer. While in Lowes Kristie called to say the boys were ready.

The heater that we purchased is powered by propane. With only having 30 amp service electric heaters are not working too good for us.

Then it was on to our favorite Walmart. We didn’t spend too much time there because all this time out and about I was not feeling very good. I had an upset stomach and just had no energy. I didn’t even eat my breakfast.

After returning home I just rested. Jesse went back into town to take Adam to physical therapy. Kim was out of town for work.

We had left over spaghetti amore and salad at the house for dinner, or should I say they did. Afterwards we came back to the Kram-a-lot and just relaxed some more.

Today we were suppose to pick Adam up at 10am. He wanted his Dad to help him pick up some carpet. Then we went to  Applebee’s for some lunch. We enjoyed our quiet time with him and be bought lunch. Thanks Adam!

We took him back to his house and Jesse and I went to Camping World in the Springs.

Now he has decided he is just going to get a poop toter aka blue boy, we also wanted to get some vent insulated covers to help keep the heat in.

We made our purchases and then back home to the boys.

I started a pot of chicken noodle soup made with the homemade noodles we purchased while in the Amish country of Indiana. I also made an apple crisp for dessert.

Jesse used the toter and emptied our tanks, now I can do laundry. Hip hip hurray!!

I made enough soup to share with everyone, so again we had dinner together.

We came home after and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Ryan and Kacie have off school for the next 3 days, so we are planning some outings.

Sunday, October 11 – A day at home


We were up by 7am and it was 24 degrees. We didn’t see any movement at the house until after 9am.

DJ was out feeding the cows and horses. About 10am we heard DJ working on the floor, so Jesse went over to help him finish.

Beth requested me to make a pot of potato soup, so I stayed in this morning and got it started.

I went over about noon and the guys were just finishing up the floor. No trim yet but the floor looks good.

We had some lunch then came back to the Kram-a-lot. Beth and DJ were hosting a hunting meeting at their house and we didn’t want to be there.

Shortly after the meeting was over, we drove into town with Beth to pick-up Ryan and Kacie. They really looked good, and it was nice to talk with them again.

After we got home I took the soup over to the house and we had dinner together. We only lingered a short while before going home for the evening.

Hugs to everyone!

Saturday, October 10 – COLD – COLD !!!


We left Garden City about 9:15 in the morning. Jesse didn’t unhook the truck so our departure was easy. We decided to stop at a truck stop just up the road for breakfast. We didn’t buy fuel here, you can see how high it was.


We got back on the road at 10:30am and traveled US 50 west 207 miles into Boone, Colorado and arrived at 1:30pm Mountain time.

We found DJ and Colt out in the field cutting and bailing hay.

IMG_0417 IMG_0420 They stopped to say hello and get some hugs. It was so good to see them.

They have added on to their house and it is not quite finished. They were showing us the progress. This will be their new living room.

IMG_0422 Then we went outside to decide where we were going to park the Kram-a-lot. DJ had cleared space on the side of the house and had a 30 amp plug put in.

IMG_0425 After we got plugged in and I got somewhat set up, Beth came over to visit. I had missed spending time with her so I let all the set up wait.

We decided to go into Fowler to get some dinner. The food was good the service was mediocre at best.

Adam and Kim were going to come over, but it didn’t work out as planned, so we have to wait until tomorrow to see them.


We got up to 26 degrees and freezing rain. It was very cold and when Jesse came back with the boys from their morning walk they were all covered with ice. You could see it on Bayer’s fur.

We had coffee and then went to the house to have breakfast of bacon and French toast. Ryan and Kacie are at their Father’s this weekend, so we have to wait until Sunday to see them.

We had decided to eat in today, so Beth and I when to the store for supplies while Jesse and DJ layed the floor in their living room.

IMG_0428 It is really beginning to come together. They are going to have such a nice space when they are finished.

I made Spaghetti Amore, while Beth put together a salad. Once Adam, Kim, and Gage got there it was hugs all around again. They also had Kim’s two nieces with them.

Gage, Regan and Erin

IMG_0427 Colt fell asleep in the chair

IMG_0432 We got to meet Kim and spend some time to get to know her. They plan to get married May 22, 2010.

IMG_0426 Adam is doing well with his recuperation, he still has about 10 more days of wearing the collar before being weaned off it.

We ate and had a fun filled night of visiting.

Grampy was getting into trouble with Gage and Regan - he is just a big kid at heart.

IMG_0434 Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Thursday, October 8 – Travel Day

We left Lyndon, KS at 8:45am this morning. We traveled 364 miles and stopped at RJ’s RV Park in Garden City, KS at 4pm.

Yesterday was beautiful and sunny and today was wet and cold. It rained most of the day and the temperature dropped all day long. When we left it was about 54 degrees and raining when we arrived it was 39 degrees and raining.

Other then the weather it was a uneventful trip with a few minor exception. Our GPS “Miss Moneypenny” miss led us twice, once early in the day which caused very little problem. The second was when we were to stop for the night. She took us past our stop about 10 miles and we had to find a place to turn around and back track.

The other was my husband. We stopped at McDonalds for breakfast, I went in the trailer to go to the bathroom and he went in to get our food. I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit without cheese. He came back with an English muffin, Canadian bacon and egg, without cheese. I asked him “what is this” all he could do was laugh…I told him this proves he doesn’t listen to me. We had a good laugh and I ate it.

I had some chicken corn soup in the freezer that I took out for dinner. It was perfect for this cold rainy night.

We will watched TV (Survivor) until bed time.

We will arrive in Boone, CO tomorrow, after driving about 200 miles.

October 7 – Elizabeth’s Day


Today is our

daughter’s birthday.

Have a GREAT Day!

We love you!!

DSC01804She is such a beautiful person and we are very proud of her.

After calling and singing Happy Birthday to her and wishing her a good day, we continued to pack up to leave.

We said our goodbye’s to Ed and Marilyn and Colby and left Mark Twain Campground at 9:20.

We traveled 290 miles today and are now in Lyndon, Kansas. The trip was uneventful, beautiful and sunny. We got setup just in time before it started to rain.

I had taken some tuna casserole out of the freezer that I had made previously for dinner before we left this morning. 

I received an email from Tonya at Lake George with sad news. Bobby one of my co-workers was just told that she has bone cancer.  They will start today with radiation treatments.  I ask all our faithful readers to say a prayer for Bobby and Roy Comer.

Tuesday, October 6 – Relaxing Day


We were awaken about 2am with thunder and rain. We both were able to go right back to sleep with the sound of rain pitter pattering on the roof.

We got up and started our day with coffee and walking the boys. Of course they came back all wet and Buddy was just dirty.

I gave him a bath, then I too got a shower and dressed for the day.

Around 11am I went next door to see what the Dray’s were doing. Colby was there and he got all shy and got into Mimi lap. He fell asleep and Marilyn laid him on the bed for his nap.

Ed was masking a pot of goulash on the stove that smelled mighty good.

Jesse came by to see if Ed was ready to go to the Cameron Cave. That is the cave that you need lanterns because there is no electricity in the cave. It is closed to the public now until spring, because the bats are hibernating.

The purpose of the tour was to see if the bats had white nose disease. The disease causes the bats to keep waking up during their hibernation, which cause them to use  too much energy and they don’t survive the hibernation period. They had to get up close and personal with the bats and look at them with a flashlight through a magnifying glass. There is no cure for this disease, so I really don’t understand the point! They found no evidence of the disease.

I stayed with Marilyn and Colby while the guys did their investigating. We sat and visited and talked about all kinds of subjects.

After the guys returned we went home to just sit and relax. Ed sent home a container of goulash for Jesse, It had ground beef and sausage in it so I declined. Jesse went to get the truck all fueled up for our departure tomorrow.

When he got back we heard Ed and Colby outside, so I went over to see what was up. The weather had been cloudy and cool, but the sun had come out. Jesse walked the boys and when he got back Ed had him a cocktail waiting. The three of us had already started without him.

We sat for a short while talking and watching Colby play. He is such a good boy and just so darn cute.

I had the left over taco soup for dinner while Jesse ate the goulash - he said it was delicious. Ed also sent us dessert - cake, strawberries and whipped topping……Yum!

We are so very glad we came to Hannibal. We had a wonderful time spending time with friends. The highlight was being able to meet Jennifer and Colby, sorry we weren’t able to meet Steve, maybe next time.

We are heading to our family and are very anxious to see everyone. We are also thinking about our RV Dream friends in Kerrville and hopping everyone traveled safely there and having a GREAT time.

Monday, October 5 – Fun with Colby


Ed came knocking on the door this morning. He was going to  Walmart and wanted to know if we needed anything. I told him Jesse and I were going to go ourselves.

When we got back we got to meet Colby. He was with us all day and he is such a joy.

IMG_0386  Jesse was having a great time playing with Colby

IMG_0396Pat and Dan were coming over and we were having a cookout.

IMG_0385 The guys were playing ladder golf

IMG_0381 IMG_0399 IMG_0398

Jennifer arrived from her meeting and joined in on the fun.

IMG_0400 Ed grilled chicken on the grill and put his bar-b-que sauce on it. It was excellent. I made baked beans and caramel apple salad. Pat made a rice dish that was yummy.

Afterwards Ed took Jesse, Dan and I into Mark Twain Cave for a tour, Pat didn’t want to go. He did a great job and we enjoyed it very much.

DSC01557 Colby was having a good time play in the K-9 corral.

DSC01556 I enjoy days like these so much. Just hanging out being relaxed with good friends, having food and fun. I am looking forward to many more days like this in the future.

Ed and Marilyn will have Colby for the day tomorrow, so I look forward to our last day with them. We plan to leave on Wednesday.

Sunday, October 4 – Tour Hannibal


We awoke early being we are back in the central time zone.  Jesse took the boys out for their 1st walk of the day.  It was a bit frosty but at least the sky was clear.  Upon returning Jesse made a pot of coffee and fed the boys.  Ginger than got up and they both took their respective positions on the computers. 

Around 9:30 Jesse got busy working on the satellite.  That took quite awhile as he only had a small window through the trees.  Just as he was about to give up Ginger got a reading on the TV.  With a little bit of tweaking the satellite was in business.  Now on to the other big chore. 

When they set up Saturday evening the electric cable would not reach to the pedestal so Jesse connected it to Ed’s pedestal but that only gave us 30 amp.  That and the fact the rear of the trailer was quite close to the roadway and Jesse felt uncomfortable being that close, so he decided to move forward about 6 feet.  He went about undoing everything, hooked up, moved it forward, leveled, and reconnected the utilities all with 50 amp service.  All was good in the world again. Here we are next to Ed.

IMG_0358Pat and Dan Sullivan, good friends we made in the Valley, were in the area staying at Ray Behrens COE Campground which is only a short distance from here.  Plans were made for them to come to the Mark Twain Campground and Ed was going to give everyone the grand tour of Hannibal.

Dan and Pat arrived at 12:30 and after hugs and a bit of chatter everyone pile into Ed’s mini-van for the tour.  We started in the historical part of downtown where we saw Mark Twain’s boyhood home, his fathers law office, Becky Thatcher’s home, and Huck Finns home.  At least these were the homes of the people Samuel Clemmons based his characters on.  


DSC01518 DSC01517 DSC01520We walked around the downtown area and then over to the water front.  There was even a light house on a hill. 

DSC01538 DSC01522Ed informed us the light house was not for navigational purposes but to commemorate Samuel Clemmons 100th birthday in 1935.  Ed was very knowledgeable and we could not have had a better guide….and the price was right.

DSC01519After the historical tour Ed took us to a park overlooking the Mississippi.

DSC01527 DSC01533 DSC01535Monroe City where their former home is located on the golf course, then to the Garth Mansion and B & B.

DSC01547To Lovers Leap also overlooking the mighty river, to the hospital where Jennifer, their daughter nurses at, and a few other sites around town.

Plans were made to go to El Vaquero a Mexican Restaurant for dinner with Steve and Cathy, former neighbors of E & M, and visitors to the Valley last winter.  When we  arrived we were taken to a table for 8.  The girls sat on one end so they could chat and the boys on the other so they could solve the worlds problems. 

Cathy and Steve arrived a few minutes later.  We all enjoyed our Marguerites, beers, soft drinks, and excellent food.

Afterwards we said our see ya’s to Steve and Cathy and returned to the campground.  Pat and Dan then left for their campground and the Drays’ and Hamans’ to their respective homes. It was just in the nik of time to watch the Amazing Race.

Plans are in the works for more adventures for tomorrow.

WE are having soooooo much fun!!