Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Back in the blog again

Where have we been for 22 months?

  Mostly this is a test.  We have not been able to update the blog for almost 2 years. Not sure what happened but we just could not get in.  On a whim today I tried again and holy cow it worked.  Didn’t do anything we hadn’t tried before but this time it worked.

We have been work camping at Mountaindale  again.  This is our 7th season here.  Mostly everything is the same.  Some different people working with us but for the most part everything is the same.

We spent the past winter in Florida.  3 months in Bonita Springs at Imperial Bonita Estates,, and then 2 months in Leesburg at where we purchased a mobile home.

So ends our 100 months of full timing.  Now we are just plain old snow birds.  Since we are not full timing any long we have decided to sell our Mobile Suites and our 08 Chevy Silverado and down size to a class A class  orC motor home. So if anyone is looking for a really nice full time rig here’s a link to our add on RVTrader and the truck is also available as a combo with the trailer or alone after the trailer sells.

Well we will see how the blog goes and if we can continue to update then we will. 

Until then???????????