Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, April 29 - Jesse Worked, I Kept Busy (CS, CO)


I was suppose to work today, so I got up and got my shower and was getting dressed when Jackie came to the door to inform me that we were not working today because David (the owner) needed the computer.

Jesse and Tony were suppose to paint sheds today. When they reported for work it was too windy to paint so they were given the job of clearing the brush and trimming low branches around the trees in the area around the Seclusion Cabin.

It was hard backbreaking work, but they worked as a team and didn’t seem to mind.. Jesse was soar when he got home.

Jesse put our Kayak on Craig’s list to sell and we expected someone to come and look at it today. We also expected the new toilet to arrive. Since he used his phone number for the contact on both of these he left his phone with me.

We get very little phone service here, but seem to get a little reception in back left hand corner of the RV, so he didn’t want to carry it with him and left it with me. The problem was I didn’t know where he was working. When the man for the boat called and said he would be here in 10 minutes, I jumped in the truck to try and find him.

The first person I found to my surprise was Debbie Goode, she was wondering the campground looking for us. She hopped in the truck with me, we found Jesse and he came home to show the guy the boat, while Debbie and I went inside to visit. BTW he sold it for $150.

Debbie didn’t stay long. After she left I did some chores around the house and made lunch. I sat and had lunch with Jesse on his break and he went back to work.

Debbie and Bill were leaving in the morning, so they came by to visit, just as I was cleaning up the kitchen from making dinner.

Adam and Kim were coming over for dinner and to pick up the sofa. I made Shepherd's pie with ground turkey, onions, carrots, peas, cheese and of course mashed potatoes. I wasn’t sure how much they would like this dish because they both are red meat eaters…mostly elk and venison, but they both liked it and had seconds. I made a cucumber and tomato salad to go with it.

It was really fun to have them both over for the evening, it was our 1st time having our daughter in law for dinner. Adam is blessed to have such a beautiful young lady to share his life. Jesse and I feel blessed to have her as part of our family.

Well the new toilet never came today and 1/2 of the split broken ball came completely loose. Jesse was concerned that it might go into the tank, so he took the toilet off and removed the broken 1/2, this is what it looks like now.


At least we can use it until the new one comes in, hopefully on Monday.

Thursday, April 28 - Back to Work (Colorado Springs, CO)


Yesterday was Ryan, our grandson’s, 17th birthday. We were to meet the family at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.

Since we had to go into Pueblo we left a little early and went to Kohl’s. We each purchased a few items then went on to dinner.

He said he didn’t want a cake so Beth got some mini cupcakes and put a candle in it and we sang to him anyway. 



We enjoyed spending time with the family and it was really nice to be there for Ryan’s day!


Today was my 1st day of work. I was to meet Mary Nell at the office at 9am. I was there a few minutes early so I sat outside in the sun on the bench in front of the office, it was very peaceful.

I spent time watching her enter reservation in the computer. We went over many of the rules and I think I have a good handle on the procedures. I spent 5 hours working today and will go in again tomorrow.

I noticed that the flush ball in the toilet had a crack in it this morning. Jesse looked on line at the Dometic web site to see about getting the part replaced. He couldn’t find a replacement part so he called them.

He was informed that we would need to replace the whole toilet, and that they had one in the Denver warehouse and they would ship it out today and we would have it tomorrow. Cool! Of course no charge, we are still under warranty, but Jesse will have to install it.

Jesse also unpacked his work clothes and took them to the laundry here at the campground to freshen them up. He also started to work on changing the water filter.

After I got home I was very hungry so I made a sandwich and relaxed for a short while before feeding the boys. Jesse walked them and we were out the door.

Kacie had a soccer game in Canon City and we were going to watch her.

IMG_4722Kacie 1IMG_4723IMG_4726

They played very well and won the game 1-0! YEA!!

After the game was over we stopped at Walmart for a few items. We unpacked our purchases and I warmed the leftover chili for dinner.

I am really tired now so I am just going to sit and watch TV and relax.

Tuesday, April 26 - Snow, Easter, Hanging Out and Meeting Friends (CS, CO)




We just hung-out at home all day. It snowed, but was not sticking. I sure was pretty watching it come down.





We woke up to this


We were to meet David at the office at 10am for some orientation.

I took some pictures on our walk to the office


He was late getting there so we visited with Mary Nell and other employee’s.

I took these pictures of the rec room and game room.


We talked about the campground and Mary Nell took me on a tour of the campground, touring 4 of the 7 cabins. Their cabins are really very nice, much nicer then the ones at Lake George Escape.

Jesse took his campground tour with Charlie.

We expected this to take about an hour, but 3 hours later we were home and very hungry. I made us something to eat, left over chicken, gefilte fish (I made yesterday) carrots and onions and peas. It was a strange mix of food especially for Easter, but very good.

We left to drive to Walmart for a few items I needed and then on to Beth and DJ’s home. They were busy with friends all day but we were invited to join them for dessert.

Beth made several selections for our sweet tooth, but most of us had warm apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream..Yum!

Kim joined us but Adam was not feeling well so he stayed home. It was a very nice evening.



I made a pot of chicken chili to share with Jackie and Tony went they arrive tomorrow. I did more laundry and still, not caught up yet.  We mostly just took it easy today and got caught up on some of the shows we DVR’ed.

We had turkey burgers for dinner and relaxed for the evening.



Jesse made a trip to Canyon City to get one of our propane tanks filled, he also took our neighbor Alan’s to fill. He went to Home Depot to get the parts he needed to install our outside water filer inside the convenience center.

I made some bread pudding (Jesse and Tony’s favorite) and tidyed-up our little home on wheels. When Jesse got home he helped me get the table positioned for our guests and then I set the table.

We expected the Albasini’s, Jackie, Tony and Miss Gucci to arrive at noon and they were right on time. getting set up on their site behind us.


Jesse and I walked over to greet them with hugs all around. This was our first time meeting them face to face although we have communicated for quite some time now.

We left them to continue to set-up and invited them to come over when ever they were ready.

I made some corn bread to go with our dinner and plated some fresh strawberries and grapes also for dessert.


We enjoyed our visit with them so much and the boys loved that they came to visit them.. We are looking forward to many more gatherings with them this summer.


Friday, April 22 - Weeks Worth of Travel, Arrival, Birthday and Appointments (Colorado Springs, CO)


Saturday 16th

We decided to go into Williams, AZ and have late lunch and walk around, the town is part of the famous Route 66.


Our lunch spot (recommended by Marv) was Red Raven. Our food was very good.  Jesse had fish taco’s and I had chicken and red pepper on a  ciabatta roll with fries that we shared. The inside was very clean and the d├ęcor seemed Napa like.


We walked around the town and purchased some items for the grandchildren, before going home to relax.


Sunday 17th

Was a travel day. We traveled on I-40 East for 277 miles and stopped at Bar S Campground in Grants, New Mexico for the night.

We got a nice level pull-thru for Escapee’s price of $14 + tax. We didn’t unhook the truck for a quick and easy departure tomorrow.

Monday 18th

We were on the road again traveling I-40 East to I-25 North for 316 miles to Cedar Rail RV Park at the top of Raton pass in New Mexico.

We got a back-in site over looking the Sangres de Cristo Mountains, great views, but a little pricey at Escapee’s price of $28.00.

We decided to go into town and had dinner at Pizza Hut. We each got a medium so we had leftovers.

Tuesday 19th

We continued our travel North on I-25 then West on US 50 through Pueblo, turning North on CO 115 to Barrett Rd to Mountaindale Cabins and RV Resort, our home for the next 5 months. We traveled only 144 miles today and arrived right at noon.

Mary Nell, the office manager, and Charlie, the maintenance manager, was there to greet us. David our boss and owner was at home in Denver with his family celebrating the Passover Holiday.

We visited with them for about an 1/2 hour then proceeded to our site to set up. We didn’t set-up for long term stay because we had to break down again on Thursday.

Today was our son Adam’s birthday and we were going to his house to celebrate.

Adam, Beth and Colt


Kim’s Mom, Dad, Granny, and sister and family were there and Beth and her family. Kim had made spaghetti with elk meat balls, garlic bread and salad for dinner. She also made a corn dip that was really delicious as was everything else. For dessert we had cake, ice cream and chocolate covered strawberries.

Kim and Adam


A good time was had by all.

  Granny and Sherry (Kim’s Mom)          Regan (Kim’s niece)                        The group                               (SIL) DJ and Jesse


Especially the newest member Ali who is just too cute


Wednesday 20th


We hung out at home. I made us some corned beef hash, eggs, toast and juice for breakfast. I did some laundry and in the afternoon I had a dentist appointment in Pueblo. It’s about 38 miles from here. They redid the impressions for my partial and I have an appointment in three weeks for the extractions and fitting. You may remember that I had this done in November when we were here, but they made the partial wrong so I had to delay until we returned.

I was in the office for 2 hours. Jesse went for fuel and to rent movies at Red Box and sat very patiently waiting for me. We were hungry when we returned home and I made us soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Thursday 21th


We had an appointment for 8:30 at Camping World in CS (Colorado Springs) which is about 31 miles from here. We had a list of  eleven warranty items that needed done, all were minor and most cosmetic.

We left the Kram-a-lot there and went to Crackle Barrel for breakfast. From there we went to Lazy Boy furniture store to look for recliners. We were very happy to find they still had the chairs we saw and liked in November when we were there, so we bought them.

We went to American Furniture from there to see what they had for end tables. We didn’t see anything we liked.

We took the boys to a park to walk around off lease and do their business from there we went to Walmart for some non perishables. It was very warm so Jesse stayed in the truck with the boys while I did a quick run to get the items we needed.

We didn’t have anymore errands to run so we went back to Camping World. The five of us sat in the lounge awaiting for the RV. We waited about 2 hours for it to be ready which was okay because they got everything done. YEA!!!

We signed all the paperwork and headed back home. It was about 6:30 when we left and home at 7:30 and we were exhausted. We did got the RV set-up and then just sat.

We had a cocktail and I warmed us the left over pizza from the other night.

Friday 22nd


We got the RV all set-up and moved the sofa outside under the bedroom to make room for the new chairs that were being delivered today. Jesse did the outside, he got our rug placed and put up our flags, It really looks nice.

Our chairs were delivered and they look and feel just right. (I will get picture soon).

We had a little lunch and then we needed to got cleaned up to take the boys to the vet for their appointment in Pueblo. They did great and are all up to date with their vaccinations.

We needed some groceries so we stopped at Walmart in Canyon City. It again was too warm to leave the boys, so Jesse sat with them again while I shopped.

We returned home, I put the groceries away and made us a chef salad for dinner along with the French bread I purchased.

We just relaxed for the rest of the night watching TV and computering.


Now that I am caught up I may try to post more often… Sorry for the delay!

Friday, April 15 - The GRAND CANYON (William, AZ)



We hung out at home. Jesse got thing ready for travel by doing some blue jobs. Airing tires, check lug nuts, lubed the hitch and cleaned the black tank.

I was doing laundry and went to the store to pick up a few items.

We were invited to Greg and Lynette’s for happy hour. JB and Brenda Brown were arriving for one night on their way home to Canada. We were suppose to bring heavy appetizers. I made deviled eggs -- salmon cakes with mustard and fresh cucumbers.




It was nice spending time with these good folks and getting caught up with there lives and of course the food was filling and very tasty.


We met Crystal and Camren for lunch, enjoyed our time with them, said our good-byes. We went to visit Judy and said our good-byes and were going to say good-bye to the McHenry’s but they were not home.

Jesse packed up the outside and I put all my shachkeys away on the inside and put Velcro on the double cabinets. We watched Survivor and our other shows and went to bed.


We left Las Vegas around 9am and traveled south to Kingman then east to Williams. We traveled 212 miles and it was uneventful which we like.

We got set-up and just relaxed for the rest of the day.


We scheduled a tour of the GRAND CANYON with Marvelous Marv’s Tours. It was a little pricey at $85 per person but it was an all day tour. He picks you up and your hotel/RV Park and delivers you back there when the tour ends. He was very informative and well worth the price.

The Canyon!   What can you say about a really big whole..AWESOME!! BEAUTIFUL!!! MAGNIFICENT!!!! AMAZING!!!!!

We looked at the Canyon from many different vantage points and each one was more breathtaking then the other. Jesse and I took sooooo many pictures, non do justice, but here are a few.







It was so much fun and one of the best days in my life!