Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, March 13 - Food and Fun (Las Vegas, NV)


Saturday we hung out most of the day at the campground. We were suppose to met Judy, Jesse sister, but she called and canceled. Then the 4 of us decided to go to a movie at 5pm and saw “A Good Day to Die Hard” with Bruce Willis. It was only an okay movie, I liked most of the other Die Hard movies better.

After, we decided to have a late dinner so we went to the Italian Restaurant “Pasta Cucina” in the Casino. Many Casino’s have movie theaters in them and we were at the Texas Station. 

It was a bit fancy with table cloths and very nicely set up. We all had something different and the prices were very reasonable.

My meal



On Sunday we worked; only not very hard. It was a cool morning and got nice in the afternoon. Janet made us dinner again and it was delicious. It was a chicken broccoli mix in a baked crust. Yummy and beautiful! She served a salad to go with it.

IMG_0394After our meal we played Sequence. The girls beat the guys 2 out of 3, but they wanted more so we went for 3 of 5. We beat them with that also, so they wanted to continue. We beat them 4 of 7 and I said “that’s it WE ARE THE WINNERS”.

We had a pudding parfait with strawberries while we watch the Amazing Race with them then went home to the boys.

On Monday Janet, Carolee and I went shopping. We walked around the mall. Then headed to lunch at Chili’s. We continued on to Joanne Fabrics, then Target. It was a fun day and the weather was so nice. Sunny and warm.

The guys also shopped. They said they went to Sportsman's Warehouse, Bass Pro Shop and Camping World. I am sure they didn’t have as much fun as we did.

Then that evening we went downtown to see the Freemont Street Experience.


If you have never been there it certainly is a fun time. It was very busy for a Monday and there were lots of people.

Some street performers.


There were several bands playing so the music was loud and people dancing in the street.


There is a canopy over the street and they project images on it. They also have very large speakers that are very loud!

IMG_2195IMG_2191  IMG_2197

The first show at 8pm was music from HEART. After the first show the 3 of them got drinks.


Then we walked around some casinos and showed them the fish tank in the Golden Nugget. It is located in the center of the outdoor pool area. The tube you see is a water slide that runs through the tank, it’s really cool.


Then we went to get a .99 cent shrimp cocktail at the Freemont. It was quite tasty for that price.

We saw the 9pm show which was music from Bon Jovi which I enjoyed a lot!


Tuesday we left the park about 9:30am and headed to Boulder City where we had breakfast at the Coffee Cup. It was on

Diner’s Drive-ins and Dives.



Bob got the breakfast that was featured on the show “Pork Chile Verde Omelet”. He said it was very spicy but good and way too much for him to eat. The rest of us got typical breakfasts of bacon, eggs and fried potatoes.

After we continued on down the road to:



In this picture you can see the new by pass bridge they built above the dam.


We were very tired when we got home so we took a nap. On Monday night we DRV’ed the Bachelor for Janet because it was the finale. So they came over around 7pm to watch it. Jesse and I don’t watch that reality show and we both are glad! LOL

Today was a work day. The weather was BEAUTIFUL with all CAPS!!! Light breeze sunny and 80+!

We were busy in the morning but a little quieter in the afternoon. We are home now and relaxing before going over to Bob and Janet’s for dinner. We are grilling!

What am I going to do when they leave us? She has cooked for us each day we have worked! GREAT friends! We really appreciate it and everything has been wonderful!

Friday, March 9 - Having Much Fun with Bob and Janet (Las Vegas, NV)


Last Friday night our friends Carolee and Chick came over for dinner. We rearranged the furniture to make it easier to eat and play games after. We sat in front of the big picture window to look out at the lights of Las Vegas.


Bob and Janet arrived last Sunday. We were still at work when they arrived. We greeted them with hugs and Jesse and Bob unhooked the car while Janet and I got them checked in. Needless to say we were not busy at work.

They continued on to their site to get set-up while Jesse and I finished our shift.

We were serving dinner for them so we left the furniture in the new position. We grilled some brats and chicken and I had made some potato salad, baked beans and a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers.

We sat and visited for awhile before they went back to their home and Jesse and I just watched TV.

On Monday Janet and I met Carolee and her daughter Crystal and went shipping. Not sure what the guys did.

Tuesday Bob and Janet went to the strip to meet their daughter who was here for a wedding. They walked around and saw most of the big Casinos on the strip.

Jesse and I worked on Wednesday and Janet made dinner for us. It was delicious with fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and wonderful dinner rolls.

We played Phase 10 and Bob won!

For dessert Janet made a homemade cherry pie and ice cream….yummy!

On Thursday we were out about 10am and headed to the downtown area of Las Vegas.

Our 1st stop was


We stood in line to go inside. IMG_2143



It moved fast and in a few minutes we were in the building.



Our next stop was the Stratosphere. Jesse bought the tickets because he got us all in at the senior rate and up in the elevator we went to the 108th floor. Which is the indoor observation area. You can walk around the top 360 degrees and look out to see all of Vegas. In the far distance of this picture the road you see is where the Shooting park is located and where we are staying.


Las Vegas Blvd.


Then we walked around Freemont Street downtown.


By this time we were hungry so we ate at a restaurant in the 4 Queens. Jesse and I has eaten there before and the food was reasonably priced and tasted good.

After walking around we came back home. Fed and walked the boys and relaxed for a couple hours then headed back out to play the 7pm round of BINGO. Sorry to say we didn’t win but had fun.

After we went to the food court to visit Dairy Queen.

Today we headed out about 10am in the rain. The guys dropped Janet and I off at a casino and they went to Harbor Freight. They met us back at the Casino when they finished shopping and we went to the buffet for food. Bob and Janet treated thanks guys!

Then we made a trip to Camping World where we all found something we couldn’t do without.

We took the long way back to the park showing them around some of the Las Vegas area.

We are having fun!

Hope this finds everyone well! Hugs