Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday June 29 – One more day


It has been a grueling week for me so far and I have one more day left. I have worked night all this week getting off at 10PM or later.

I have been busy and I really like that part, but I have not been sleeping too well.  It is really impossible for me to come home and go to bed, I am just too wired. I need time to unwind and relax.

Our new schedule starts on Thursday, so we have Wednesday off. On my new schedule I will work 2 days 8-5 :~), 2 nights 1-10 :~(  and one mid 10-7. I was hoping for more days, I guess time will tell.

Jesse and I are not looking forward to the weekend. We are going to be busy that’s for sure.

Can not tell you the last time we have worked on July 4th. Back home we would have our annual July 4th cookout. It was always great fun! I miss those days.

Everyone stay safe and hug a friend today.

Thursday, June 25 – Pickle Day


Yesterday was our day off and we wasted the morning and early afternoon away just hanging out at home.

We computered and watched a little morning TV. Around 2:00 pm we went into town to get something to eat. Stopped at the meat market then home again.

While we were going past Joanne and Jim’s I noticed she was sitting out. I knew she went to the dentist today so we rode the golf cart over to see how she was feeling.

We sat and visited for awhile before coming back home to continue the relaxing and TV watching.

Today we decided not to just sit around. We went off this morning to the Adirondack Museum after we had breakfast at the Lucky-E-Star Cafe.

DSC01348The museum has something for everyone. Art galleries, quilts, boats, buggies and rustic furniture. It explains how the Adirondack area started.

DSC01357 The is a 3 D map of the area


DSC01350 DSC01355 One of the many quilts that I liked


DSC01361Jesse being silly

DSC01366 DSC01363 Once we were home we went to the Lodge for pickle day. During our orientation we saw a film about Mr. Farrell who started Farrell’s ice cream shops. The moral to the story was to always make the customer happy, in this case, by giving him a pickle.

So here at LGE we had pickle day. We were given 50% off anything we wanted to purchase at the lodge today. Jesse and I both got a tee shirt and a vest. I also got a sweatshirt.

We had leftovers for dinner and then just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Back to work tomorrow. We are not sure how many consecutive days we have to work, because we were asked to change our days off to Sunday and Monday and we said it was okay with us.

Hugs to all.

Thursday, June 25th – Another Birthday

Happy Birthday Marilyn!!

Marilyn is our oldest niece, she

is very smart and a great MOM.

Hope your day is

Wonderful !


Tuesday, June 23


Today is Jesse’s Dad

“Jacob Haman”

94th birthday.

Happy Birthday Pop!!

Today is our Friday, although I don’t go to work until 12:30 and work until 9:30pm tonight. Not a great way to end the week. Next week I am scheduled nights all week. YUK!

I had off yesterday so I got some cleaning and laundry  done. Ran some errands, went to the post office and Stapes.

I made bread pudding for Jesse and spaghetti amore for dinner. (From RV dreams cookbook-Linda Payne’s recipe).

I am wondering what I will find when I go back to work today, because my boss walked out on Sunday, gathered her things and quit. Haven’t heard the gossip yet, so I am sure I will get a ear full when I go in.

Everyone take care.

We have several friends that will be traveling this week, please do so safely.

Hugs to all!



Sunday – Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day

to all the

Dad’s out there

from the



Hugs to all.

Thursday, June - We are going to float away


Sometime during the night it started to rain and it rained and rained all day! :~( Sometime it was just a gentle rain and at other times it was a much more intense rain fall.

We have had so much rain since we left Texas, it’s unreal. I am an all weather person, I like all seasons, with the hot humid summers my least favorite, but I am almost looking forward to it.

We had a call from Ed and Marilyn yesterday. It was so good to hear their voices, we both miss them very much. They are very special to Jesse and I. They are looking forward to their trip to Colorado Springs. We will see them in October when they arrive back in Hannibal again.

The day was very quite for us. I made breakfast, then got dressed went to Queensbury to run some errands and get groceries.

Once we got back we just relaxed, and watched TV. I had some elk steaks in the freezer that our SIL had given us. I put them in the Crockpot before we left. I made some potatoes, carrots and onions to go along with it. I made myself a piece of chicken.

We go back to work tomorrow, so I will bid everyone a good weekend with hugs to all.

Wednesday, June 17 – Up the river with a paddle


Today started with me getting up and dressed to go into town to get my nails done. I was disappointed they did not hold up very well. I had called her last week to inform her that they were lifting just after a week.

Anyway, she was very gracious and redid them for me at no charge and wants me to call her next week to let her know hoe they are doing.

Once I left the salon, I called Jesse to see if he wanted me to bring home breakfast from McDonalds. He said sure, so I stopped and then came home.

As soon as I was home we were just sitting down when we heard a familiar voice. Darrell and Judy wanted to know if we wanted to take a kayak ride today.

We both said yes and agreed to meet after lunch at the boat area.

I wanted to go to the laundry room to wash sheets today, so I ate and hurried to get that chore done while Jesse got the lawn cutting done before having to leave.

As we were leaving to meet at the river, we noticed our neighbors Craig and Bonnie mounting there bikes. To our surprise they were also going to join us on a kayak ride.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures, I was afraid to we would get the camera wet, and trust me we would have.

Although no one fell in you get pretty wet from the paddles being brought in and out of the water.

Well I thought Jesse and I would do a double kayak, but everyone insisted that it was much easier to go with a single, so I agreed.

Now I have never done anything like this in my life and I was really concerned that I would hold everyone back because I would be too slow.

I must tell you I did very well, I surprised myself and everyone else. We paddled up river for a little over a mile, then we came down river against the wind, so we needed to paddle quite a lot.

It was much fun and very peaceful just floating around. I did get very wet, but it was OK. The temps were in the low 70’s and the sun was out most of the day. The water was very cool, so I am glad I didn’t fall in.

So once we had returned to the shore Craig asked if I would go again and to my surprise I said yes. I am really out of shape and thought I would have a very hard time. I am sure I will be sore tomorrow, but that's another day.

We were both tired and didn’t feel like doing the grocery run, so we just went up to the lodge and purchased the few items we couldn’t do without and then just relaxed.

We had leftovers for dinner and watched TV and computered until we went to dream land.

What a fun filled day!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16 – End of work week

Lets see what has been going on since last week? We both went back to work on Friday.

Jesse has been working with the other guys putting awnings on the rental trailers.

The resort has purchased a bunch of park model trailers, that they are updating. They put in all new vinyl floors, new carpeting, reupholstering the furniture and repairing anything else needed. They also are putting new awnings on each one.

I have been dealing with all the people calling who want sites for July 4th weekend and can’t believe we have none left. We have been sold out for FHU sites for a few weeks now. Before I left on Tuesday I booked the last tent site.

We have the following sites:

Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable (50/30/20 amp) - 179

Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable (30amp) - 90

Water, Electric, Cable (50/30/20 amp) - 88

Water, Electric (20 amp) - 85

Dry Riverside tent sites - 38

Dry tent sites - 42

Rental Cabins/Trailers and RV’s - 56

That makes a total of 578 sites available to rent. People that have been here before find it very hard to believe that we have rented all those sites. We will have some cancellations so we have a waiting list to fill in those.

My week ended with a girls night out… There were 21 of us that went out to a nice dinner at Log Jam Restaurant. The salad bar was very nice with 4 different loafs of bread that you slice yourself. They also had many salads along with the fixins for a garden salad. It was a lot of good food and wonderful company. :~)

Jesse ending his week by taking Bayer to the vet he has an ear infection in both ears. :~(

Then bringing Chinese take-out home, one of his favorites - Shrimp egg foo-young. :~)

Not sure what our weekend will bring, but I will keep you informed.

See Ya!

Saturday, June 13

Happy Birthday

Rob Baker

bj Hope you have a wonderful fun filled day!!

Thursday, June 11 – Played Tourist

Today we were out of the house about 10:30am. The weather was not great, as it was overcast all day, we just didn’t want to sit around all day. It was high humidly and warmed to about 70 degrees, and it misted a few times.

Our 1st stop was the Lucky-E-Star Cafe for breakfast.

Then we headed north west on Route 28 toward North Creek. There was a Railway Museum we were going to tour, only it was not open. We will have to come back another day.

DSC01334 DSC01333We decided to go and walk around Lake George.

Our first stop was the arcade. We played poker keno then skee ball, then Jesse drove a Nascar while I watched him come in 5th place. It was a pleasant way to spend $5.00. We ended with 72 tickets to get a prize with. There was nothing we wanted, so we gave our tickets to the first little kid we saw.

We then walked along the lake and took a few pics of the marina area.

DSC01339 DSC01341 DSC01340 We stopped at the soft ice cream place called Martha’s then we went home.

I made steamed shrimp and potato salad for dinner, I did the laundry and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Have a wonderful week end all!

Wednesday, June 10 – Starting the weekend


Since my last post, noting too exciting has happened. It is very hard to post something that someone would be interested in reading when you are working 5 days a week. Not much happens.

We both got off work on Tuesday (our Friday) and decided to go into Warrensburg for a bite to eat. We went to a place called Bill’s  Diner.

It was very small, only about a dozen tables and a soda fountain style counter you could sit at. I had hot turkey sandwich and Jesse had chicken tenders. Not bad.

Afterwards we came home and watched an old movie on TV “High Noon”

Today we were up relaxing with coffee and our computers. I started the laundry and prepared potato salad for tonight, while Jesse went out to repair the awning with the part he purchased last week. He also repaired a whole n the sewer pipe.  No sense in calling maintenance since they would just send Jesse anyway.

We got showers and dressed and went into Warrensburg to McDonald’s for lunch, then on to the local grocery, Grand Union.

After picking up a few items we went home and relaxed until our drive to Darrell and Judy Patterson for the evening.

DSC01330We had a very nice dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs, while enjoying lively conversations. This was really our first chance to get to know them better.

We found them to be very engaging and fun to be with. We also met Katie and Alex. Katie is such a big cat and very beautiful. Alex stayed hidden most of the evening.

Once we were home and walked the boys, we sat watching TV until going to bed for a good nights sleep.

Hugs to everyone!

Sunday, June 7 – Wild Exodus


We started the day as usually with Jesse walking the boys, while I made coffee, the bed and breakfast for the boys.

While walking the boys he saw this snapping turtle laying eggs at the edge of one the the camp sites near us. He went back with the camera to get these shots.

DSC01319 DSC01321 DSC01320 We were concerned about someone driving over that area, so when I got to work I asked the Day Ranger, Chuck to go put some cones in the area, and he did.

We had 310 check-outs today. Needless to say we were very busy at reservations and Jesse was busy with site clean-up.

Most of the people were gone by the check-out time of 11:00am, then things got much slower.

When we went home for lunch we saw that the eggs were all covered over by dirt. Jesse did some research and learned that the eggs hatch within 9-18 weeks, and they are on their own. The Mommy doesn’t return to the nest. It made me sad to hear this.

We are both home now. I made taco salad for dinner and we will just relax for the evening.

Hugs to all.

Saturday, June 6 – Americade

Americade is the name of the motor cycle rally in Lake George. We are completely booked for the weekend and there are many, many motor cycles here.


DSC01306Last night was a little hard to get to sleep because of the noise of the bikes and people having fun. Once I fell asleep I was able to stay asleep until my nightly visits to the bathroom.

I think all has gone well considering all the bikes here. I had to go in at 7:30 this morning to open. I was alone from 7:30am until 9:00 when someone else came in, but I was able to handle the steady flow of guest questions, and check-outs.

Jesse and I are enjoying our time here working for as much as we can enjoy work. We both wish it was not 40 hours per week, but that IS what we signed up for.

Talking to our daughter Beth yesterday we found out that Colt (3 yrs old) our youngest grandson has asthma. They have an appointment with a specialist to find out the course of action they need to take to make him comfortable.

I got off at 4:30, and I am waiting for Jesse who gets off at 6:00. We are going with another couple to the buffet here at the Cafe for dinner.

Our dinner companions Joanne and Jim.

DSC01301 Our dinner was pretty good they had chicken and ribs, salads and several side dishes. Jesse had 3 desserts 2 of which was strawberry shortcake.

He are more workcampers enjoying dinner

DSC01305Theses are some of the things we saw when we took a ride in the golf cart after dinner.

Some children panning for gem stones

DSC01309 Dogs

DSC01308 Zoe who is only 4 months old


Geese along the frog pond

DSC01316 Have a wonderful weekend

Thursday, June 4 – Days off go by fast


Well to catch up. Tuesday my last day of the week I had to deal with nothing but problems.

There were guests that weren’t getting the spaces they wanted, and there was standing water on some sites and we had to move them. One of the cabin rentals had not been cleaned and there was no place to move them. It was just one of those days.

With everything handled by the the supervisor of the day Bobby, I left to go home at 5:30pm. I love working with Bobby. She is always there to teach you how to do things and takes the time to let you do it.

After I got home I had a glass of wine to unwind. Jesse was having a beer and we both enjoyed our cocktails.

We grilled some chops for dinner and then went for a ride around the park in the golf cart.

We slept in on Wednesday until 8:00am. Now this rarely happens for us to sleep that late, I guess we were tired.

We wasted the morning and decided to go out for a late breakfast. It was 1:00 by the time we were eating our breakfast at the Lucky-E-Star cafe in town (Warrensburg).

Afterwards I stopped in a local salon/nail place to make an appointment for the next morning to have my nails done, now that I am working.

We drove into Queensbury to go to Barretts RV. Jesse wanted to purchase a gasket (bowl seal kit) for our toilet that continues to not hold water. They had to order the part and it will be in tomorrow. He was also pleased that they had the part he needed to repair our awning. We will return tomorrow to pick up both of these items.

After we returned home we decided to go to dinner at the Woodland Grill here at the resort for their $5.95 buffet. We met some other work campers there and had a very nice dinner.

On Thursday we went to the breakfast buffet at the Grill and also joined some fellow work campers. We had to cut our visiting short because I had my nail appointment.

While I was gone Jesse washed his golf cart and rearranged his tools.

I gave him a hair cut and we dressed for our trip to town for groceries and RV parts. When we got to the RV shop the parts had not yet come in, so Jesse took me to a salon near by and I got a hair cut and he took a nap.

After all the running around was done we went home and took the boys for a ride around the park in the golf cart. They loved the open air ride and seeing all the sites. We spotted a guest that was lost, so he took him to his site.

We grilled some hamburgers for dinner then just relaxed. Back to work tomorrow and more stories to tell.

See ya down the road.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today is Kacie's Birthday she is 14.

She is our only granddaughter.

She is both sweet and beautiful.

We miss and love her very much!

IMG_0772 DSC02943DSC01901DSC02763

She will be starting high school in the fall and seems very excited to do so. Although she is very petite, she likes to play volleyball and basketball.

Monday, June 1 – Working Days


Not much going on here, just been working. The last four days have been a blur.

I was off on Friday, so I only work 4 days this week. Which is fine with me. I did laundry, got caught up on my soap opera, computered getting caught up on blogs,  and made tuna casserole for dinner.

I worked till close on Saturday (10:00pm)and Sunday (9:00PM). Then we have to do all the closing procedures. Counting down the registers and reconciling them.

I really don’t mind doing the procedures, but the late nights are a killer for me. I am a morning person, so I am still getting up early. Of course I can’t go right to sleep when I get home, so I have been getting to bed late and up early.

Yesterday after closing Sunday night I opened Monday morning. It was a long day for me. The good thing about it was I was busy all day, so I no time to think about how tired I was.

I made us some pizza when we got home and then just sat in my chair all evening watching TV. We watched the new reality show “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”. I think it is a strange concept, but thought I would give it a look. Time will tell if I continue to watch.

We went off to bed at 10pm and I was in dream land very quickly.

We were thrilled to hear that our friend Jerry was home and doing well after having a pace maker installed on Friday. Stay well, we are thinking of you!

We were very happy for Joe aka Speedy, aka our stalker on his retirement. He and his beautiful wife Sherri have started their RV dream and we wish them safe travel down the road!

Hugs to all