Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, June 4 – Days off go by fast


Well to catch up. Tuesday my last day of the week I had to deal with nothing but problems.

There were guests that weren’t getting the spaces they wanted, and there was standing water on some sites and we had to move them. One of the cabin rentals had not been cleaned and there was no place to move them. It was just one of those days.

With everything handled by the the supervisor of the day Bobby, I left to go home at 5:30pm. I love working with Bobby. She is always there to teach you how to do things and takes the time to let you do it.

After I got home I had a glass of wine to unwind. Jesse was having a beer and we both enjoyed our cocktails.

We grilled some chops for dinner and then went for a ride around the park in the golf cart.

We slept in on Wednesday until 8:00am. Now this rarely happens for us to sleep that late, I guess we were tired.

We wasted the morning and decided to go out for a late breakfast. It was 1:00 by the time we were eating our breakfast at the Lucky-E-Star cafe in town (Warrensburg).

Afterwards I stopped in a local salon/nail place to make an appointment for the next morning to have my nails done, now that I am working.

We drove into Queensbury to go to Barretts RV. Jesse wanted to purchase a gasket (bowl seal kit) for our toilet that continues to not hold water. They had to order the part and it will be in tomorrow. He was also pleased that they had the part he needed to repair our awning. We will return tomorrow to pick up both of these items.

After we returned home we decided to go to dinner at the Woodland Grill here at the resort for their $5.95 buffet. We met some other work campers there and had a very nice dinner.

On Thursday we went to the breakfast buffet at the Grill and also joined some fellow work campers. We had to cut our visiting short because I had my nail appointment.

While I was gone Jesse washed his golf cart and rearranged his tools.

I gave him a hair cut and we dressed for our trip to town for groceries and RV parts. When we got to the RV shop the parts had not yet come in, so Jesse took me to a salon near by and I got a hair cut and he took a nap.

After all the running around was done we went home and took the boys for a ride around the park in the golf cart. They loved the open air ride and seeing all the sites. We spotted a guest that was lost, so he took him to his site.

We grilled some hamburgers for dinner then just relaxed. Back to work tomorrow and more stories to tell.

See ya down the road.

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Speedy said...

Well sounds like a busy day...We are just going to set around tomorrow and do nothing at all. I may fish some early but that will be about it.