Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, June 16 – End of work week

Lets see what has been going on since last week? We both went back to work on Friday.

Jesse has been working with the other guys putting awnings on the rental trailers.

The resort has purchased a bunch of park model trailers, that they are updating. They put in all new vinyl floors, new carpeting, reupholstering the furniture and repairing anything else needed. They also are putting new awnings on each one.

I have been dealing with all the people calling who want sites for July 4th weekend and can’t believe we have none left. We have been sold out for FHU sites for a few weeks now. Before I left on Tuesday I booked the last tent site.

We have the following sites:

Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable (50/30/20 amp) - 179

Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable (30amp) - 90

Water, Electric, Cable (50/30/20 amp) - 88

Water, Electric (20 amp) - 85

Dry Riverside tent sites - 38

Dry tent sites - 42

Rental Cabins/Trailers and RV’s - 56

That makes a total of 578 sites available to rent. People that have been here before find it very hard to believe that we have rented all those sites. We will have some cancellations so we have a waiting list to fill in those.

My week ended with a girls night out… There were 21 of us that went out to a nice dinner at Log Jam Restaurant. The salad bar was very nice with 4 different loafs of bread that you slice yourself. They also had many salads along with the fixins for a garden salad. It was a lot of good food and wonderful company. :~)

Jesse ending his week by taking Bayer to the vet he has an ear infection in both ears. :~(

Then bringing Chinese take-out home, one of his favorites - Shrimp egg foo-young. :~)

Not sure what our weekend will bring, but I will keep you informed.

See Ya!


Unknown said...

Wow you guys are really working hard! We're about to get caught up from our cruise/land trip to AK. Bob starts the dental implant process tomorrow.

Gordon Pierce said...


Sorry to hear about Bayer's ear infections. Since we started regular cleaning of Bodie's ears, we have avoided the least for that reason. Of course, he manages to do everything else to damage his body...

That resort is a little larger than the place we will visit for the summer with about 25 sites!!! It sounds like you are having a fine summer.

Take care...and give all the puppies a pat on the head for us.....


Gordon and Juanita