Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, June 6 – Americade

Americade is the name of the motor cycle rally in Lake George. We are completely booked for the weekend and there are many, many motor cycles here.


DSC01306Last night was a little hard to get to sleep because of the noise of the bikes and people having fun. Once I fell asleep I was able to stay asleep until my nightly visits to the bathroom.

I think all has gone well considering all the bikes here. I had to go in at 7:30 this morning to open. I was alone from 7:30am until 9:00 when someone else came in, but I was able to handle the steady flow of guest questions, and check-outs.

Jesse and I are enjoying our time here working for as much as we can enjoy work. We both wish it was not 40 hours per week, but that IS what we signed up for.

Talking to our daughter Beth yesterday we found out that Colt (3 yrs old) our youngest grandson has asthma. They have an appointment with a specialist to find out the course of action they need to take to make him comfortable.

I got off at 4:30, and I am waiting for Jesse who gets off at 6:00. We are going with another couple to the buffet here at the Cafe for dinner.

Our dinner companions Joanne and Jim.

DSC01301 Our dinner was pretty good they had chicken and ribs, salads and several side dishes. Jesse had 3 desserts 2 of which was strawberry shortcake.

He are more workcampers enjoying dinner

DSC01305Theses are some of the things we saw when we took a ride in the golf cart after dinner.

Some children panning for gem stones

DSC01309 Dogs

DSC01308 Zoe who is only 4 months old


Geese along the frog pond

DSC01316 Have a wonderful weekend


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a nice combination of working and camping. I enjoy your blog.
Phillis (msucheermom)

JB said...

Those look more like Canada "ducks" Geese to me, but I guess they have different names in New Yawk