Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, June - We are going to float away


Sometime during the night it started to rain and it rained and rained all day! :~( Sometime it was just a gentle rain and at other times it was a much more intense rain fall.

We have had so much rain since we left Texas, it’s unreal. I am an all weather person, I like all seasons, with the hot humid summers my least favorite, but I am almost looking forward to it.

We had a call from Ed and Marilyn yesterday. It was so good to hear their voices, we both miss them very much. They are very special to Jesse and I. They are looking forward to their trip to Colorado Springs. We will see them in October when they arrive back in Hannibal again.

The day was very quite for us. I made breakfast, then got dressed went to Queensbury to run some errands and get groceries.

Once we got back we just relaxed, and watched TV. I had some elk steaks in the freezer that our SIL had given us. I put them in the Crockpot before we left. I made some potatoes, carrots and onions to go along with it. I made myself a piece of chicken.

We go back to work tomorrow, so I will bid everyone a good weekend with hugs to all.

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Speedy said...

OK so I take it you don't like Elk?