Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, January 30 - Happy Hour & Brats


We just hung out in the morning. I made a trip to Walmart to pick up a few items and left Jesse home to vacuum.

When I returned I made a pasta salad to take to Lynette and Greg’s for happy hour.

Bob and Molly had just arrived and Keith and Donna had returned. It was really good to see them again.

Molly and Karen


Donna and BobIMG_4044

We were asked to bring a dish to share and brats to put on the grill.

Mac was doing the grilling and Arlene was supervising, she was smiling so he must be doing a good job..LOL



After cooking and eating Mac built a fire, as it was very cool this evening. Most of us dressed in jeans and brought jackets, others did not and was cold.



After we had cleaned up the food the ladies sat inside visiting and keeping warm.


We had good food and wonderful friends to spend the evening with…FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

We are enjoying our time here in Yuma, but only have about 10 days left.

Friday, January 28 - Ordinary Day


Yesterday we went over to the laundry here in the park.  Jesse had been trying to diagnosis the dryer himself and has been on the phone with the Spelendide people five times. The problem: he gets a different story each time he talked to someone. Jesse finally called a repair man for the dryer and he will be here on Tuesday.

BTW I talked about the laundry card last week, that I lost $5.00 in the machine. As promised the next day the representative stopped by and gave me my $5.00. When I needed to add more money to the card I had no problems. Yeah!

After we got home and I put all the laundry away we ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut. It was delivered 10 minutes earlier then promised, HOT and really good.


Today we got showers after doing our morning routine then Jesse worked in the basement getting a little organizing. We decided to go out for dinner to Olive Garden. We still had a gift card that we received from M&M when we dog sat for them. Thanks again guys we had a delicious dinner.

After dinner we stopped at Target for a few toiletry items before heading home.

We watched the original “True Grit” with John Wayne, Glen Campbell and Kim Darby. I misled everyone when I said that it was not a remake….It was a remake and the story line was very similar with just a few differences. I enjoyed both movies.

Jesse finished off the kugle for dessert before going off to bed.

Wednesday, January 26 - Errands, Visiting


I need to catch up:


We hung out in the morning and went to the grocery store in the afternoon to pick up a few things.

At 4:00 we were invited to Arlene and Kevin’s for happy hour. There were ten of us Jo and Fred Wishnie, Lynette and Greg, and Karen and Donnie. Keith and Donna were also suppose to join us, but as you may know they had to fly home.

Boo Boo was also there….she is sooo sweet!


Here she is with her Daddy


In fact we sat around waiting for Lynette to arrive because they took the Greens to the airport. Greg was going to make chicken fajitas to share.


As the sun went down it got chilly, so we moved into the casita that they are able to use. They had all the fix’ins and delicious.



We enjoyed spending time with everyone and it was the last time to see Jo and Fred as they are moving on tomorrow morning.


I just stayed home all day. Jesse and the boys went for a ride to get some movies he ordered from the Blockbuster box on line at the 99 cent store, he also stopped at Harbor Freight.

I made some baked beans and grilled some pork and sausage on the grill. Along with the leftover potato salad that was dinner. For dessert I made a noodle kugle.


We headed out to take the movies back and to get a bite to eat. We stopped at Arby’s and ordered from the $1.00 menu. We took the movie’s back and stopped at a furniture store to see what they had for chair’s. Nothing we wanted.

On the way back to the park we stopped at a farm stand because I wanted some peppers and guess who we saw there?  Lynette, Greg, Arlene and Kevin.

We just sat around for the rest of the day.

Hugs to all!!

Saturday, January 22 - Taco Crawl


Our day started as usual with coffee and computers.

We just hung out at home with our boys for the day. But the evening, oh it was very exciting and interesting.

We met the Wishnie’s, Jo and Fred at their foothill site about 5PM. Now, it is a really nice area with wide streets and some very nice homes and lots. For some reason, which I can’t explain, I didn’t take any pictures of some of the lots.


We sat outside with snacks and drinks along with their friends Ester and Steve and got to know each other.

Just after dark we all piled into the Wishnie’s truck and headed to 8th Street in Yuma to get tacos.

Steve, Jesse and Ester

Our 1st stop


The nice ladies that made our tacos. Fred suggested the best way to pay for our food was for all three couples to put money in a pot and one person pay the bill, I was the bookkeeper.


My 1st one was a carne asada (beef), my 2nd and most tasty was al pastor (pork). These taco are not like the ones you would get at Taco Bell. You choose if you want corn or flour tortilla and they put the meat in the tortilla and serve with the different condiments.  Cucumbers, salsa, guacamole, lemons, and Pico de Gallo. Notice no lettuce, tomatoes or cheese.


Jesse walked next door to the liquor store and purchased some cerveza, the perfect drink for the evening.


After we finished we piled back into the truck and drove a few blocks to the next stand on the side of the road.


I got a shrimp taco here..Jo and I were looking forward to getting a fish taco, but no one had fish.

At this stand Ester tried the champurrado which is Mexican hot chocolate. Is has a strange texture, she described it as hot liquid pudding.


At this stand Jesse and I got a pollo taco (chicken) which was Jesse’s favorite.


They also served us radishes, grilled peppers and green onions. By this time we were all getting full.

But we stopped at one more place.


They were cooking up some tripe that really smelled bad.


We all decided that we were too full to eat anymore and a little cold. We had $11.00 left, so Steve went into a liquor store and bought more cerveza to share back at the Wishnie’s.

We sat inside their home where it was warm and enjoyed more laughs and conversation. About 10:30 we all realized it was way past our bed time and decided to call it a night.

It was really a lot of fun with great company and good food.

Stay safe…Hugs to all.

Friday, January 21 - Los Algodones, Mexico


We made plans with Mac and Netters, Arlene and Kevin, and Karen and Donny to go over to Mexico today.

We met Mac and Lynette at our exit and followed them. Mac1st took us to Walmart parking lot, LOL he took a wrong turn so we turned around there.

We traveled West on I-8 into California.IMG_4007

Then South on California 166 to the huge parking lot into Algodones, Mexico.


Unlike Progresso Nuevo, Mexico there is no bridge to cross over, nor is there any charge to go over.

There seems to be a lot more streets of pharmacies, dentists, optometrist, and liquor stores here and the streets are very clean.



Arlene had an appointment with an optometrist and she wanted Lynette to go with her. Karen also wanted to go, but I decided to go with the guys.

We walked the streets and some how we lost Kevin, so it was just mac, Donny, Jesse and myself.

We can upon an outdoor eatery and we were told they had the best Margaritas in town, so we decided to see. Well let me say it was very tasty served in a large mug and very, very strong.



I am not a big liquor drinker so I was feeling no pain after finishing my drink. We left to meet the girls and we were all hungry by then. We decided to go back to the outdoor restaurant. I needed to eat food!! :~)


Mac and Lynette


Kevin and Arlene


Donny and Karen


We had a good meal and great fun talking and laughing. By the time we paid our bill and walked around a little more I was ready to go home for sure.

Everyone else wanted to shop some more so Jesse and I decided to say good bye for now. We stopped at the liquor store on our way to the border crossing.  Very cheap prices and no $1.25 charge per bottle like in Texas.

It took us 40 minutes to get through the line back to the USA. I don’t think we ever waited that long at Progresso Nuevo. BTW no charge.


After returning home Jesse walked the boys and I laid down to take a much needed nap and when he returned he took a nap in his chair.

About 5 o'clock the boys came in and woke me to tell me they were hungry. I got up and fed them then started dinner.

BTW, Jesse did his research and found all good reviews on the Weber Baby Q, so he ordered one and it came yesterday.


We grilled some sausage and pork for dinner and I made a baked potato, green beans and leftover baked beans. Yum! The meat was cooked to perfection!

We had a fun day and looking forward to more…..Hugs to all!

Wednesday, January 19 - True Grit

Tuesday was a day for chores and just hanging out at home.

Jesse worked on putting a shelf above my washer/dryer, while I straighten up the inside.

It got quite warm in the afternoon so I closed everything up and put the A/C on.

I decided to make bacon, biscuits and a potato frittata for dinner. Well when I put the biscuits in the convection oven I forgot we only had 30amp service and the A/C was running, so guess what happen? You guessed it I blew the main breaker. Jesse went out to reset it and we turned the A/C off until I was finished cooking.

Our food was good and we sat in the A/C until the sundown when it was cool enough to open the windows.

Today we decided to go to the movies to see True Grit. I don’t really remember the original with John Wayne, but I understand this was not a remake anyway. I enjoyed it, but thought the story line to be a little slow. I think the actors did a great job!

Afterward we went to Kneaders for something to eat, it is similar to Panera Bread. We thought it was good, but Panera’s is better.

Then home to the boys to walk and feed them.

Watched TV for the evening.


Monday, January 17 - Visit with good friends


As we sat on the computer this morning I was in Facebook and noticed Jo Wishnie was there and chatted with her and made plans to go out to late lunch with her and Fred.Open-mouthed smile

I was so nice seeing them again and just getting caught up.

We had decided to go to a Chinese Restaurant that they found and liked a lot. Since Jesse loves Chinese I said okay.

They met us at our place and we visited for a short while, but not for long because we were all hungry.

I don’t like going to Chinese Restaurant too much because they have the grease smell that just turns my stomach, but this was different. It was a small place that didn’t smell and the food was very good and the company was even better.

After filling out bellies we stopped at a pet store for Jo the get Boo Boo some food.

Then we were back at our place sitting on the patio having a drink. They didn’t stay long because they needed to get back home.

We just sat around for the rest of the evening watching TV.

Sunday, January 16 - Yuma Flea Market

Today around noon we headed to the “New” Flea Market on Avenue 4E. I don’t think I have ever been to a nicer market. All on concrete and covered with metal roofs so you were out of the sun.

That was good today because it was 78 and sunny.

There were several things that we couldn’t do without. We purchased 2 new chairs for our patio area (mine) because we had to get rid of our other ones because of the stink bugs.


I also purchased scrubbies to wash dishes and a plant for outside. Jesse bought batteries, a grommet kit and doggie bags.

Afterward we went to Mi Rancho for some Mexican food. Jesse had read some good reviews.I liked mine more then Jesse liked his selection, but we will go back again.

Once home after the boys were walked and fed we sat outside on the patio for a while.

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We spent the evening watching our shows on TV, tonight was the premier of “Big Love” on HBO.