Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, January 13 - Boys looking good


Today temps were 75, sunny and very light breeze…Beautiful !!

We left the Kram-a-lot and headed to “Puppy Love” on 16th street to take the boys to the groomers, they had a noon appointment.

After dropping them off we headed to the Yuma Prison. Jesse wanted to take a tour and I was determined to keep an open mind.


We paid our $5.00 each and were directed where to go for our self guided tour. I have to say I enjoyed the prison more then I thought.

You can see the cells from the outside in the first pictures. Each cell held 6 prisoners with a pot in the middle for their needs. If they were bad they were sent to the “Dark Cell”  which had nothing. I didn’t go in there so I really only know what they said, but I am sure it was not pleasant. 



Despite its reputation, the prison was a model institution for its time -- and because it had electricity, running water, flushing toilets, some Yumans even called it "the Country Club on the Colorado."

By 1907, the prison was severely overcrowded, the last prisoner left Yuma in September 1909.

The guard tower built above the water tank.


We went to Taco Bell for a little lunch and then on to Walmart on Avenue B, we needed a new sewer hose. It was a nicer Walmart with no lines.

We then went to get the Boys and they look awesome!!

We came home and set-up some of the outdoor area. I wiped down the chairs and tables, put out our welcome flag holder. It was not finished, but okay for today. We sat outside and had a drink. I will take pictures as soon as I get everything arranged.

I warmed up some leftovers for dinner and we watched TV.

Another very nice day here in YUMA!!!

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Unknown said...

I'm glad the boys look good from "Puppy Love" what a cute name.