Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, January 28 - Ordinary Day


Yesterday we went over to the laundry here in the park.  Jesse had been trying to diagnosis the dryer himself and has been on the phone with the Spelendide people five times. The problem: he gets a different story each time he talked to someone. Jesse finally called a repair man for the dryer and he will be here on Tuesday.

BTW I talked about the laundry card last week, that I lost $5.00 in the machine. As promised the next day the representative stopped by and gave me my $5.00. When I needed to add more money to the card I had no problems. Yeah!

After we got home and I put all the laundry away we ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut. It was delivered 10 minutes earlier then promised, HOT and really good.


Today we got showers after doing our morning routine then Jesse worked in the basement getting a little organizing. We decided to go out for dinner to Olive Garden. We still had a gift card that we received from M&M when we dog sat for them. Thanks again guys we had a delicious dinner.

After dinner we stopped at Target for a few toiletry items before heading home.

We watched the original “True Grit” with John Wayne, Glen Campbell and Kim Darby. I misled everyone when I said that it was not a remake….It was a remake and the story line was very similar with just a few differences. I enjoyed both movies.

Jesse finished off the kugle for dessert before going off to bed.

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