Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, January 10 – Sondra’s Birthday and Caramel Popcorn


Today is your Birthday, Sondra!!  Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music!

Happy Birthday5

Sondra 2

We send you much love and hope you have a GREAT day!


Okay, when was the last time you went to the movies and they had fresh caramel popcorn for sale. Today was the 1st for me and since we really like caramel popcorn that’s what we got. We saw “Little Focker’s”, it was funny but not as funny as I had thought.

We have been enjoying our time here in Lake Havasu City just relaxing. We have been just riding around looking at the town, taking the boys to the dogs park and eating out at fast food places, most usual for us but it’s been fun.

The London Bridge looks the same but the area is nothing like it was when we were here 30 years ago. It is still a small town, but much bigger then when we were here before.



An interesting tree


We will be leaving tomorrow for Yuma for at least a month. More to come and I will keep you informed.

Hugs to all!


Unknown said...

Were your ears burning tonight? Linda and Howard came over for dinner and we thought of you two!
Bob and Lynda

Gordon Pierce said...

Hey Jesse and Ginger,

Sorry we missed you in AZ but we had to finally get back up to our rolling home in OR...missed my bed for three weeks!

Maybe we'll get a chance to find you along the way again...hope so.

Safe travels!!

Gordon and Juanita

squawmama said...

Beautiful pictures and sounds like it has been a great visit for you all... Have fun & Travel safe