Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, January 15 - Stayed home

Today was one of those days when we did very little. I really enjoy days like these.

I just played on the computer and watched the food channel and HGTV.

I also made a big pot of vegetable soup. Once I got all the vegetables in the pot and it was simmering I took a shower.

The weather today was very nice, sunny and warm, about 78 degrees. It got 84 in the RV with all the cooking.

By the time I was finished with my shower the Raven’s game was on, so I sat with my computer and watched the game with Jesse. We were very disappointed in the outcome.

After the game I made some cornbread muffins and we had dinner. Jesse said the soup was yummy.

We watched TV for the evening and went out for a Blizzard for desert.


squawmama said...

That's what we are doing today... Except I made beef stew. It's good to take it easy once in awhile!
Have fun & Travel safe

The Bright's said...

Your awesome blog title caught my attention... very catchy.
I also retired after 25 years of accounting! Do we miss the numbers?

Unknown said...

If you made the cornbread in a convection let me know. :-) Lynda