Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, January 14 - A Beautiful Day


Another day with temps 75 degrees, sunny, and a little more windy, but still beautiful.

I did several loads of laundry last night and this morning and was very surprised that they dry very quickly hung up indoors. There were still several still wet when the sheets were done washing that needed to be dried so Jesse and I walked over to the laundry. They have a different set-up here. You purchase a laundry card and put multiples of $5.00 on the card and use it in the machines, they take no cash money. I had some problem with the purchase of the card and using it at first.

I will let you know how this goes in the future. Hopefully Jesse will get mine fixed sometime soon and this will be a mute issue!

After we finished I made us a sandwich for lunch then went out to Home Depot for a few items we needed.  One of the items a weber grill that we agreed to purchase. I wanted to purchase this grill when we 1st started to full time, but Jesse thought it was too much money, so we have purchased two other less expense ones and now need another. We didn’t buy anything, because a customer there said the weber is made without a cover over the burner therefore it gets clogged and you need to buy a new burner once a year. I think Jesse wants to do some more research.

We stopped at Walmart to return movies to the red box and pick up a few items.

I made us pizza and salad for dinner and we just relaxed and watched TV for the evening.


Kathy said...

75° sure sounds good! I thought Weber was supposed to be th best. After your research, let us know if you find something better!

Enjoy the warmth!

squawmama said...

We have used the Weber Baby Q for about 5 years and have had no problems... I highly recommend it! Got it at Camping World and LOVE it! Go here to read all about it... It is a little pricey but has done a great job for us.
Have fun & Travel Safe

Fred Wishnie said...

Jesse, Get Weber Baby Q. It's the best grill we have ever had. The cast iron grate gets super hot and grills steaks like no other. Well worth the money and it will last forever.