Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, September 30 - Getting Familiar with the Area


Yesterday we just hung out at home.

Jesse put the transmission oil in the car, but found that it all leaked. He jacked up the car trying to see if he could tell where it was leaking, but he couldn’t get underneath of it to tell.

We called a tow truck to come and take it to the shop for repairs.

I got out all the things that make our rig feel like a home. I also did some laundry.


This morning the repair shop called and said they needed to order parts, an axle shaft and seals on the right side, and that they should be in next Tuesday and the car should be ready Wednesday or Thursday at a cost of about $600.

Our 1st stop was the repair shop to get some items out of the car, then a shoe store. I needed to find comfortable shoes for work. I really do not like closed in shoes so it is really hard to find shoes that feel good. I found a pair of New Balance walking shoes that felt pretty good and purchased them.

We also purchased socks that are suppose to be really comfortable “Fits”. They are very expensive, but we each purchased one pair and will try them out.

Then we decided to drive to Bartlesville, OK to look around. It took about 45 minutes to get there. It was lunch time so we looked for some place to eat. We decided on McAlister’s Deli, I was not impressed.

After returning to Coffeyville we went to Walmart to pick up a few grocery items. While there Jesse rented the newest Transformer movie and “The Dilemma”.

After returning home Jesse walked the boys and I put the groceries away.

Then we got a knock at the door and in came Bob and Barb Williams. They had contacted us a few days ago saying they were coming to also work at Amazon. We were very happy to meet them and get to know them.

After their visit I made us a chef salad for dinner.

We watched the movies and relaxed in our recliners for the rest of the evening.

Wednesday, September 28 - Getting to know the area (Liberty, KS)


I started my day by calling Mitch and Margaret to wish them

happy anniverasry

Before living this full-time life style we would celebrate our anniversary’s together. Some years we would go on vacation together…Others we would spend the day together and go out for a nice dinner. They were fun times and I miss them. I hope you two have a wonderful day!

I made us some berry muffins for breakfast, then started getting busy with the days tasks. Jesse went out to hook up the truck so he could re-level the rig.

I turned the A/C on in the rig. Not use to his humidly, it sucks!

I started some laundry and Jesse staked the awning out. I cleaned up the kitchen and made the bed. Then I started to get dressed.

Once we both were ready we took off in search of lumber for a step and the bank. We drove around the little town and found the bank without any problem and then a lumber yard where Jesse purchased all he needed for the step and they even cut the lumber to the correct size.

Then we stopped at Braum’s for some lunch and ice cream. We had a huge chicken club sandwich with fries and a drink. For dessert I had a hot fudge sundae and Jesse a strawberry sundae.

Ice cream

Then we stopped at Walmart which is about 5 minutes from the campground, it is about a year old and very nice.

We returned home and Jesse built the platform step. He put it together in no time at all it’s 3 1/2 x 5 1/2


Then he put the screen on the back window to block the sun.

He found that the car didn’t have any transmission fluid, so we purchased some while we were out. After I chatted with Jackie last night Tony had given him something to try, but it didn’t work.

Tomorrow we look for a repair shop.

We received an email that said we are to have orientation on Sunday from 8:30 to 5:00.  Seems like a long day for orientation, but I guess we will see.

Here are some pictures of the park


This is what they call grass



In the words of the Dray’s


Tuesday, September 27 - Another Travel Day (Liberty, KS)


We left at 8am today and traveled 308 miles to Big Chief RV Park. We traveled about 12 miles out of our way, we couldn’t find the entrance to the park because of construction.

Unfortunately the Mazda is have transmission problems and we need to find a repair shop A.S.A.P.

The RV park is not very nice. We have gravel pull thru’s with what they call grass (weeds) in between. NO TREES!! I will take pictures and post tomorrow.

Jesse had problems getting the dish lined up, but finally got it. We are not sure why … there is nothing blocking the line of sight, remember NO TREES!

We set up got showers and made leftovers and hotdogs for dinner.

Now we are just relaxing in front of the TV and computers.


Monday, September 26 - Travel Day (Dodge City, KS)


We left Mountaindale this morning at 7:30 am. It was bitter/sweet. We really enjoyed our time this summer, but look forward to the next 3 months.

We had a few minutes to say goodbye to Jackie and Tony and Gucci and they left a few minutes before us.

We traveled south on Hwy 115 then East on 50 for 315 miles to Gunsmoke Trav-L-Park in Dodge City, KS.

This is what I saw on our trip:


This was my first trip driving the car behind the Kram-a-lot and was very pleased that it was not bad at all. Jesse and I communicated with each other using our 2 way radios and it worked well.


Yesterday I started my day defrosting the freezer. Marilyn had told me she uses her blow dryer to defrost the freezer, so I tried it and it works GREAT! Thank you very much for the tip.

Then I made meatballs and macaroni and cheese for the farewell pot luck party we were attending at tonight. The invited guests were full time residents and employees. There was lots, and lots of food.


And everything I tasted was delicious.




David the owner stood up and thanked everyone for a great season and that he looks forward to seeing everyone next year.


On Wednesday two of the residents Myda and Cindy are having a birthday so there was a cake and we sang to them.


My co-workers Mary Nell and Jackie


It was a nice gathering and it seems a good time was had by all.

Saturday, September 24 - Last Visit with Family (CS, CO)


Thanks for all the Anniversary wishes. A special thanks to Jackie and Tony! They brought us a cake and card for our special day.

We had a really nice day ending with a very nice dinner at Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant in Manitou Springs.

They also have a wine tasting cellar downstairs, so we went a little early and stopped in there for some wine. Our table was ready when we walked up stairs and we were seated in “Lover Lane” room. It had three tables for two very secluded and romantic.

We started with a salad then had cheese fondue with bread, strawberries, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and grapes. Yummy!

Then on to the main course. We chose the seafood selection; Rockport Lobster tail, Yellow Fin Tuna, Bay Scallops, Large Gulf Tiger Shrimp, and Atlantic Salmon; that we grilled at our table. It was served with over six dipping sauces, and potatoes, zucchini and red peppers.


Of course we had to cook it ourselves, makes you wonder why these style meals are so expensive because we do the cooking.

Then we had the dessert of chocolate fondue with pound cake, strawberries, cheese cake, pineapple, bananas, marshmallows and cookies.  More Yum, everything was delicious.

It was a wonderful evening! Thank you honey!


Today I did laundry and started to pack up the inside for travel. Then we packed up the chairs we purchase a few months ago to take to Beth and DJ. We decided we didn’t want that much furniture after all. Not sure what we are doing with the space yet.

We spent the evening with our family and had a great time. We played games and visited, we said our see ya later.

Hugs to everyone!!

Friday, September 23 - Happy Anniversary Jesse! (CS, CO)


happy anniverasry

Today Jesse and I have been married for 32 years.

Happy Anniversary Honey!!

I can’t say that they have all been wonderful, but we have had more good then bad and the love has always been there.

Jesse & Ginger

Last night we met Beth, Adam, DJ, Kim and grandchildren for dinner. It was very nice and we will miss them when we leave on Monday.


I worked a few hours on Wednesday and that will be my last shift. Jesse also got a few loads of rock and dirt from the quarry for the landscaping of the park. We kept Miss Gucci for the day, because the Albasini’s were out for the day to celebrate Tony birthday, she is such a pleasure and the boys seem to like her, as they all got along well.


On Tuesday I went into town and had a mani/pedi, this will be the last one from the girl I found here.

When I got home Jesse and I went to the movies to see “Contagion”. We thought it was a realistic representation of what could happen if a virus was to surface.

We had dinner with Jackie and Tony at our place, we grilled chicken, elk steaks and sausage. It has become quite chilling in the evenings, so we all needed  jackets to eat outside. I it so much fun spending time with friends. Tomorrow is Tony’s birthday, so I got him a cake and we shared a piece after dinner.

Sunday, September 18 - Weekend with the Kiddos (CS, CO)


Thursday I worked 11am to 6 pm. It was a busy day because we had some computer malfunctions and we needed to recreate some information.

On Friday Jesse went into Pueblo to spend some time with Adam and his new chickens, roosters and their goat.


He brought me home a Subway sandwich for lunch and then I went to work.

It wasn’t too busy, but a little challenging communicating with the deaf group we had arriving in the park for the weekend.

On Saturday I opened as usual and Jesse drove back into Pueblo to meet Beth and pick up Kacie and Colt. They were spending the weekend with us while Beth and DJ went to Cripple Creek for the the weekend to celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary.

Kacie sat with me in the office until I got off visiting and catching up. Jesse and Colt were everywhere. The played pool, walked the boys, drove around the campground in the 4 wheeler and played in the playground. When I got off we just sat at home relaxing.

Well I relaxed and the 2 human boys wrestled.


We took the boys for a long walk around the campground then drove to Goose Berry Patch for some dinner. We all had the buffet and Colt was a very good boy.

When we returned to the campground we sat outside while Jesse tried to start a fire, but the wood was just too wet from all the rain we have had.

At 7pm we went down to the office for the ice cream social. My three companions indulged while I was too full from dinner. It was quite chilling outside so we went into the office for them to eat their ice cream while visiting with Jackie.

When we returned to the rig we settled down to watch the “Green Hornet” on TV.

Sunday I made bacon, eggs and French toast for breakfast. After breakfast the guys went to the office to empty trash and get firewood, while Kacie and I got cleaned up for the day.

We took a ride up Gold Camp Road and North Cheyenne Canyon Road on the way to Garden of the Gods. Colt really enjoyed the ride through the 2 tunnels we went through.

The 2 children had never been to Garden of the Gods so they were excited about climbing on the rocks and having their pictures taken.






Climbing around the rocks worked up an appetite for all of us, so we went to Subway in Manitou Springs and walked to the park to have our picnic.


Before returning to the campground we stopped at the visitors area at Fort Carson to look at the big tanks. Colt was having a wonderful time seeing the big machines.

Kit Carson


9/11 Memorial a piece of steel from the twin towers




When we got back to the Kram-a-lot we all sat outside until Beth and DJ got there to pick the children up.

We enjoyed our time with the kiddos very much and look forward to more next summer.