Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, September 3 - Visiting

It has been a quiet work week with kids back in school.

Wednesday we went to dinner with Ed and Marilyn to the Gooseberry Patch. Good home style food as always.

Friday afternoon the campers started piling in for the 3 day weekend. As usual we are full.

Saturday after Ginger got off work we headed to downtown Pueblo to meet Beth, Kim, Ryan, and Colt for pizza at Angelo's on the River Walk.

DJ could not make it cause he was guiding an antelope hunt in New Mexico, Adam couldn’t come cause he was working, and Kacie went to the State Fair with friends, and Gage was at his mothers.

We were all there within a few minutes of each other. Colt was in costume again. He likes to dress up.


We had garlic knots (garlic dough balls with marinara sauce), salad, and 2 different kinds of pizza. Kim had to leave after eating as she was working with the ambulance crew at the State Fair for the evening and Ryan left cause it is uncool to hang with Mom and grandparents on a Saturday evening.


So after we ate and Kim and Ryan left, the 4 of us took a boat ride around the River Walk. For your info the Arkansas river flows through downtown Pueblo. The River Walk in Pueblo is cute but nothing like San Antonio or Oklahoma City.



From there we took a walk around the shops downtown. We found a nice frozen yogurt shop for dessert.


After dessert we casually walked back to our cars. Beth and Colt headed home and we headed to Fire Station 1 to visit with Adam for a bit and to see their new fire truck.


Adam introduced us to his workmates and the Fire Chief and then gave us the nickel tour. This is the new state of the art truck Advanced Life Support rescue truck.

IMG_0344 IMG_0350

Pueblo’s moniker is "Home of Hero's" because Pueblos is home to four "Medal of Honor" recipients.


With our tour completed we headed home for a little computer and TV time.

It sure is nice being able to visit with the kids and grand kids while we do this work camping thing…but only 3 weeks left here.



Speedy said...

Your family appears to be as busy as ours. We stayed on the Arkansas river for two weeks just a few months ago.

Joe and Sherri

squawmama said...

It is always great having family around... Glad you're having fun with them!

Gordon Pierce said...

Looks like you are having a very good summer with work, good friends and family. Who could ask for more?

Where are you heading after Mountaindale? We hope to catch up with you again sooner or later.

Enjoy the remaining time at the park and please travel safely when you get back on the road.

Hugs to you both,
Gordon and Juanita