Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, September 14 - A Very Wet Day (CS, CO)


Monday we had Jackie and Tony over for drinks and dinner. We sat sat outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Our boys and Gucci were just walking around our site being really good puppies. As Jackie mentioned it is nice to be able to have our dogs off lease on our site here at Mountaindale, we will miss that when we move on.

I made a bean salad and roasted potatoes, along with marinated elk steaks for the grill. Jackie made savory corn fritters and watermelon along with marinated boerewors and peri peri chicken for the grill.

We enjoyed our meal and the evening with friends was really fun!!

Before the evening was over we made plans to go out for a late breakfast tomorrow.

Jesse had an appointment to have the car serviced at 8am and when he returned we were going to Sheldon Luncheonette in Colorado Springs.

We sat down and our server took our drink order, she was very direct and lots of fun. With the insistence of Tony, Jesse ordered a pancake along with scrambled eggs and potatoes. The pancake was HUGE. I took a picture but can’t get it to download from my phone.

Jesse egg selection also was a topic of discussion. He believes that 2 scrambled eggs is less to eat then 2 fried eggs. None of us understand his logic, but we listen and laughed.

From there we went to Sportsmen’s Warehouse. (They had never been) I think Tony enjoyed it very much and Jackie liked it better then I thought she would. We all walked around the store without making a purchase.

Our next stop was Penzeys Spices. Jackie was the only one who had been there before so the rest of us were just wondering through all the isles smelling. We did make some purchases there.

We came back home and we each went to our own small homes on wheels.

Jesse went out to work to pick up a few loads of rock. While he was gone I made a pasta dish for dinner.

Before long it started to rain and it rained really hard for most of the evening.

Today we had decided to go and have our drug screen for our employment at Amazon. After that we went to DSW shoes to look for comfortable shoes to wear for working there. Jesse found a pair but I did not.

I was really raining hard outside so we ran for the car. We went to Panera’s for a late lunch and it was yummy as usual. With the weather as wet as it was we decided to just go home.

It rained all the rest of the day and was still raining when we went to bed. A real soaker day!!


Kate said...

While realistically I understand that 2 eggs are 2 eggs, I have to agree. 2 scrambled eggs always seem like so much less than 2 fried eggs!

squawmama said...

Glad you guys are doing well and enjoying the good life!
Have fun