Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, September 18 - Weekend with the Kiddos (CS, CO)


Thursday I worked 11am to 6 pm. It was a busy day because we had some computer malfunctions and we needed to recreate some information.

On Friday Jesse went into Pueblo to spend some time with Adam and his new chickens, roosters and their goat.


He brought me home a Subway sandwich for lunch and then I went to work.

It wasn’t too busy, but a little challenging communicating with the deaf group we had arriving in the park for the weekend.

On Saturday I opened as usual and Jesse drove back into Pueblo to meet Beth and pick up Kacie and Colt. They were spending the weekend with us while Beth and DJ went to Cripple Creek for the the weekend to celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary.

Kacie sat with me in the office until I got off visiting and catching up. Jesse and Colt were everywhere. The played pool, walked the boys, drove around the campground in the 4 wheeler and played in the playground. When I got off we just sat at home relaxing.

Well I relaxed and the 2 human boys wrestled.


We took the boys for a long walk around the campground then drove to Goose Berry Patch for some dinner. We all had the buffet and Colt was a very good boy.

When we returned to the campground we sat outside while Jesse tried to start a fire, but the wood was just too wet from all the rain we have had.

At 7pm we went down to the office for the ice cream social. My three companions indulged while I was too full from dinner. It was quite chilling outside so we went into the office for them to eat their ice cream while visiting with Jackie.

When we returned to the rig we settled down to watch the “Green Hornet” on TV.

Sunday I made bacon, eggs and French toast for breakfast. After breakfast the guys went to the office to empty trash and get firewood, while Kacie and I got cleaned up for the day.

We took a ride up Gold Camp Road and North Cheyenne Canyon Road on the way to Garden of the Gods. Colt really enjoyed the ride through the 2 tunnels we went through.

The 2 children had never been to Garden of the Gods so they were excited about climbing on the rocks and having their pictures taken.






Climbing around the rocks worked up an appetite for all of us, so we went to Subway in Manitou Springs and walked to the park to have our picnic.


Before returning to the campground we stopped at the visitors area at Fort Carson to look at the big tanks. Colt was having a wonderful time seeing the big machines.

Kit Carson


9/11 Memorial a piece of steel from the twin towers




When we got back to the Kram-a-lot we all sat outside until Beth and DJ got there to pick the children up.

We enjoyed our time with the kiddos very much and look forward to more next summer.


Kathy said...

Cool rock formations! Looks like y'all had a great time! K

Speedy said...

Our grandkids enjoyed climbing the rocks at Garden of the Gods. Thanks for sharing your day with us