Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, July 27 – Exploring

This morning we did our normal routine. I walked the dogs and Ginger made the bed. Ginger had the coffee pot all primed from the night before so all I had to do was I turn it on, that way I get half credit for making coffee. I save up my credits to use to get myself out of hot water that I manage to get into from time to time.

While drinking coffee and computering I turned on the Today Show and low and behold Meredith Viero and Ann Curry were in Lake George doing a segment on vacations. It was kind of cool seeing some of the stuff we see all the time on TV.

After cleaning ourselves and dressing I dropped Ginger off at Walmart to get her prescriptions and start the food shopping while I went to Tractor Supply to get dog food and to the post office to mail some stuff.

Oh yea, on the way to Walmart we stopped at the Sutton Market and Cafe for breakfast. Cute place, kinda high priced but the breakfasts were ok.

After returning to the Inn and unloading the groceries and walking he boys again we thought we would do a bit of exploring. Some of the local attractions give discounts or even freebies to the resort workers. We stopped by personnel on the way out to get letters of introduction, aka our free pass, and headed north on I-87 towards Potterstown and the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves.

DSC01387 I thought when looking at their web site it looked a bit familiar and when we arrived I knew we had visited there on our trip to the Adirondacks in September 2002. It was ok since we were going to get in for free, can't beat the price.

DSC01388 DSC01391 We did some walking thru the area though we did not go on all of the trails. It was really not too exciting and none of the rocks had changed in the past 7 years. At least it was something to do and got us out of the house for a while on a beautiful summer afternoon.


After about an hour we had enough and left to drive further north to the town of Schroon Lake. Really not much in the town but private residences on the lake. We were hoping for some touristy shops but not today.

After realizing there was nothing to see we turned around and headed back to the campground via the back roads and avoided the interstate. Also had to make a stop at a soft ice cream place on the side of the road. I have an affinity for ice cream, soft, hard, vanilla, chocolate, doesn't matter. If I can get it in my mouth it's good.

On the way we also stopped at another lake, Loon Lake, for a look see.

DSC01415 DSC01416

I have never seen or heard a loon in the wild and thought this might be my chance. Still have not seen or heard a loon in the wild.

Once we got back and I walked the dogs again and then we sat outside for our own little happy hour. Ginger with her wine and me with a gin n tonic. Did not want beer after the ice cream.

Ginger made delicious taco soup for dinner and the rest of the evening was spent relaxing in front of the TV and computers.

We are good at relaxing and do it every chance we get.

Not that I am anxious but only 63 days and we are outta here and heading west....and I am anxious.

A note from Ginger:

I enjoyed our outing, even though not much had changed in 7 years. I love watching the water move over the rocks and the sound it makes.

Here is also a picture of a water fall that was just before the entrance.

DSC01383 BTW I made taco salad for dinner, not soup.

Hugs to all

Sunday, July 26 – A day off-Stores closed


We were up by 7am, Jesse walked the boys while I made coffee and the bed.

We sat drinking our coffee in front of our computers. Then we just relaxed for awhile. I made Jesse some fried matzo, while I made eggs over medium and a muffin for myself.

Jesse cleaned up the kitchen and I got a shower and put on clean clothes.

It was about 3:30pm when we were finally ready to leave the house. Our 1st stop was Walmart because I needed to have my prescription refilled.

I will have to come back tomorrow to pick it up because the pharmacy closed at 5pm and there wasn’t enough time to transfer the prescription. No problem we kind of expected that.

We then went to the mall. We decided to eat at 99 Restaurant. It is a chain restaurant, but we have never been there before. Our food was okay, but nothing to write home about.

We then went on to Sears. Jesse has been doing a lot of research on small pocket style cameras and wanted to see what they had.

I decided to stop in TJ Max, but I no sooner got in the store when they announced that the store would be closing in 5 minutes.

I went on to Sears to meet Jesse when they announced that the mall entrance to the store would be closed, so I just waited for Jesse at the entrance.

We walked through the mall back to the entrance where we arrived thru Target, but it was also closed. We exited the mall and back into Target through it’s outside entrance.

Jesse wanted to check out the cameras. I went to bedding to look for another set of sheets. We both ended leaving the store without a purchase. (Unheard of for us, LOL).

When we got home we relaxed in front of the TV watching “Big Brother and HGTV Design Star”.


Saturday, July 25 – Busy work week


Another work week completed and only 9 more to go.

This past week has been the Mexican Fiesta theme week. We were very busy with approximately 85 check-ins on Thursday, Friday there were 150 and Saturday another 85.

Jesse stayed busy doing site clean-up and answering calls from guest with minor problems.

It made for a very busy week, but the time just zooms by.

They had a Mexican buffet at the Woodland grill, so we went after I got off from work at 7pm. The food was just so so, but I didn’t have to cook and that was good.

We are planning to do some exploring on Monday if the weather stays nice for us.

Everyone stay safe and hugs to all.

Monday, July 20 – Our weekend


We ended our two days off having a drink with Joann, Jim, Anita and Hank.

Today is Joann’s birthday and we wanted to help her celebrate. Jim and Joann had to work today, so we didn’t go over to their place until almost 8PM.

Yesterday, our 1st day off, we relaxed most of the day. We did a few chores. Jesse washed the truck and we both worked on the back seat.

We had made the back area of the truck for the boys, but then we couldn’t put up the center console in the front seat for a third person it sit. We needed to cut the board so we could push up the console. We took it out, I removed the staples so I could uncover the board. Jesse sawed away the portion I marked, then I re-stapled the cover and put in all back in and that job was done.

We ordered a pizza from the grill tonight for dinner and then relaxed in front of the TV until going to bed.

Today we had an appointment for the boys to be groomed in Glen Falls at 10am.

We took them for their appointment and then went to The Silo, a local type Crackle Barrel restaurant, for some breakfast. Afterwards it was on to Walmart to do our shopping.

After shopping it was time to pick up the boys. They look so good and they know it.

DSC01376 DSC01381 DSC01375 When we got back and I finished putting the groceries put away I went to the laundry to wash our sheets.

I also went in search of Joann so I could give her a card and sing to her.

Back at the Kram-a-lot I started dinner. We had grilled salmon and shrimp. Pasta with garlic, butter, olive oil, and parmesan cheese and a salad it was yummy.

We have to go back to work tomorrow, Jesse goes in at 1pm and I go at 2pm.

Everyone have a Great Day!!

Friday, July 17 – Honey Bears Birthday Day


Today I opened working 7:30-4:30.  We were very busy with 176 check-ins and I was scheduled to work the front desk, again today same as yesterday.

After two days on my feet hobbling around with my heal, I was very tired when I got home. My feet and ankles were swelled, which has never happen to me before.

Jesse worked 8-5 helping to build a shed for the storage of the golf carts during the winter.

During our lunch break all employees were supplied with pizza and cake for “Honey Bears Birthday Bash.”

I think I have mentioned before that each week LGE has a theme. Honey Bear is the name of the children's store and is our official mascot and today was her Birthday, although we don’t know how old she is, because a lady never tells her age!

Honey Bear made an appearance and posed for pictures with the employees. I was just happy to get off my feet for awhile.

Tomorrow I am suppose to work the express check-in booth. I am scheduled for 11-8pm. Jesse works 8-5 again, but we will have off on Sunday and Monday and I for one am looking forward to just relaxing.

Thursday, July 16 – Travel back to N Y


We left yesterday at 6:20am and after 400 miles we arrived at the Kram-a-lot at 2:00pm.

We unloaded the truck and then I unpacked, put away everything, and started the laundry while Jesse went to get the mower to cut our grass.

I started dinner, I made a pasta and chicken dish. Afterwards we watched the shows we had recorded while gone, before going to bed to sleep in our own bed.

Today we both worked 8-5 and was very tired when we got home. I made Jesse a steak and I had a pork chop along with veggies for dinner.

I am going to watch Big Brother now, so everyone have a good night.


Tuesday, July 14 - Remembering

Here is the house that the Haman's lived in while growing up, 5609 Wayne Ave, Baltimore MD

One of Jake's cab.

Jesse, Judy and Mitchell

Jake, Judy and Mitchell

Sylvia,(aka Beams) Jesse, Judy, Mitchell and Stanley sitting in the middle.

Monday, July 13 - Thank You


My father’s funeral was yesterday.  I will be spending today and tomorrow at my sister’s which is the official house of mourning. 

Ginger and I will be returning to Lake George on Wed. and back to work on Thurs.

Many thanks to all who sent their sympathies. 5856_1077022927016_1269510368_30174474_517259_nThis picture was taken the summer of 64 I think.  Wish he had left me some of his hair.

Sunday, July 12 - Saying Goodbye

We all said goodbye to Pop today as we laid him to rest. The graveside service was very nice and I thought the Rabbi did a great job. He had never met Pop, so he wrote the service from our discussion with him on Thursday night.

Afterward, we all went to Sondra's. We got caught up with some of the cousins that we haven't seen it awhile.

Margaret and I left the mourning house or the "Shiva house" in the early afternoon, so we could go and take care of the boys. We have a pack of 5 dogs to care for and they were not able to alone all day.

Jesse and Mitchell stayed, as most regular activity is interrupted for the seven first-degree relatives: father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister and spouse.(Grandparents and grandchildren are not included), the process of following the shiva ritual is referred to as "sitting" Shiva. Shiva is a part of the customs for bereavement in Judaism.

Jesse and Mitchell didn't get home until after services, which were held at 7:30 at the house.

We will all go back tomorrow and Tuesday, then Jesse and I will head back to the Kram-a-lot on Wednesday.

I want to thank everyone for your kind words, we feel the support.

Thursday, July 9 - Travel day

We left LGE at 9:10am and our 1st stop was for fuel, we paid $2.74 per gallon. We then went to McDonald's to get some breakfast.

We stopped at two rest stops along the way for breaks and arrived at Sondra's house at 4:35pm. Jesse was very happy with our gas mileage @ 21.3 mpg. The trip was uneventful just the way we like it.

We sat and visited with Sondra and Susan. Then I help Sondra get the table ready for dinner. The Millers were there as was Mitchell. Before we had gotten up from the table the Rabbi came.

We all went into the living room to talk with the Rabbi. We all talked about Pop's life and the things we remembered, while the Rabbi was taking notes.

This is the obituary:

On July 8, 2009, Jacob A. Haman devoted husband of the late Sylvia Haman (nee Goldberg); loving father of Sondra Sobkov, Jesse Haman and Ginger Haman, Mitchell Haman and Margaret Haman, Judith Haman, Paula Green and Stanley Haman; devoted brother of the late Charles Haman, Joseph Haman and Sarah Wolf; loving grandfather of Marilyn Miller and Charles Miller, Susan Greenstein, Elizabeth Weber and DJ Weber, Adam Haman, David Haman and Melissa Phillips; Mr. Haman is also survived by many great-grandchildren.

Funeral services and interment will be held at Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol Cemetery - Rosedale, on Sunday, July 12, at 10 AM. Please omit flowers. Contributions in his memory may be sent to Beth Israel Congregation, 3706 Crondall Lane, Owings Mills, MD 21117. In mourning at 3021 Fallstaff Rd #608 Baltimore MD 21209 Arrangements by SOL LEVINSON & BROS., INC.

The family is doing as well as can be expected and we are so grateful for all your thoughts and prayers. The ciber love is over whelming.

Wednesday July 8, 2009 – A sad day


Jacob A. Haman

June 23, 1915 – July 8, 2009


I received a call from Sondra, Jesse sister, that she was called to the nursing home. Pop was not doing good.

Jesse had already gone to work, so I called him to let him know. Within 20 minutes Sondra called back to say he had pasted very quietly, without pain while sleeping.

The next few hours were very busy, making calls and arrangements to head to Baltimore.

Jesse, the boys and I are leaving tomorrow morning to drive to Baltimore. It is 400 miles and we hope to have everything packed up and out by 9:00am.

Monday, July 6 - Surviving the Holiday


Well  we made it through the busiest weekend of the season.  A bit tired and worn out but mostly unscathed.  The campground was full for the 4th and even now that the holiday weekend is over we are at about 75% capacity.  I imagine it will be like this for the rest of the summer. 

In reading Howard’s blog,, we seam to have a lot of the same problems.  Some people just think they are exempt from all the rules and that they only apply to others or their campground fees entitle them to everything under the sun.

The campground fees are for 2 people and LGE charges $6. for each person over 2.  The same goes for visiting guests.  You just don’t get to use the facilities for free and many people have a hard time with this.  I am glad guest services people like Ginger have to deal with that stuff.  I do my best to avoid aggravation of any kind.

People are always complaining about their noisy neighbors especially in the tent sites.  A lot of tenters will complain their site has no water or electric when they rented a dry site to begin with.

Before taking this job I would have thought tenters would keep their area cleaner than those in campers being they are closer to nature and all that.  NOT! Unbelievable the amount of trash people just leave all over the place.  Some just come for a one time camping experience and throw chairs and grills in the fire pit when the leave.  If anything can be salvaged we place them near the dumpsters and give others a chance to claim them before we toss them into the dumpsters. 

Many complain because they expected a private campsite…duh. 

If you rent a site for an RV, we charge an extra $10 to pitch a tent.  I would have a problem with that myself. Our prices are steep but we do have a lot of amenities in the campground that are included in the price like all the cold water you would ever want to shower in and more mosquitoes than the Amazon.

We do have a large Fun N Games department that has tons of activities for the kids at no extra charge, like frog hunts,hobby horse races, water play, marshmallow flings and the list goes on and on.  Activities are scheduled from 10am till 9pm non stop and some are overlapping.

When I try and look at things from a child’s view point, they probably think this is the greatest place in the world. I see them while I cruise around in my work truck, aka the golf cart, with the biggest smiles on their faces.  All of them having more fun than you can imagine.

And for all the problems it is the usual 10% that cause most of the problems.  The other 90% are a joy to be around and it makes working seem like fun.  Go figure, work and fun in the same sentence.


Saturday, July 4th – Another Birthday



Happy 233rd Birthday America!!


Celebrate, Celebrate,

Dance to the Music






Stay safe, Have a Wonderful Day!