Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, January 29 - New Window (Las Vegas, NV)


Saturday we worked 3 hours at the Shooting Clay Course. It was raining when we got up, just like yesterday. After an hour and 1/2 some people came in and we met them at the 1st station. It wasn’t raining but everything was wet.

In took some pictures with my phone. The way the fog and clouds looked was really cool.


We rested at home for a while then got dressed to go out.

We went for an early dinner of pizza and rented 2 movies at RED BOX. Then we went to the 5pm BINGO and decided to also attend the 7pm round. We didn’t win, but in between both sets I did well on a penny machine that paid for our whole night out.

Sunday we worked 8-2. We sat inside for about 30 minutes then went outside to wipe down the golf carts. It was windy and cool outside so keeping moving was good.

When we didn’t have shooters we would sit in the car to get out of the wind. All in all it was a good day and we enjoy what we are doing.

After work we watched the 2nd movie and then took the movies back and picked up a few groceries.

I made shrimp and pasta in red sauce and a salad for dinner.

Monday we were suppose to meet some friends who were visiting Vegas at the strip. We met Jane and Don when we worked the 1st year at Lake George in New York.

Unfortunately, Jane called to say Don was not feeling well and we will make it another day.

So Jesse and I decided to go to the movies to see “The Impossible”. When we got there the movie time was not what we thought, so we decided to see “Broken City”.

At home we had a light dinner and just relaxed.

Today we were getting our window replaced.

Jesse took off the valance and bind. Then popped the wood frame off. There guys showed up to do the install from Southwest Auto Glass.


This was the first time they had done a RV window. When Dan called yesterday Jesse gave them the phone number to DRV and Paul Cross who does a lot of DRV’s service work.

Dan was very happy with the information he got and felt confident that he could handle the install.

In no time they had the old window out.


Then they installed the new window


Jesse helped hold the window in place inside while Dan held it outside and the other guy screwed it in place.


Jesse put the blind and valance back on then went outside to clean the outside while I did the inside.

JOB DONE and it looks great!!

Friday, January 25 - Just Doing Our Thing (Las Vegas, NV)


Last I left you on Monday, so lets start with Tuesday.

We didn’t do anything, but just hang out at home, ate leftovers and computered, read and watched TV.

Wednesday we worked the Sporting Clay Course from 7am till 1pm. We showed up at 7am at the shotgun center. We were told to just relax until we were needed.

So we sat in cafeteria area playing and reading on our Kindles for the 1st 2 hours. Then a group came in to shoot. We got our golf cart and showed them how it worked.

There were several other groups that came. It was not busy, but somewhat steady. At 11am we went home to get a bit of lunch then back at it until 1pm.

We came home and Jesse napped off and on and I just messed around at home. We had leftover chili for dinner.

On Thursday we hung out until 1pm when we went down to the office. We are suppose to do some safety testing on the computer. We each had our own computer to work from. We were shown safety training modules then had to take a test on each module.

It was on things that just didn’t seem like we needed to know. safety on forklift, boom operating, electrical and accident investigation. There were about 50 modules that were listed to do. We kept saying to each other why do we need this info?

Finally after 3 hours Jesse went out to ask if this was the correct computer program. She came to look and said NO. So we spent 3 hours on doing this for nothing.

They said once they get it corrected they would call us to reschedule.

We went home and walked and fed the boys then headed to the Aliante Casino.

We went to the buffet for dinner then played a round of BINGO again. With the same result no wins, but had fun.

Today we were out early to take Buddy to be groomed. I was very nervous because this was the 1st time since he has gone blind.

We dropped him off at 9am and then went for some breakfast. We went to Del Taco.   Jesse got a supreme breakfast burrito that must have weighted 1 pound. He said it was very good, I got an egg and bacon quesadilla. Bayer waited in the car.

Then we went to Lowes. Bayer and I waited in the car while Jesse went to get supplies to make me some shelves in the bathroom.

Then Jesse and I went to Target to walk around until Buddy was ready.

She said he did GREAT and they did a wonderful job on him. There is a park just down the street so we took the boys over there to get some exercise.

I am sorry to say that Buddy used to love to run, but now he doesn’t anymore. He is much slower trying to not walk into things. Even at home sometimes he walks into things, I feel so bad for him, it breaks my heart.

After the park we brought the boys home, fed them, then headed back out.

We went to the movies to see “Zero Dark Thirty”. We both thought is was very good. Now we have seen all the movies that we wanted to see that has been nominated for an Oscar!

Back at home I made some stir fry chicken and side dishes.

Hope everyone is well and happy …HUGS!!!

Monday, January 21 - B I N G O (Las Vegas, NV)


Sunday we worked at the Sporting clay course. We reported to the shot gun center and got assigned a golf cart. We rode up to 1st station and reported to Jim. He explained what we should be doing. We spent the whole time at station one. As the shooters arrived we made sure they knew how to use the equipment and offered any assistant they needed.

It wasn’t busy but steady and we liked doing it. Certainly not hard work.

We came home just in time to watch the Ravens play and win the AFC Championship. Now they will head to the SUPER BOWL !!

I grilled a pork tenderloin, roasted some sweet potatoes, red skin potatoes and onions and made a salad for dinner.

Today we messed around the home in the morning.

We decided to try BINGO at the Aliante Casino. The session started at 1pm. We have played Bingo a few times when we lived in Maryland, but had no idea how the games worked here.

We found a seat then got in line to purchase our packages. The guy behind the counter was kind enough to give us a quick overview.

The couple sitting across from us also helped us understand the different games. We enjoyed and decided to play the next session that started at 3pm.

We had about 50 minutes before the next session so we walked over to the food court to get a bite to eat. I got a tilapia taco and Jesse got an Italian sub.

We didn’t win in either session but had fun.

Back at home I made a pot of chicken chili for dinner and we hung out.

Saturday, January 19 - Another week has gone by (Las Vegas, NV)


Another week has just flown by. Lets see if I can wrap it up.

We went to work on Monday morning at 6:30am. It was 22 degrees and about 30 mph wind. I don’t use foul language, but I could to describe how cold it was, let just say it was really, really cold.

We worked about 40 minutes then went in to get warm and our boss said go home. Come back around 10am. We went back again at 10 and was sent home again this time for the day.

We went in on Tuesday around 10am. It was soooo much warmer only 28 degrees but no wind.

We finished up the range then went to another meeting about the new sporting clay range and we think we are going to like it.

On Wednesday we went to see “Life of Pi”. I did enjoy it, the story was a little far fetched but the visuals were very good.

Thursday we went to the official opening of the Sporting Clay Course. There we lots of people and several speakers

          County Commissioner           Director of the Shooting Park       Architect of Sporting Clay Course           


The Course


The course is being called Golf with a shotgun. Basically groups will go from one shooting station to another in rented golf carts.


There were several local media there and the “ribbon cutting” was the commissioner shooting the 1st shot. Afterward  the media was invited to shoot the course. We didn’t stay for that.



On Friday we went to Red Rock Canyon.


Jesse was so happy to be able to purchase his “Old Geezer Pass” Our America the Beautiful pass for parks.


Our first stop was the visitors center.


Interesting facts about Las Vegas: We lived here from 1979 – 1986


We rode around the 13 mile drive taking pictures of climbers and rocks. We stopped and had a picnic lunch. It was the 1st day in a week that the weather was nice sunny and in the 60’s.


We had lunch by moon light and sun light.


We took the boys with us so they could enjoy the outdoors also.


Today we met Chuck and Kathy at the Texas Station Casino. They were in town for a few days to meet up with their children. We had the breakfast buffet with them and lingered after to talk and get caught up. Then we wished them a safe drive back to Jojoba Hills in CA.

Jesse and I went to the movies to see “Silver Linings Playbook” which we both liked and thought the acting was very good.

That was our week. Hope everyone had a good one and hugs to all.

Saturday, January 13 - New Sporting Clay Range (Las Vegas, NV)


Friday we were suppose to go over to Judy’s go through stuff with her in preparation for her move.

Before getting dressed to leave I made stuffed peppers for dinner. That way all I need to do when we get home is bake them and make a salad.

We were on our way when she called to say she was not feeling well. So we turned around and headed to the Alliante Casino. We walked around and played for a short while then headed back home.

After awhile I got dinner ready, I must say it was very good. Green for Jesse and yellow for me.


Today when we got up our water was froze. It was 26 degrees outside. We have our hose heat wrapped but it froze at the pedestal.  We had to go to a meeting at 1pm but the sun came up and around 9am we had water.

There were about 16 people at the meeting. They explained about the new sporting clay range and how it works. They want us to be hosts for the groups that will come in to shoot.

Because they have no idea how busy they will be they want us to be “on call” for a 3 hour period of time. We can wait at our RV’s until or if they call. If no one calls we still get credited for the 3 hours.

I think it sounds like a lot of fun hosting groups. Basically they want the groups to be safe and have fun and we are there to see that happens!

After the meeting and tour of the range we came home to watch the football game.

Jesse was very happy that the Ravens won. It was a good game!

I made a  steak for Jesse and a turkey mignon for me. Sides were fresh broccoli and baked potatoes.

It was a fine day!

Thursday, January 11th - Downtown (Las Vegas, NV)


We had a meeting with our supervisor Bobby.

He wants us to attend a meeting on Saturday at 1PM to train to work the the sporting clay range. Not sure what the hours will be yet, hope to learn more on Saturday.

Then we headed to downtown Las Vegas. We walked around Fremont Street.


We went in the 4 Queens one of the casino on the four corners.

                                       Golden Nugget       Binions     Freemont        4 Queens


We played some slots and had a very nice lunch in their Magnolia Restaurant. Jesse had chicken fried steak and I had salmon. I came out about $60.00 ahead..YEA!!

Then we stopped by to see Judy at her work. She works at a slot room in a  grocery store. If you haven’t been to Las Vegas there are slot machines everywhere.

Before we left I went to the produce department to pick up a few items.

Then we headed back home to the boys. We watched TV and just relaxed.


Wednesday, January 9th - Update and Awning Lights (Las Vegas, NV)


We work on Mondays and Tuesdays and have the rest of the week off. We really haven’t been doing much. It is cold here getting in the high 20’s to low 30’s at night and most days 40’s to 50’s. Looking forward to warmer temps.

We have been to the movies a few times.

I recommend “Django Unchained”. The language is a bit rough and bloody in parts, but the story is good and great acting.

We have spent some time with Judy, Jesse’s sister who is planning on moving back to Baltimore in the spring after living here in Las Vegas for 20 years. She has a condo to sell and lots of stuff to get rid of. (Us full-timers know what that’s like.)

We have been to a few casinos and buffets. We have done some shopping, Jesse finally getting a blu-ray player that he has wanted for some time.

Today I spent some time with Crystal and her two sweet children. Fun, Fun, Fun!






Crystal and Blake



Our friends that we travel with a lot, Bob & Janet, assemble and sell these neat hanging lights that can be hung under an awning, patio or used as a decorative hanging light indoors.

light light nite

The lights are constructed of a lightweight, high-quality polypropylene material which is heat resistant, flexible and easy to clean.  The lights are sphere shaped, 13 inch in diameter, have a 12 foot cord with socket and on/off switch. 

They sell the white lights complete with a spiral energy efficient CFL bulb for $38 (shipping included) OR white light complete with a color-changing LED bulb with remote control for $50 (shipping included).  

The remote operates the 16 color choices, the choice of 4 modes (flash, strobe, fade, smooth), brightness, & on/off. 

SEE PICTURES (one picture is what the light looks like in the daytime; and the other picture is with the CFL bulb in it at night turned on.)

They are really very pretty and well worth the money. If you are going to be in the area of Monroe, MO or Colorado Springs, CO this spring and summer you can arrange to meet them while they are in the areas and save money on shipping.

If interested in purchasing a hanging light, you can contact them via email: or call them 719-651-7468 or 719-651-7488.

Monday, December 31 – 1st’s and Last (Las Vegas, NV)



Monday was our first day of work at the Clark County Shooting Complex in Las Vegas, NV.

There were 2 crews, I for pistol side and 1 for rifle side.

I think there were about 10 people on each crew. It was very cold, about 33 degrees and windy with 35 mph gusts. We would work about 30-45 minutes then go inside to warm ourselves for 10 minutes or so. Even with all the breaks we were finished after 5 1/4 hours and were credited with 7 1/2 and credited for 7 1/2 hours for New Years since it was a holiday. So all we worked for the whole week was 5 1/4 hours, an hour for orientation and an hour to get our county badges.

We were assigned to help clean up shells at the pistol/rifle range. Normally the crew works about 10 hours on Monday and 5 hours on Tuesday, that completes their 30 hours a week, the requirement for your site.

Because Tuesday was a holiday and the complex was closed extra people were sent in to clean so it could all be done in 1 day.

Basically you rake the shells into a berm, a crew shovels the gravel and shells onto a screed (a frame with a screen bottom that has openings large enough for the gravel to fall thru but not the shells). The shells are then separate in to 3 buckets.

One each for brass, steel, and aluminum. The separated shells are then stored in 55 gallons drums and sold to a contractor.

We then sweep and rake the gravel apron in front of the concrete stations, clean any shells and debris from the deck and aligns all of the chairs, shooting blocks, target frames, and supply racks.

Then we policed the parking lot and called it a day. 



The last day of


We had planned on going out this evening, but were just too tired. The wind and cold really zap us and we couldn’t get our feet warm all night.

We stayed in watched movies and were in bed before 12.