Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, January 25 - Just Doing Our Thing (Las Vegas, NV)


Last I left you on Monday, so lets start with Tuesday.

We didn’t do anything, but just hang out at home, ate leftovers and computered, read and watched TV.

Wednesday we worked the Sporting Clay Course from 7am till 1pm. We showed up at 7am at the shotgun center. We were told to just relax until we were needed.

So we sat in cafeteria area playing and reading on our Kindles for the 1st 2 hours. Then a group came in to shoot. We got our golf cart and showed them how it worked.

There were several other groups that came. It was not busy, but somewhat steady. At 11am we went home to get a bit of lunch then back at it until 1pm.

We came home and Jesse napped off and on and I just messed around at home. We had leftover chili for dinner.

On Thursday we hung out until 1pm when we went down to the office. We are suppose to do some safety testing on the computer. We each had our own computer to work from. We were shown safety training modules then had to take a test on each module.

It was on things that just didn’t seem like we needed to know. safety on forklift, boom operating, electrical and accident investigation. There were about 50 modules that were listed to do. We kept saying to each other why do we need this info?

Finally after 3 hours Jesse went out to ask if this was the correct computer program. She came to look and said NO. So we spent 3 hours on doing this for nothing.

They said once they get it corrected they would call us to reschedule.

We went home and walked and fed the boys then headed to the Aliante Casino.

We went to the buffet for dinner then played a round of BINGO again. With the same result no wins, but had fun.

Today we were out early to take Buddy to be groomed. I was very nervous because this was the 1st time since he has gone blind.

We dropped him off at 9am and then went for some breakfast. We went to Del Taco.   Jesse got a supreme breakfast burrito that must have weighted 1 pound. He said it was very good, I got an egg and bacon quesadilla. Bayer waited in the car.

Then we went to Lowes. Bayer and I waited in the car while Jesse went to get supplies to make me some shelves in the bathroom.

Then Jesse and I went to Target to walk around until Buddy was ready.

She said he did GREAT and they did a wonderful job on him. There is a park just down the street so we took the boys over there to get some exercise.

I am sorry to say that Buddy used to love to run, but now he doesn’t anymore. He is much slower trying to not walk into things. Even at home sometimes he walks into things, I feel so bad for him, it breaks my heart.

After the park we brought the boys home, fed them, then headed back out.

We went to the movies to see “Zero Dark Thirty”. We both thought is was very good. Now we have seen all the movies that we wanted to see that has been nominated for an Oscar!

Back at home I made some stir fry chicken and side dishes.

Hope everyone is well and happy …HUGS!!!


Speedy said...

Tell Buddy I am with him. I can't run anymore but I can still walk thank God. Take care Buddy and go at your own speed...

Unknown said...

I just read a bit of your blog about your dog's problem. If you are a bit handy you can help the dog not run into things, and getting hurt, by getting a small child's hoola hoop (at Target or Walmart) and attach to to a dog's vest harness. Put it on your dog, a wow-la he can now tell if he runs into anything, without getting hurt. This is from a lady of 70 years. Hope this helps.