Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, December 31 – 1st’s and Last (Las Vegas, NV)



Monday was our first day of work at the Clark County Shooting Complex in Las Vegas, NV.

There were 2 crews, I for pistol side and 1 for rifle side.

I think there were about 10 people on each crew. It was very cold, about 33 degrees and windy with 35 mph gusts. We would work about 30-45 minutes then go inside to warm ourselves for 10 minutes or so. Even with all the breaks we were finished after 5 1/4 hours and were credited with 7 1/2 and credited for 7 1/2 hours for New Years since it was a holiday. So all we worked for the whole week was 5 1/4 hours, an hour for orientation and an hour to get our county badges.

We were assigned to help clean up shells at the pistol/rifle range. Normally the crew works about 10 hours on Monday and 5 hours on Tuesday, that completes their 30 hours a week, the requirement for your site.

Because Tuesday was a holiday and the complex was closed extra people were sent in to clean so it could all be done in 1 day.

Basically you rake the shells into a berm, a crew shovels the gravel and shells onto a screed (a frame with a screen bottom that has openings large enough for the gravel to fall thru but not the shells). The shells are then separate in to 3 buckets.

One each for brass, steel, and aluminum. The separated shells are then stored in 55 gallons drums and sold to a contractor.

We then sweep and rake the gravel apron in front of the concrete stations, clean any shells and debris from the deck and aligns all of the chairs, shooting blocks, target frames, and supply racks.

Then we policed the parking lot and called it a day. 



The last day of


We had planned on going out this evening, but were just too tired. The wind and cold really zap us and we couldn’t get our feet warm all night.

We stayed in watched movies and were in bed before 12.

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Speedy said...

Doesn't sound too bad...We have some nice weather today but tomorrow we have rain coming in. We will all be staying indoors for sure.