Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, January 19 - Another week has gone by (Las Vegas, NV)


Another week has just flown by. Lets see if I can wrap it up.

We went to work on Monday morning at 6:30am. It was 22 degrees and about 30 mph wind. I don’t use foul language, but I could to describe how cold it was, let just say it was really, really cold.

We worked about 40 minutes then went in to get warm and our boss said go home. Come back around 10am. We went back again at 10 and was sent home again this time for the day.

We went in on Tuesday around 10am. It was soooo much warmer only 28 degrees but no wind.

We finished up the range then went to another meeting about the new sporting clay range and we think we are going to like it.

On Wednesday we went to see “Life of Pi”. I did enjoy it, the story was a little far fetched but the visuals were very good.

Thursday we went to the official opening of the Sporting Clay Course. There we lots of people and several speakers

          County Commissioner           Director of the Shooting Park       Architect of Sporting Clay Course           


The Course


The course is being called Golf with a shotgun. Basically groups will go from one shooting station to another in rented golf carts.


There were several local media there and the “ribbon cutting” was the commissioner shooting the 1st shot. Afterward  the media was invited to shoot the course. We didn’t stay for that.



On Friday we went to Red Rock Canyon.


Jesse was so happy to be able to purchase his “Old Geezer Pass” Our America the Beautiful pass for parks.


Our first stop was the visitors center.


Interesting facts about Las Vegas: We lived here from 1979 – 1986


We rode around the 13 mile drive taking pictures of climbers and rocks. We stopped and had a picnic lunch. It was the 1st day in a week that the weather was nice sunny and in the 60’s.


We had lunch by moon light and sun light.


We took the boys with us so they could enjoy the outdoors also.


Today we met Chuck and Kathy at the Texas Station Casino. They were in town for a few days to meet up with their children. We had the breakfast buffet with them and lingered after to talk and get caught up. Then we wished them a safe drive back to Jojoba Hills in CA.

Jesse and I went to the movies to see “Silver Linings Playbook” which we both liked and thought the acting was very good.

That was our week. Hope everyone had a good one and hugs to all.


Speedy said...

No shooting here but we did come close once or twice. Just working much the same as you except inside where it is warm and then back to the hotel. Would like to come out and fire off a couple of rounds with you when we can.

Jenny Johnson said...

Jesse - I have a pass just like that--guess I am an "Old Geezer" too---only problem is I have had mine for years!!! You will love it and use it alot

Unknown said...

I've been to Red Rocks canyon several times and never get tired of it. Glad to hear you liked both movies. We too enjoyed Life of Pi, but we've been waiting for a review on the other one.