Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, April 18 – He ate the whole thing


We did our normal routine over coffee this morning. We had a full day planned.

First we drove to visit Jesse’s Dad. He was having a good day. Mitch and Sondra were there and they said he ate some lunch. He knew who we were and asked us a few questions.

He wanted to know how old Jesse was and how old he was. He didn’t care about anyone else. We wanted to know what year he was born and Sondra asked him what year this was, he didn’t know.

We visited for a while. On Saturday they serve ice cream to the residents. Sondra helped dish out and serve. They also serve the visitors. Afterwards we walked him, back to his room. and said our goodbyes.

We then said goodbye to Sondra, Mitch had already left and we drove to Rob and Sara’s rental. It is a nice house and much more room then they had in their apartment.

Then we drove over to my younger brothers to have dinner with them.

We had a very nice dinner, you would have thought she was feeding the whole family. They served steak, chicken, spinach and strawberry salad, cooked spinach, baked potatoes, pasta salad, and rolls.

Take a look at these steaks. They were about 3 inches thick.

DSC00978Jesse was very proud that he ate the whole thing


Nice grill


   DSC00983 We enjoyed our meal and the company very much. This was the first time we had been to their home. They purchased the home that Kathy was raised in. They have done some updating, and they seem to be very comfortable there.

I can’t image living in my childhood house. Jesse and I have moved around quite a bit and of course now we are always moving.

Thanks Kathy and Bobby for a very nice evening.

Christine (Bobby’s daughter) Kathy and Bobby

DSC00988 Their dogs, both girls Angel and Jasmine out in the grass.

DSC00987After saying goodnight we got home, walked the boys and fed them. I started to do some laundry and sat down to write this entry.

We are just going to relax, computer and watch TV for the rest of the evening.

Until tomorrow stay safe!


Speedy said...

I am still trying to picture Jesse with the handle of that brush in his mouth...LOL

Joe and Sherri

carl said...

hey, that steak looked good. well we feel free at last. auction and sale of house over with. we are in springdale, ark getting minor repairs(hopefully) done. have appointment tuesday morning. we will headed by to wapello lake rv park for a while getting dentist and doctor visits over with. headed to s d first of june to get everything we need to be residents.